What is
was created for the coverage and overall promotion of short track oval racing in the province of Ontario. The concept for this website is to create a ‘one-stop’ breaking news and information website for fans, teams, tracks, touring series and advertisers. The goal for is to bring total news coverage of these speedways and touring series together into a clean and professionally designed website for the overall promotion and betterment of short track racing in Ontario. Although is accessible around the world the target audience are fans both new and old within Ontario as well as surrounding provinces and states. With the support of race fans, teams, sponsors, tracks and touring series will grow into an informative and enjoyable
venue for those with a passion for motorsports in Ontario.
Unique advertising opportunities
Although printed advertisements remain an effective way to promote a message, online advertising offers a unique way to get your message out quickly. First of all, viewers that see your ad are just one click away from your website or online ad space. Secondly, ads can be placed the same day of purchase meaning that time sensitive ads like rescheduled rained out events or last minute promotions can be quickly placed before our viewers.  Also, we can provide you with statistics that show you how many viewers saw your ad, rolled their mouse over your ad or even clicked on your ad. You will be getting valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your ad campaign.
Where your ads can be placed
There are a wide variety of locations to place your ad on We have an advertising package for every budget. Whether its a long term campaign or a quick blitz  we have a spot for everyone. We can gear your ad campaign towards the entire province or specifically to one region, track or series. 
Where the ads come from
Ads can be supplied by the client or produced by us (minimal fee may apply). We will provide a proof of the ad and will place it upon your approval. The ads can be static or have multiple panels to provide added information.
How to get started
If you have decided that advertising is right for you and would like to obtain our rate card, please CLICK HERE to contact us.