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Question Session: Bomber #18x Davey Boughton

Question Session: Bomber #18x Davey Boughton

By Larissa Spencer for – “Meeting up with great friends, racing our cars, helping each other out, cheering each other on and winning of course” is what Davey had to say when I asked him what his favourite thing is about racing. Davey “Wild Thing” Boughton is an up and coming racer that is taking the sport by storm. This is Davey’s first year out in a race car and he’s already a top runner in the Bomber division at Ohsweken Speedway and the Pure Stock division at Flamboro Speedway. His car is raced in loving memory of his dog “Dora” who passed away March 24, 2012. I caught up with Davey in this edition of ‘Question Session’.


The Basics
Birthdate: March 26, 1989
Years in Racing: Rookie year – Bombers/Pure Stocks
Career: Heavy Equipment Operator


How did you get your start in racing?
I came to Ohsweken Speedway last season for the first time ever on opening night. As soon as I saw the Bombers come out on the infield oval,  I knew I wanted to build one. It looked like way to much fun to miss out on.


Who got you into racing?
I pretty much got myself involved in racing. When I first came to the track last year I didn’t know a single person, but people quickly took me under their wing and helped me a lot.


What was going through your mind the very first time you were ever in a race car?
This is what I wanna do, all day, every day!


There’s a big question in how to get younger people involved in racing. What would you do to get others around your age (and younger) interested?
In my opinion a class like the Bombers and FWD Purestocks are essential in getting young people into racing. It allows them to learn the ways of racing without having to spend a fortune or have big sponsors.


What is something most people don’t know about you, and might be surprised to find out?
I used to competitively show a 6 horse hitch of Percheron Draft Horses with my friend Richard Robertson.


You race at both Ohsweken Speedway in the Bomber division and at Flamboro Speedway the FWD Purestocks. Do you prefer to race on Dirt or Asphalt?
I don’t really prefer one over the other. They both have there advantages and disadvantages. In my eyes a real driver can drive on BOTH, just like SMOKE and Kyle Busch!


In your short racing career you’re already showing a very promising future in racing. Did you expect to be this good at racing, winning not only heats, but features too?
I definitely didn’t expect to do so well so soon, but I also definitely knew I could win and would win. Although, having fun is the main goal, I still want to win every time I hit the track. I love the competition part of it!


At Flamboro you were nicknamed “Wild Thing.” What do you think of the nickname, and do you think it suits your racing style?
The nickname is great and my buddy’s and family get a kick out of it for sure. It definitely fits my driving style, checkers or wreckers! People wanna see a show, not bumper to bumper follow the leader!


What is your most memorable moment so far in your brief racing career?
Having all four tires come off the ground after contact with another car landing and coming back to win the race at Ohsweken Speedway for my first career win on dirt!


What driver do you most look up to?
Dale Earnhardt Sr., need I say more?


Who are your sponsors and who would you like to thank?
My Sponsors are EX-L Excavating and Site Services as well as Redline Racing. I would like to thank the following people each and every one of you have helped me get to were I am today. Glen Hils, Karl Sault, Joe Isaak, Jeremy and Laura Hughes, Rodney, Sarah, Cheryl and Randy Rutherford, Marc Ford, Trevor Roszell, Bates and Greens Garage, FireBall 5 Vinyl Lettering, Freelton Truck Parts, Cambridge Auto Parts, Green Circle Recycling and the rest of my friends and family you ALL know who you are thank you!


Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Excavation Supervisor for the company I work for now, and owning my own wingless sprint car!


What are your plans for the future in racing?
To own and drive a 350 Non Winged Sprint Car.


Stay tuned for the next edition of “Question Session”. If you are a driver, team member or track official and would like to be considered for an upcoming edition of “Question Session” please CLICK HERE to contact us.

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