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Question Session: Thunder Car #88 Scott Laporte

Question Session: Thunder Car #88 Scott Laporte

By Larissa Spencer / – Scott Laporte started his racing career in go karts like most other young racers, then he moved onto Open Wheel cars racing in the F1200 series. Scott started working at Flamboro Speedway with his dad for Ray’s Towing. He hopes to have consistent finishes in 2012 and maybe even a win or two. Recently I had the chance to speak with Scott in this edition of ‘Question Session.’

The Basics
Hometown: Mount Hope, Ontario
Birthdate: July 26, 1992
Years in racing: 10 years

After racing go karts, how did your racing career progress to Thunder Cars?
I moved onto open wheel cars racing in the F1200 series and started working at Flamboro with my dad for Ray’s Towing, then ended up building a Thunder Car with my dad for the 2011 season.

What are some of your hobbies away from the track?
Away from the track some of my hobbies consist of working on cars and landscaping.

What does racing mean to you?
To me racing turned into a hobby at a young age, spending time with my dad preparing the go-kart and now the Thunder Car for each weekend.

What is your perspective on Ontario Short track racing today and where do you think it’s at and how would you improve it?
Short track racing in Ontario has a lot of talent and skilled drivers that put on great racing every week, the only thing i would improve on would be to have more opportunities for our talent to be noticed.

What is your favourite race track ?
Well since I have only raced at Flamboro in my Thunder Car it would have to be Flamboro Speedway, but my all time favorite track I have raced on is Calabogie Motorsports Park in Ottawa.

Who’s your favourite person to race against and why?
I don’t have a favorite person to race against there is a lot of good racers in the Thunder Car division and each week you are surrounded by different competition.

If you could race any other track aside from Flamboro which would you pick and why?
If I was to race at another track I would choose Sunset because its a fast track and seems like a nice facility.

What are your best memories / biggest accomplishments in racing?
I think my best racing memory would be racing in the Florida winter tour. It was a good racing experience but my biggest accomplishments would be winning the GM winners circle award and my 5 division championships.

What’s it like racing against your “team-mates” Dennis Cybalski and Nick Troback?
Racing against Dennis and Nick is no different from racing with everyone else, but when it comes to the pits they are always very helpful and willing to lend a hand when needed.

What are your 2012 plans?
My plans for 2012 is to have consistent finishes and be in the top 10 in points at the end of the season, a win or two would be nice as well.

Stay tuned for the next edition of “Question Session”. If you are a driver, team member or track official and would like to be considered for an upcoming edition of “Question Session” please CLICK HERE to contact us.

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