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Question Session: Vintage Modified #82 Corey Jones

Question Session: Vintage Modified #82 Corey Jones

By Larissa Spencer / –”The thrills that getting behind the wheel and driving the race car to the maximum can give you!” Most racers get their start in racing early in their life. Corey Jones on the other hand, was 15 before he started driving go karts. Prior to racing Corey enjoyed flying model airplanes, but after he got into racing, he switched his priorities and sold his airplane equipment to purchase his first go kart. Looking into this season, Corey would like to try to stay consistent running near the front, and hopefully pick up some wins. In the future, Corey would like to try out a Late Model, but at the current time has no plans in the works for that. He would like to be a figure in the Canadian Vintage Modified club like Phil Shaw, and help the club grow.  I had the chance to speak with Corey about this up coming season, in this edition of ‘Question Session’.

The Basics
January 9, 1989
Hometown: Shakespeare, Ontario
Career: HVAC Mechanic
Years In Racing: 8 years racing, 6 in karts and 2 years with the CVM this is will be my 3rd year with the CVM.

How did you get your start in racing?
I started my racing career very late, I was 15 before I started driving go karts at an arrive a drive program in Hamilton. Growing up my family instilled the values of appreciation and determination, making it clear that if I want to enjoy these kinds of sports I have to put the time in and work hard and be able to support myself in my endeavors. After getting a taste of the arrive and drive program I knew I wanted more in racing. A good friend by the name of Matt Pleil was currently racing with the Waterloo Kart Club and I ran a few races in one of his karts and loved the thought of owning my own. That next winter I bought my own kart and won rookie of the year in my first full season with the club. I would go on in my 6 years of karting to win 2 Oktoberfest Championships, 2 Brian Stewart Series wins and a close 2nd place battle for a Brian Stewart Series Championship with a well known karter in Jake Collison. I’m the first in my family to join the racing community.

What hobbies did you enjoy before you got into racing?
 Prior to racing my hobby was flying model airplanes but the thrill created by racing switched my priorities and to afford my first go kart I sold all my airplane equipment. 

Who is your favourite racer to race against and why?
 #39  Shane Stickel to run against, we’ve grown up racing against each other and we produce a good competitive relationship at the race track to push each other.

What is your perspective on Ontario Short Track racing today and where do you think it’s at and how would you improve it?
Ontario Short Track racing seems to be in an ok position, moving forward I feel they need to promote local sponsors and driver sponsor more.

What is your favourite thing about racing?
Competitiveness of the sport, and the thrills that getting behind the wheel and driving the race car to the maximum can give you!

What is your least favourite thing about racing?
Obviously the cost, but I have great sponsors that have come on board to support the 82 dodge this year.
You changed your car number this year, why the change, and do you feel the new number and the new look will bring you new luck for this season?
Whole reason for the number change, is my karting number used to be 82 and I had good luck with that number winning a few Brian Stewart races and winning 2 Oktoberfest Championships. After having a season to forget last year, the boys at jstar motorsports are hoping that the new image of the #82 Canadian Vintage Modified, spell of bad luck will turn around and we can pull together a great season in 2012.

Who are your sponsors and who would you like to thank?
I need a huge thank you to RBC for supporting the future goals of the Vintage Modified Jones Motorsports team as the number 1 Major sponsor, LaFleche Roofing and MSD Machine and Tool for being a parts of a major sponsor for the past 2 years, Sweers custom painting and 6speed design, Accountable Automotive, Perth Auto Dismantlers, and Creative Edge for their continued support. Hope to make all my sponsors proud in 2012.

What are your plans for this 2012 race season?
My plans for 2012 are very simple after having a season to forget last year blowing 2 motors and failing to finish half the races due to mechanical failure, I want to see myself stay consistently running near the front and hopefully grab a few wins this season and get the monkey of my back from last year. 

What are your goals for the future?
I’d like to be a figure in the Vintage Modifieds like a Phil Shaw, Steve Lyons, Ray Hughes, and I’d like to see and be a part of helping the CVM club continue to grow. As far as anything else for the future I’d love to get into a late model for some seat time but no current plans are in the works at this time.

Photos by Larissa Spencer


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