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Question Session: Mini Stock #20 Ryan Edwards

Question Session: Mini Stock #20 Ryan Edwards

By Larissa Spencer / – Ryan Edwards had been racing since he was 8 years old and started out in a JCAR at Grand Bend Speedway. He has won at every track in his JCAR including 4 consecutive features at Sauble Speedway in 2010. “I would like to see more driver/fan interaction which I think would bring out more fans.” Ryan plans to race some Street Stock (Thunder Car) races in addition to the Mini Stock and maybe try a Late Model down the road. Away from the track, Ryan loves flying on the flight simulator and hopes to be a pilot for Air Canada one day. Recently I had the chance to speak with Ryan in this edition of ‘Question Session.’

The Basics
Hometown: Londesborough Ontario
Birthdate: May 13, 1998
Years Racing: 4

How did you get your start in racing?
My parents started watching NASCAR 5 years ago and found out about JCAR racing at Grand Bend Speedway. We visited the track and bought a Junior Late Model Chevy Monte Carlo (JCAR) the following week when I was 8 years old.

What are your future plans in racing?
In 2012 I will be racing some street stock races in addition to a full season of mini-stock racing. I’d like to start racing a thunder car within the next few years.

What are your educational aspirations?
Professional Air Canada pilot. I am currently working on a scholarship through Air Cadets to get my ground school.

If you could race a car, which class would you choose and why?
I’m doing what I like right now but of course racing a Late Model would be a lot of fun.

Who is your favorite NASCAR driver?
Tony Stewart

What is your perspective on Ontario short track racing today and where do you think it’s at and how would you improve it?
Racing is a lot of fun in the 4 cylinder class. There’s a lot of cars in this class and I think there will be for a long time. I’d like to see more driver / fan interaction which I think would bring out more fans.

What is your favorite thing about racing? 
Having a good night on the track is awesome for our whole family. Racing is a lot of work in the shop and it’s great when the hard work is rewarded on the track.

Who is your favorite person to race against and why?
I don’t really have a favorite person to race against in 4 cylinder class but generally all the Honda drivers keep tabs on each other.

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