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Lafrance Feature Winner & Canadian Nationals Champion

Lafrance Feature Winner & Canadian Nationals Champion

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, September 25, 2011 – Martin Bélanger – The Cornwall Motor Speedway was presenting is final event of the season with the completion of the Jiffy 200. A combined 125-lap Modified feature counting towards the final race of the Canadian Nationals and the MrDIRTcar 358-Modified Series. Also the Mohawk Race Parts Pro-Stock Series was ending with a 50-lap event. The Sportsman, Semi-Pro and Mini-Stock were also part of the schedule. 

Mario Clair and Kayle Robidoux, were on the top row of the 34-car field that took the start in the 125-lap Modified MrDIRTcar/Canadian Nationals feature. Clair took the lead in front of Ladouceur followed by Yan Bussière. Bussière was really strong on top passing both cars on the same lap and grabbed the lead on lap 4. The leaders quickly got into traffic on lap 8. Matt Billings brought the field together on lap 11 has he had some issues with his car.  Bussière stays in front as Danny Johnson that started 24th was now flirting with the top 5. In the front, Stéphane Lafrance was using the same lane as Bussière and got closer to the leader with 22 laps completed. Billings brought the second caution on lap 28. On the following green, Kayle Robidoux rolled over in turn 3 and the red flag was out on lap 35. The 2 leaders in the MrDIRTcar Series, Danny O’Brien and Danny Johnson, headed to the pits to change a tire. Bussière still in front with Lafrance and Ladouceur behind him with Carey Terrance and Dale Planck being able to pass him for fifth as caution came out on lap 44. Johnson headed to the pits with issues with his left front wheel. With Bussière keeping his first spot, Ladouceur stepped up to second with Terrance, Lafrance and Planck the top on lap 50. Bruno Lepage slowed down in turn 4 and caution came out on lap 54. A good battle for top positions on the restart on lap 57 with Bussière running in front of Terrance as Lafrance was right behind them. Bussière goes too high in the back shoot and Lafrance took this opportunity to grab the top spot over Terrance and Bussière now running in third.  Brian McDonald brought the caution on lap 70 and headed to the pits. The 10-minute mandatory pit stop took place in front of the grandstand. 

On the restart for the last portion of the feature, Lafrance stayed in front as he was followed by Terrance, Bussière, Ladouceur and Planck. Brian McDonald hits the wall in the front stretch and the yellow lights were out on lap 77. The positions didn`t change for the top 4 as Dany Bilodeau was now in fifth. Pat Cashman gets out of shape and the yellow is out on lap 87. On the green, Lafrance in front as Planck had a good start and took fourth in front Ladouceur. Planck was running strong on top and took third from Bussière on lap 97. With 100 laps completed, Lafrance was in front over Terrance, Planck, Bussière and Ladouceur. Pierre Dagenais stopped in turn 4 and caution was back on lap 103. Lafrance built himself a great lead with Planck passing Terrance for second, Bilodeau charges back and grabs fourth over Ladouceur with more than 15 laps to be completed. Terrance is able to make a late pass on Planck and retakes second. Lafrance led the final laps to win the race and was crowned the Canadian Nationals champion, Lafrance finished in front of Terrance, Planck, Bilodeau and Pat O’Brien completes the top 5. 

In the Mohawk Pro-Stock Race Parts Series, Dion Oakes took the lead over Dave Bissonnette and Stéphane Lebrun. Bissonnette uses the outside lane and passed Oakes for the lead has point`s leader Joey Ladouceur was running in third. Ladouceur attacks Oakes and took second on lap 7. The outside lane seemed to be the way to go in the early stages as Corey Wheeler passes Ladouceur for second on two laps later. A new player comes in as George Renaud as joined the leaders and was now in second on lap 13. The race had taken a good pace when Wheeler hits a lapped car and caution is out on lap 32. On this same yellow, Bissonnette had issues and gave the lead to George Renaud with Ghislain Valade and Ryan Stabler behind him. Stabler used the inside lane and took the lead on lap 39. Stabler never looked back and got his first feature of his career in the Pro-Stock by finishing in front of Renaud, Valade, Rosco Garreau and Joey Ladouceur completed the top 5. 

A good field of 22 Sportsman cars took the green flag in the 20-lap event. Corey Winters was the early leader when second place runner Mitch Primeau loses his car and yellow is out on lap 4. Shane Pecore is strong on the restart and passes Winters with Chris Herbison running in third. Herbison is able to pass Winters for second on lap 11. Pecore leds the final laps to win the feature over Herbison and Phillips. 

The 15-lap Semi-Pro feature closed the evening. Nico Leblanc made a late pass on the final lap to win the race over Derek Cryderman and Kevin McCrae. 

In the 12-lap Mini-Stock feature, Ernie Cree took the lead over Mathieu Aubin and Marc Usereau. Cree led from wire to wire to capture the win over Aubin and Usereau. 

This event completed the 2011 season at Conrwall Motor Speedway. We would like to thank all our fans, race teams and sponsors for their support throughout the season. Please visit the speedway website for all the future details on the 2012 season at 

Canadian Nationals/MrDIRTcar 358-Modified Series Feature Results (125 laps)
Stéphane Lafrance, Carey Terrance, Dale Planck, Dany Bilodeau, Pat O’Brien, Mario Clair, Laurent Ladouceur, Tim O’Brien, Claude Brouillard, Yan Bussière, Tommy Flannigan, David Hébert, Danny O’Brien, Travis Braun, Mat Williamson, Joel Doiron, Clément Therrien, Clayton Benedict, Kyle Dingwall, Matt Billings, Pierre Dagenais, Jeff Sykes, Pat Cashman, Ron Valade, Marc Therrien, Justin Lalancette, Bruno Lepage, Gage Morin, Brian McDonald, Alex Boisvert, Danny Johnson, Kayle Robidoux, Luke Whitteker, Adam Turner 

Mohawk Race Parts Pro-Stock Series Feature Results (50 laps)
Ryan Stabler, George Renaud, Ghislain Valade, Rosco Garreau, Joey Ladouceur, Corey Wheeler, Dion Oakes, Ricky Thompson, Louie Jackson, Marc Lalonde, Michel Desjardins, Stephane Lemire, Roch Aubin, Stephane Lebrun, Gaetan Amesse, Sean Johnson, David Bissonnette, Chris Tremblay, Claude Parisien, Steve Johnston, Gilles Godard 

Sportsman Feature Results (20 laps)
Shane Pecore, Chris Herbison, Jeff Philipps, Dan Jalbert, Corry Winters, Josh Jock, Robert Delormier, Remington Price, Ryan Arbuthnot, Ryan Robertson, Louie Jackson jr, Kristian Smoke, Claude Laurin, Adam Rozon, Eric Lauziere, Ryan Poole, Jenna David, Corey Barnes, Louis Bouthillier, Mitch Primeau, Gilles Godard, Chris Wilson 

Semi-Pro Feature Results (15 laps)
Nico Leblanc, Derek Cryderman, Kevin McKrae, Nicolas Gauvreau, Roger D’Amour, Junior Delormier, Andrew Giroux, Marco Lalonde, Richard Brady, Jason Lamothe, Richard Lalonde, Alain Proulx, Michael Duval, Steve Kearney, Joe Woods, Adam Delormier, Marcel Baron, Daryl Mitchell, Kevin Fetterly jr, Jonathan Galipeau, Joe Woods, Adam Delormier, Michael McCargar, Bradley Taillon

Mini-Stock Feature Results (12 laps)
Ernie Cree, Mathieu Aubin, Marc Usereau, Alain Tardif, Scott Nurse, Jamie McKee, Marc Chartrand, Mike Gaucher, Jonathan Cheff, Trevor Gaucher



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