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Lindsay Bourre Takes First Feature In Career At Emo

Lindsay Bourre Takes First Feature In Career At Emo

By Anthony Leek – Racing action resumed once again at the Emo Speedway as the Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series continued on for the 7th Mid-Summer Shootout and the 2011 Amsoil Race of Champions Qualifiers for the WISSOTA 100 in September.

A total of eleven Seven Clans Casino WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds started the night’s events in two heats. In the first heat, young Cody Ossachuk started on the second row inside and took the lead on the second lap to take his first heat win in 2011, Tylar Wilson and Chuck Lambert rounded out the top three. In the second heat, Christopher Leek and Brady Caul traded positions several times with Leek taking the win with Anthony Visser rounding out the top three. In the Street Stocks, eleven cars were split into two heats as the return of Darien Trimble and Terry Martin created a stout field of cars for the second week in a row. In the first heat, Carlee Bosma steered from third and held off Martin for the win while Wes Morriseau rounded out the top three. The second heat had Jeff Wickstrom go from fourth to first, while Don Bowman and Richard Visser topped out the other positions. In the WISSOTA Modifieds, a total of nine cars started in their heat as Dwayne Pelepetz was unable to make it to the track due to mechanical issues. Glen Strachan started in the fifth position to run the lead as Gavin Paull did everything he could to make the pass. However, with just two laps to go, Strachan engine started to smoke. Even though he did take the win, the engine expired on the backstretch, making him finished for the remainder of the night. Ron Korpi finished third.

The Seven Clans Casino WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds lined up for their feature with Tylar Wilson and Matt DePiero on the front row. On the first lap, coming out of turn two, Visser went sideways catching the back end of the field with Kendal Gamsby, Ken Perry, and Glen Godin. Visser and Gamsby were able to continue, but Perry and Godin were towed off the track. On the ensuing restart, Wilson moved to the lead, while DePiero and Lambert fought for second. On lap two, Lambert stole the lead from Wilson and started to drive away as Leek and Wilson started to fight for second. Leek took the low side and started to get beside Wilson. On lap nine, Leek went too high and lost third to Caul. Coming into turn three, Wilson lost control of his car bringing out the caution. Lambert started in the lead, while Caul and Leek took up the second row. Ossachuk moved into third on the backstretch while Caul started to become a real challenger for the lead. After several laps, Caul made the big move on the frontstretch coming out of turn four. It was clear sailing for him from that point with only a few laps remaining. Leek then regained third from Ossachuk. This was Caul’s first win of 2011 while Lambert has finished in the top five almost every week this year and currently leads the points.

In the Street Stocks, Tyler Wickstrom and Lindsay Bourre started on the front row for their feature event. On lap one; an altercation took place which left Visser on the track facing the other way bringing out the first caution. On the restart, another altercation took place involving Visser, Morriseau, Bowman and T. Wickstrom. Wickstrom and Visser were unable to continue. On the next restart, Bourre sprang out to the lead and never looked back as Jeff Wickstrom held onto second. Bowman, after several laps, made his way to the back bumper of J. Wickstrom. The two battled for much of the race until Bowman was able to overtake. Meanwhile, Bourre had a comfortable lead and with the laps winding down, Bowman had a ways to go. The final lap came out and Bowman had narrow the lead, but it wouldn’t be enough as Lindsay Bourre took her first ever feature win in her third year of racing.

The Mel’s Well Drilling/Nestor Falls Marine WISSOTA Modifieds took to the track last but without Heat winner Strachan or veteran Gary Wilson, who broke in Hot Laps. On the pole was Korpi, with Denny Trimble on the outside row. The race was very eventful even with the amount of cars on the track, and it didn’t take long for Paull to come from fourth place to battle Trimble for the lead. After just a few laps of side-by-side racing, Paull gained the lead and never looked back. However, the race was just beginning for second place as the sophomore of Tyler Brown was hard charging from sixth place and settled in second spot for a short time. After a couple of restarts, Brown had company from Korpi and Trimble. It was a three way battle for most of the race with Trimble running wherever he could to take second. He was successful in overtaking Brown with only a handful of laps to go. Paull earned his fifth feature in a row and will be representing Emo Speedway at the 2011 WISSOTA 100 Race of Champions in Huron, SD in mid-September.

Racing returns once again at the Emo Speedway on July 16th with hot laps at 7pm and racing at 7:30pm.

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature – Gavin Paull, Denny Trimble, Tyler Brown, Ron Korpi, Derek Brown, Matt Mutz, Shawn Hnatiuk,
Heat – Strachan, Paull, Korpi, Trimble, Hnatiuk, T. Brown, D. Brown, Mutz

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature – Brady Caul, Chuck Lambert, Christopher Leek, Cody Ossachuk, Tylar Wilson, Kendal Gamsby, Anthony Visser, Matt DePiero, Andy Trimble, Ken Perry, Glenn Godin
Heat 1 – Ossachuk, Wilson, Lambert, DePiero, Perry, Gamsby
Heat 2 – Leek, Caul, Visser, Trimble, Godin

Street Stocks
Feature – Lindsay Bourre, Don Bowman, Jeff Wickstrom, Carlee Bosma, Ron Westover, Wes Morriseau, Libby Wilson, Terry Martin, Richard Visser, Darien Trimble, Tyler Wickstrom
Heat 1 – Bosma, Martin, Morriseau, Wickstrom, Westover, Trimble

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