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World Series Update – Night Four Quick Results

World Series Update – Night Four Quick Results

New Smyrna Beach, FL. – Another night of great racing at New Smyrna Speedway on night four of competition at the World Series of Asphalt produced better results for local drivers Monday.

Our very own Ontario Late Model drivers continue to get a handle on the high banked half mile. On this night, there would be a few new weapons added to the Ontario assault as back-to-back Oscaar Super Late Model champion Brandon Watson made his first appearance at the World Series, along with Tristan Anderson in the Modifieds.

The Pro Late Models kicked off the evening with a special 50 lap feature. Andrew Gresel would return to action after his night two, first lap incident on Saturday night. Gresel had a good run all the way from the rear of the 31 car field to finish 15th, right behind the youngster, Jaxson Jacobs.

Kirk Hooker had the best run of his short week as the car really came to life late in the race. Hooker also came from the rear of the field in his drive to ninth place finish, his first top ten of the week. Steve Laking was not in his car on this evening in favour of Cole Timm. The car suffered right side damage early on and did not finish. They expect to be back on Wednesday.

Marc Jacobs brought his ride home in 20th, while Donny Varcoe suffered damage after making contact with the inside retaining wall on the backstretch.

The 2011 Outlaw Modified Rookie of the Year at Laird Raceway ,Tristen Andreson, made his first appearance on track in his bright orange number 4. The car appeared to get better towards the end of the feature finishing in 10th, while Dennis Ulman had a great run and finished in 7th.

The Super Late Models finished off the night with their 35 lap main event.  Despite practicing well, Brandon Watson faded in the late going for a 14th place finish after racing up in the top ten for most of the race. Dwayne Baker brought the car home in 18th while Gary Passer did not finish on track and ended up scored in 19th.

For complete race results for night three of the World Series, visit

World Series at New Smyrna Speedway photos can be found on our Facebook page,

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World Series Update – Opening Night at New Smyrna Speedway

World Series Update – Opening Night at New Smyrna Speedway

New Smyrna Beach FL – The Word Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing got under way on Friday night in an exciting opening night at New Smyrna Speedway. 

The speedway, which does not forgive mistakes, and the shootout style tournament, which does not allow for an off night, is one of the toughest titles to capture in short track racing in North America, and Friday night proved that teams came for more than just the Florida sun.

The excitement started for Dwayne Baker and Gary Passer in the second feature of the night. Both drivers did finish the 35 lap race relatively unharmed, with Passer suffering what appeared to be only cosmetic damage to the front end. Baker brought home a 17th place finish ahead of the damaged Passer machine. Brandon Watson was not in attendance.

The Pro Late Models rounded out the evening with many Ontario hopefuls. Top finishing Andrew Gresel moved up and mingled with the leaders, but would ultimately finish just out of the top five in sixth. Kirk Hooker was fighting mechanical issues as he had to make his share of trips down pit road. Hooker brought the brightest car on the track back to the trailer in 23rd.

Steve Laking did a nice job moving up a few positions after a spin late in the race. The Laking Motorsports no.44 finished in a respectable 18th after his incident behind the two London Ontario natives. Marc and Jaxson Jacobs both had consistent runs, with Jaxon edging his older brother in 11th. Marc had a solid run and finished the opening night in 14th.

Night two goes on Saturday night, with the K&N Pro Series taking over the speedway for 150 laps on Sunday night. Complete rundown and official results can be found at

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Ontario Drivers Heading South For World Series

Ontario Drivers Heading South For World Series

By Eric Uprichard / - This year’s World Series of Asphalt at New Smyrna Speedway is set to kick off this Friday February 14th, and Ontario is well represented.

With the Canadian Motorsports Expo behind us and the 2014 Ontario racing season drawing near, it is once again time to shift our attention south to Speedweeks at New Smyrna Speedway, the high speed half mile located only 20 miles south of Daytona International.  This year’s highlight could possibly be the first annual Bruce Gowland Memorial, a 100 lap Super Late Model race on the final night of competition paying tribute to one of Ontario’s own.

This year’s strong Ontario entry list includes entries in the Super Late and Pro Late Models divisions, as well as the FL modifeds.

Super Late Model:

-          Brandon Watson – Stayner Ontario

-          Gary Passer – Alcona Beach, Ontario

-          Dwayne Baker – Stayner Ontario

Pro Late Model:

-          Kirk Hooker – Chatham, Ontario

-          Steve Laking – Guelph Ontario

-          Marc Jacobs – London Ontario

-          Andrew Gresel – Hepworth Ontario

-          Jaxson Jacobs – London Ontario

IMCA-Type Modifeds:

-          Dennis Uhlman – Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Other notables include former Delaware regular Cole Powell in his first Arca race at Daytona, along with long time Arca regular Terry Jones. Powell will also pilot his Nascar Modified at the Battle of the Beach. will be following the Ontario drivers all week long. You can follow the action on Twitter @OntarioOval and on Facebook at

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At The Track: Howse Scores Payday At Gold Rush

At The Track: Howse Scores Payday At Gold Rush

Millgrove, ON – Paul Howse (No. 8) used a thrilling inside groove pass to get by Shawn Chenoweth (No. 89c) in lapped traffic on lap 96 to win the Gold Rush 100 at Flamboro Speedway on Monday night.

Chenoweth took the challenge to start in the 24th and final starting position with the opportunity to earn an additional $5000 if he could pull off the win.

The veteran driver came within four laps of the victory, but was squeezed to the outside when the lead cars encountered lapped traffic.

The race got off to a rocky start. No sooner had the green flag flown to start the 100-lap feature, the caution flag was displayed when Jeff Cassidy (No. 97) made contact with the outside wall at the entrance of turn one on the opening corner.

Kenny Wallace (No. 36) spun in turn two as the field checked up behind him which sent the pole sitter to the rear of the field.

Dale Shaw (No. 83) jumped out to the lead on the restart, while his father Jason Shaw (No. 82) used his inside line position to take the second spot.

Just as Wallace and Shawn Chenoweth (No. 89c) began to make their way through the field, the caution was out on lap 7 when Brad Corcoran (No. 05) came to a stop in turn four. Corcoran was running in the top-five at the time.

One lap later, 2013 Grisdale Triple Crown Champion Paul Howse (No. 8) was spun in to the infield off the front bumper of Jamie Cox (No. 22). Cox had nowhere to go as the field checked up when Jeff Stewart (No. 56) got loose off the same corner.

Heavy contact occurred on the restart when Scott Lyons (No. 52) made contact with Jason Shaw (No. 82) in turn two. The field stacked up behind, resulting in damage to Dawyne Baker’s (No. 48) nose and to Wallace’s right door.

The race ran green with Dale Shaw on the point until a lap 18 caution when Matt Box (No. 27) touched lapped car Brent Wheller (No. 61) in turn two to send the 61 car towards the infield.

The next green flag run saw Lyons get underneath Dale Shaw for the lead on lap 22. One lap later, Chenoweth filled the bottom of the track to shuffle Shaw back to third.

Lyons’ lead was erased on lap 30 when Jim Sweers (No. 75) and Jamie Cox (No. 22) made hard contact in turn four. Both drivers failed to return to the field before the green flag.

Lyons continued to lead despite a side-by-side battle with Chenoweth and Dale Shaw waiting in the wings.

Chenoweth took the lead on the restart, passing Lyons on the outside. One lap later another caution flew when Sweers spun in the infield.

Mark Watson (No. 31) brought out a caution on lap 38 for a frontstretch spin despite running second.

Chenoweth led Lyons, Paul Howse (No. 8), Stewart, and Wallace at the half way mark.

At lap 56, Chenoweth ran in to lapped traffic and saw his lead begin to dwindle when he could not find a way around Dwayne Baker (No. 48).

Chenoweth got some relief on lap 60 when the caution flew as Dale Shaw spun in turn three.

One lap after the restart, Matt Pritiko (No. 21) went hard in to the turn three well and collected Chris Boschler (No. 3). Pritiko was okay, but the car was removed from the track by flatbed.

The final 39 laps of the race ran caution free with 13 cars remaining on track.

Howse made quick works of Lyons to put himself in 2nd and never let Chenoweth stray from his sites.

With ten laps to go, Chenoweth was in the thick of lapped traffic with Howse glued to his rear bumper.

Howse saw his opportunity on lap 96 and made the pass in the bottom lane as he forced Chenoweth up a groove with a lapped car to the bottom.

Howse drove a flawless final four laps to hold off Chenoweth and take home the $5000 pay day.

An exhausted Howse said in victory lane he was happy with the victory, but wished the pass had not come in lapped traffic.

Meanwhile, a disgruntled Chenoweth was frustrated at his second-place finish after leading 63 laps.

Lyons finished third and was in tow with the leaders for the final 20 circuits.

Kenny Wallace was fourth in his Gary Elliott Motorsports prepared entry. Jeff Stewart was fifth.

Wallace laid down the quickest lap in time trials with a mark of 15.501 seconds, but declined the opportunity to return to the field. The St. Louis, MO native left the extra pay day opportunity to Chenoweth as a result.

Results: Gold Rush 100 (Flamboro Speedway – August 19, 2013)

Scored Finish (Starting Position in Parentheses) 1. 8 Paul Howse (5), 2. 89c Shawn Chenoweth (24), 3. 52 Scott Lyons (10), 4. 36 Kenny Wallace (1), 5. 56 Jeff Stewart (3), 6. 27 Matt Box (12), 7. 9 Jeff Ruddy (15), 8. 84j Larry Jackson (18), 9. 3 Chris Boschler (16), 10. 82 Jason Shaw (4), 11. 61 Brent Wheller (20), 12. 76 Shawn Arnott (22), 13. 83 Dale Shaw (2), 14. 75 Jim Sweers (13), 15. 7 Trevor Monaghan (8), 16. 21 Matt Pritiko (19), 17. 48 Dwayne Baker (14), 18. 38 Linda Stenhouse (23), 19. 31 Mark Watson (7), 20. 34 Calvin Warren (21), 21. 22 Jamie Cox (9), 22. 67 Gord Bennett (17), 23. 05 Brad Corcoran (6), 24. 97 Jeff Cassidy (11).

B-Main (Last-Chane Qualifiers)
1. 3 Chris Boschler, 2. 67 Gord Bennett, 3. 84j Larry Jackson, 4. 21 Matt Pritiko, 5. 61 Brent Wheller, 6. 34 Calvin Warren, 7. 76 Shawn Arnott, 8. 38 Lisa Stenhouse.

Time Trial Results (Top 16 Line-up for the featire Heads Up)

1. 36 Kenny Wallace 15.501 seconds; 2. 89c Shawn Chenoweth 15.557; 3. 83 Dale Shaw 15.564; 4. 56 Jeff Stewart 15.590; 5. 82 Jason Shaw 15.618; 6. 8 Paul Howse 15.630; 7. 05 Brad Corcoran 15.634; 8. 31 Mark Watson 15.643; 9. 7 Trevor Monaghan 15.686; 10. 22 Jamie Cox 15. 695; 11. 52 Steve Lyons 15.716; 12. 97 Jeff Cassidy 15.787; 13. 27 Matt Box 15. 793; 14. 75 Jim Sweers 15.848; 15. 48 Dwayne Baker 15.995; 16. 9 Jeff Ruddy 16.001; 17. 3 Chris Boschler 16.053; 18. 21 Matt Pritiko 16.075; 19. 67 Gord Bennett 16.081; 20. 34 Calvin Warren 16.258; 21. 84j Larry Jackson 16.285; 22. 61 Brent Wheller 16.667; 23. 76 Shawn Arnott 16.906; 24. 38 Linda Stenhouse 19.372.

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia) – Race Reporter

Photo Credit: Eric Uprichard (@SpeedwayPhoto)

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At The Track: Locke Cruises To ISMA Win At Sunset; Cresswell Also Victorious

At The Track: Locke Cruises To ISMA Win At Sunset; Cresswell Also Victorious

Stroud, ON – Jeff Locke’s (No.37) starting position was key at Sunset Speedway on Sunday afternoon with the ISMA Super Modifieds. The pole sitter led all 75 laps of the evening’s main event to earn his first victory of the season with the United States-based tour.

An early caution on lap three was the result of contact between third and fourth-place runners Mike Lichty (No. 84) and Ryan Coniam (No. 46). Lichty stopped in turn two and had fluid leaking from the car, ending his night early on.

Locke set a blistering pace on the restart, growing his lead over second-place runner Alison Cumens (No. 39) to nearly half a lap by the mid-way point of the race.

Not long after, Locke ran in to lapped traffic. The veteran easily maneuvered around Dan Bowes (No.25), but had trouble with Moe Lilje (No. 8).

Lilje never did go a lap down as Locke was content running a full straightaway ahead of Cumens.

With 15 to go, Cumens began her charge to track down the race leader, closing the gap to within five car lengths. Locke explained following the race that his car had started to become horribly loose as the laps wore on.

With the sun just beginning to set, the track remained slick for the duration of the feature, as it had been in the heats.

Fortunately for Locke, the caution flew on lap 68 when Lou Cicconi (No. 71) came to a stop in turn two. Cicconi was running fourth at the time, but would suffer a DNF.

The restart gave Cumens her best opportunity to get by Locke, but she appeared to spin her tires. Locke did not waste the opportunity, and grew a lead of five or more car lengths. Locke would cruise over the final eight laps to earn the victory in the tour’s first ever trip to the Innisfil, Ont. oval.

In victory lane, Locke explained it was likely the late race caution which saved his win as it allowed him to cool the tires on a loose race car.

Perhaps the best battle of the night came with five laps to go as Jon McKennedy (No. 79) and Ben Seitz (No. 17) dueled side-by-side for several laps.

Seitz would eventually prevail on the high side to take the fourth spot from McKennedy and earn his second top-five of the weekend after winning Friday night at Delaware Speedway.

Canadian driver Ryan Litt (No. 88x) ended his race before the halfway mark in the event. It was unclear what the issue on Litt’s car was, but appeared to be beyond repair on pit lane after the team evaluated the car.

The highest finish Canadian driver was London, Ont. based driver Mark Sammut (No. 78) who crossed the line ninth.

ISMA regular Tim Jedrezjek (No.32) did not make the trip to Sunset after suffering a broken rear-end Friday night at Delaware Speedway.

Heat race winners were Locke, Cicconi, and Coniam.

Cicconi’s lap time of 12.099 seconds in his heat race would set a new track record at Sunset. It is unclear if the record will stand as it did not occur in single-car time trials.

Lucas Oil TQ Can-Am Midgets

Todd Cresswell (No.3) led all 25 laps of the afternoon feature on Sunday afternoon to earn the TQ Midgets victory at Sunset Speedway.

Cresswell had no challengers until a lap 15 caution for a spinning Andy MacKareth (No.4) in turn two.

The yellow flag erased Cresswell’s nearly half straightaway lead over Barry Dunn (No.24). On the ensuing single-file restart, Cresswell jumped out to the lead once again, but the field was slowed again when series points leader Rob Neely (No. 74) fell off the pace down the backstretch.

Neely would eventually come to a stop in turn three, but not before Rob Divenanzo (No. 20) made contact with the veteran driver. The contact would end the race for both pilots.

The restart with 10 laps to go allowed the rest of the field their best chance to battle Cresswell.

A great battle developed for the second spot between Dunn, Tyler Turnbull (No. 84), and Mack Deman (No. 40).

Deman took the most of the opportunity to grab the second spot, while Turnbull took third as the drivers went three-wide through turns three and four.

Turnbull would eventually fall back to fifth in the closing laps as James Gray (No. 82) moved to third spot.

Deman began to track down Cresswell and drew to the back bumper of the Newmarket, Ont. native’s car with five laps to go.

Deman tried several times to get underneath Cresswell, but wasn’t able to do so. Cresswell led all 25 laps en route to the win. Deman did finish second, while Gray was third. Corey Moesker (No. 39) battled from a starting spot deep in the field to earn a fourth place finish while Turnbull finished fifth.

Cresswell, David Balych (No. 12), and Deman were the heat race winners.

Results: Sunset Speedway – August 18, 2013

ISMA Super Modified Results (75 Laps – Official Results) 1. 37 Jeff Locke 2. 39 Alison Cumens 3. 46 Ryan Coniam 4. 17 Ben Seitz 5. 79 Jon McKennedy 6. 65 Tim Ice 7. 74 Rob Summers 8. 8 Moe Lilje 9. 78 Mark Sammut 10. 25 Dan Bowes 11. 71 Lou Cicconi (DNF) 12. 48 John Benson Jr. (DNF) 13. 70 Dave McKnight (DNF) 14. 88 Ryan Litt (DNF) 15. 84 Mike Lichty (DNF)

Lucas Oil TQ Can-Am Midget Result (25 Laps – Official Results) 1. 3 Todd Cresswell 2. 40 Mack Deman 3. 82 James Gray 4. 24 Barry Dunn 5. 39 Cory Moesker 6. 84 Tyler Turnbull 7. 12 David Balych 8. 43 Adrian Stahle 9. 48 Darren McLellan 10. 16 Chris Holman 11. 94 Ryan Fraser 12. 31 Keith Dempster 13. 99 Daniel Bois 14. 44 Tom Kyle 15. 14 Dylan Smith 16. 97 Adam Racine 17. 02 Cody Winn 18. 74 Rob Neely 19. 20 Rob Divenanzo 20. 4 Andy Mackereth 21. 22 Chris Bauman 22. 46 Mike Westwood

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia) Race Reporter

Photo Credit: Eric Uprichard (@SpeedwayPhoto)


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Chenoweth Scores 150 Win At The Beach

Chenoweth Scores 150 Win At The Beach

By Eric Uprichard / – Sauble Speedway opened the pit gate on Sunday afternoon for some of the best drivers in the province for their annual Beat the Heat 150 lap Late Model invitational. Shawn Chenoweth eventually prevailed and took home the hardware after an exciting second half of the tracks premier event of the season.

‘Downtown’ Mark Watson, and last year’s Beat the Heat 150 winner, qualified on pole, but started fourth after the inversion. This year, drivers timed in, a change in the traditional heat race format. Top five qualifiers: 1) 3 – Mark Watson, 2) 22 – Jamie Cox, 3) 89 – Shawn Chenoweth, 4) 8 – Jason Parker, 5) 21 – Matt Pritiko

The first half of the race was clean except for an incident on lap two. Everyone settled into a rhythm and made only high percentage passes. Shawn Chenoweth checked out when he took the early lead from local star Jason Parker. The race stayed green until the traditional completion yellow on lap seventy five.

The second portion of the event was action packed. After a restart on lap eighty-nine, Shawn Chenoweth was turned from the lead when the field stacked up in turn two. Both Watson and Chenoweth, the class of the field, would have to come from the back with only sixty laps left. Jason Parker and Dale Shaw would both take their stabs at the lead in the back half of the race. Jesse Kennedy also had his turn in the top spot late in the going. The London Recreational Racing Late Model of Chenoweth did eventually take the checkered flag. Dale Shaw brought his no. 83 home second after battling hard with third place finisher Jesse Kennedy. Delaware Speedway’s Matt Box and Jamie Cox rounded out the top five.

Also in attendance were the super quick Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets, the beatin’ and bangin’ Street Stocks, as well as the 4-Cylinders. Adrian Stahle took top honours in the Can-Am Midgets. Jaymee Adams won her first career Street Stock feature and Kevin Bridge, no stranger to victory lane, won the 4-Cylinder feature.

Race Results Aug 3
Thunder cars position Late Models position
Heat one 1st 61 Chad Eden Heat one 1st 76 Tyler Williams
Heat two 1st 36 Ken Grubb Heat two 1st 8 Jason Parker
Heat three 1st 00 “smokin” Joe Adams Heat three 1st 17 Josh Stade
Heat four 1st 36 Ken Grubb Heat four 1st 49 Scott McTeer
Feature 1st 30 Todd Davenport Feature 1st 49 Scott McTeer
2nd 61 Chad Eden 2nd 10 Tom Gibbons
3rd 37 Ron Lawrence 3rd 37 Marvin Freiburger
4th 03 Steve Ecker 4th 81 Brittany Gresel
5th 78 Jordan Lawrence 5th 8 Jason Parker
Race results aug 4
Four Cylinders position Street Stocks
Heat one 1st 52 Kevin Paupst Heat one 1st 16 Zack Casemore
Heat two 1st 36 Cory Young Heat two 1st 77 Jake Zevenburgen
Heat three 1st 52 Kevin Paupst Heat three 1st 18 Billy Alderson
Heat four 1st 36 Cory Young Heat four 1st 47 Jason Lawrence
Feature 1st 17 Kevin Bridge Feature 1st 99 Jaymee Adams
2nd 10 William Gibbons 2nd 77 Jake Zevenburgen
3rd 6 Kyle Jackson 3rd 47 Jason Lawrence
4th 52 Kevin Paupst 4th 18 Billy Alderson
5th 8 Paul Kivell 5th 27 Mark Rioux
Open Late 150 position
1st 89 Shawn Chenoweth
2nd 83 Dale Shaw
3rd 10 Jesse Kennedy
4th 27 Matt Box
5th 22 Jamie Cox

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At The Track: Witty Wins Sunset Late Model Invitational

At The Track: Witty Wins Sunset Late Model Invitational

By Clayton Johns, with Eric Uprichard

Late Models

Jason Witty (No. 19) won an eventful 75-lap Limited Late Model invitational at Sunset Speedway on Father’s Day Sunday.

Witty was the benefactor of a major incident between Dwayne Baker (No. 48) and Tom Walters (No. 47) with two laps to go in the scheduled 75 lap race.

The Queensville, Ont.-based driver was running fourth at the time of the incident, but the top three cars were involved. The incident yielded a red flag on lap 73 and with rain clouds beginning to sprinkle, the race was called complete two laps shy of the intended length and Witty was declared the winner.

Walters took the lead from Mike Bentley (No. 51) on lap 20 and led until he spun in turn two after contact with Bentley on lap 60, who had continued to run second.

After Walters was forced to restart as the last car on the lead lap, he had worked his way back to second.

The story of the night, however, was the incident between Walters and Baker at the closing of the race.

The field was set for a three-lap dash following a caution for Frank Davey (No. 49) who spun in turn four.

On the ensuing restart, with Baker leading the field to green and Walters on his outside, the two raced side-by-side down the backstretch. Walters had the advantage off turn four on the outside. As the pair approached the start/finish line, Baker made contact with Walters, sending him spiraling towards the inside wall.

Chris Morrow (No. 11) was collected in the incident, as both he and Walters suffered heavy damage to the front end of their respective cars.

It was unclear whether Baker intentionally turned Walters towards the wall or whether Walters may have thought he was clear of Baker and moved to the bottom line to block the driver of the 48.

Regardless, both Walters and Morrow suffered heavy damage. It appeared as though most of the damage to Baker.

The race featured several lead changes prior to the incident which ultimately handed the win to Witty.

Bentley got by Morrow on lap 16 using the outside, but just four laps later Walters stole the top spot from Bentley.

Two early race cautions at lap four and lap 14 slowed the field. Nick Goetz (No. 24) spun to cause the first, while Goetz would nudge Mike Brown (No. 2) to cause the second 10 laps later.

Caution would fly again three laps later when Thane Woodside (No.5) got mixed up in turn four.

The race would then run under green flag conditions for 40 laps within which Walters would lap all but eight cars. The caution came out on lap 57 when Gary Elliott (No. 36) went around in turn four, erasing a full straightaway lead for Walters over Bentley.

It was three laps following the ensuing restart when Bentley and Walters made contact, sending them to the back and handing the lead to Baker before the aforementioned drama began with 15 to go.

Witty’s win marks his third in his last three starts at the Innisfil, Ont. oval, dating back to June 8.

Unofficial Results: Limited Late Model 75-Lap Feature (Top-Ten) 1. 19 Jason Witty 2. 10 Gord Shepherd 3. 41 Taylor Holdaway 4. 51 Mike Bentley 5. 11 Chris Morrow 6. 47 Tom Walters 7. 48 Dwayne Baker 8. 73 Ryan Kimball (-1 Lap) 9. 35 Andy Kamrath (-1 Lap) 10. 95 Anthony Simone (-1 Lap)

26 drivers started the 75-lap A-Main.
Super Stock

Matt Bentley (No. 21) battled back from a mid-race pass to earn the victory in the 50-lap Super Stock invitational at Sunset on Sunday evening.

Bentley benefited from a lap 40 restart when he restarted outside the front-row. With Cayden Lapcevich (No. 76) leading the field to green, the two drivers made contact in turn two as Lapcevich moved up the racetrack. Lapcevich would get the worst of it, suffering a flat right-rear and losing the lead he had earned six laps earlier.

The exciting battle for the lead developed from lap 22 to lap 34 between race leader Bentley, Lapcevich and Lane Zardo (No. 46). Lapcevich tracked down Bentley, but the duo had to maneuver around the lapped car of Tommy Morrison (No. 83).

Lapcevich eventually moved his way under Bentley with Zardo in tow. Zardo made it around Bentley as well before a caution on lap 39 for debris re-racked the field. Another caution on lap 40 after Ryan Semple (No. 11) spun in turn four would pit Zardo and Lapcevich against one another for the final ten laps.

Disaster struck for Zardo on the restart as the third-year super stock driver suffered a flat left front tire, resulting in another caution with 10 to go. Zardo would wind up fourth.

Lapcevich and Bentley would go head-to-head on the restart, but contact entering turn one sent Lapcevich spinning in turn two. Bentley, who was on the outside, was the recipient of the contact rather than the donor and would keep his spot.

Kevin Albers (No. 27) also suffered a flat left front as a result of the incident.

Unofficial Super Stock Results
1. 21 Matt Bentley, 2. 39 Travis Hallyburton, 3. 1 Donny Munce, 4. 46 Lane Zardo, 5. 40 Donny Beatty, 6. 07 Dan Archibald, 7. 11 Ryan Semple, 8. 83 Tommy Morrison, 9. 27 Kevin Albers, 10. 48 Coltin Everinham, 11. 09 Dan Price (DNF), 12. 34 Cayden Lapcevich (DNF), 13. 72 Randy Rusnell (DNS)

Mini Stock

Billy Schwartzenburg (No. 86) used an outside line pass with 9 laps remaining to get by Justin Holmes (No. 400) for an impressive victory in the 30-lap Mini Stock invitational at Sunset Speedway.

Schwartzenburg started at the front of the pack, but spent the early portion of the race hunting down Holmes who started outside the front row.

Charlie Smith (No. 9) drove through the field as the Barrie Speedway regular earned the final spot on the podium.

The first of two caution flags flew on lap 4 when Doug Butler (No. 10) got into Ken Townsend (No. 21) and Brandon McFerran (No. 64) in turn three.

The caution would fly again on lap 7 when Townsend went in to turn three heavily as he tried to battle his way back through the field, but tagged a pair of cars in the process.

Danny Benedict (No. 54) and Mike Getliff (No. 15) rounded out the top-five.

Unofficial Mini Stock Results (Top-Five) 1. 86 Billy Schwartzenburg 2. 400 Justin Holmes 3. 9 Charlie Smith 4. 54 Danny Benedict 5. 15 Mike Getliff

27 drivers started the 30-lap feature.

Late Model Qualifying Results

Position: Car Number, Driver, Time (Seconds)

1. 51 Mike Bentley 14.846
2. 47 Tom Walters 14.875
3. 19 Jason Witty 15.024
4. 48 Dwayne Baker 15.050
5. 11 Chris Morrow 15.057
6. 95 Anthony Simone 15.070
7. 24 Nick Goetz 15.085
8. 37 Marvin Freiberger 15.106
9. 70 Gord Shepherd 15.118
10. 41 Taylor Holdaway 15.120
11. 40 Kerry Micks 15.122
12. 17 Josh Stade 15.138
13. 8 Jason Parker 15.148
14. 46 Billy Zardo III 15.157
15. 44 Steve Laking 15.273
16. 36 Gary Elliott 15.305
17. 49 Frank Davey 15.306
18. 14 Thayne Hallyburton 15.319
19. 73 Ryan Kimball 15.322
20. 79 Cory Horner 15.347
21. 2 Mike Brown 15.398
22. 35 Andy Kamrath 15.406
23. 02 Shawn Murray 15.415
24. 5 Thayne Woodside 15.465
25. 10 Ernie Fumerton 15.553
26. 81 Britney Gresel 15.698

Photo gallery by Eric Uprichard /

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At The Track: Laking Puts An Exclamation Point On Round One Of The Grisdale Triple Crown

At The Track: Laking Puts An Exclamation Point On Round One Of The Grisdale Triple Crown

By Eric Uprichard – Flamboro Speedway played host to the first round of the 12th Annual Grisdale Triple Crown on Saturday night. The highly anticipated three race spectacle has been deemed one of the “Crown Jewls” of Late Model racing here in Ontario and has been a staple on many racing fanatics schedules respectively.

Four different drivers snagged a checkered on their quest for top starting spot in the feature. Getting the night started on the right foot – pardon the pun – and no stranger to Victory Lane at Flamboro Speedway, was the No. 05 of Brad Corcoran. The second qualifying heat win went to the No. 44 of Steve Laking. Round two of the qualifying heats saw former track champion No. 8 Paul Howse take down a ‘W’, finished by a dominating heat win by the current Flamboro Speedway Late Model points leader No. 89c of Shawn Chenoweth.

Starting on pole for the main event was the aforementioned Steve Laking. Not one of the 19 starting Late Model drivers would get in front of him as he was perfect leading all 75 laps. A late race caution on lap 56 put the No. 89c of Shawn Chenoweth, who started back in 7th, on the outside of Laking, setting up a dash to the finish. The two drivers would make contact as the battle developed over the dying laps. Laking would ultimately prevail and take round one. The ‘King of Speed’, and last year’s Triple Crown Champion, Jason Shaw rounded out the podium in 3rd.

Unofficial Top 10:

1)     44. Steve Laking

2)     89c. Shawn Chenoweth

3)     82. Jason Shaw

4)     05. Brad Corcoran

5)     52. Scott Lyons

6)     56. Jeff Stewart

7)     8. Paul Howse

8)     3. Chris Bochler

9)     95. Kevin Benish

10) 7. Trevor Monaghan

Round two of the Grisdale Triple Crown is set for July 6th at Flamboro Speedway. Be sure to check out the new for more news and Triple Crown Schedules.

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At The Track: Parker, Adams, Zevenburgen & Schwartzenburg Open Season with Victories at ‘The Beach’

At The Track: Parker, Adams, Zevenburgen & Schwartzenburg Open Season with Victories at ‘The Beach’ Exclusive – By: Eric Uprichard ( )

Sauble Beach, ON – The Victoria Day long weekend marks the ‘unofficial’ kick off of summer in Ontario. Sauble Beach, voted the no. 1 beach in Ontario, is known for its action on the shores and City Slickers escaping the nine-to-five for some downtime. While some relaxed this long weekend, some were brave enough to venture into the ice bath know as Lake Huron for a Polar Bear Dip, but the real action was on track Saturday night for the season opener at Sauble Speedway. The four regular divisions that took to the ¼ mile oval, where the Sauble Falls Late Models, Thunder Cars, Street Stocks and 4 Cylinders.

The 4 Cylinder division ( Mini Stocks ) hit the track for the first feature race of 2013 at The Beach. Like many tracks in Ontario, the 4 Cylinder division is as competitive as it’s ever been. Billy Schwartzenburg made the journey for opening night but would start at the rear of the field as top qualifier. It didn’t take long for the bright green Mustang to make his way through the field, but was met by then leader Kevin Bridge, as the two would battle side by side for a handful of laps. A few late race cautions would make it interesting, but the Sauble regulars didn’t have anything for the 2012 Flamboro Speedway track champion, as Schwartzenburg would complete the hat-track.

Unofficial Top Five:

1)      86 – Billy Schwartzenburg

2)      17 – Kevin Bridge

3)      52 – Kevin Paupst

4)      51 – Chris Ruigrok

5)      46 – Nick Vermillea

Next on track were the Street Stocks for their 20-lap feature. Jake Zevenburgen, third generation driver, took home his first career feature win after passing pole sitter Jamie Adams early on. Jason Lawrence made his way through the field and looked like he may have had something for Zevenburgen, but ran out of laps.

Unofficial Top Five:

1)      77 – Jake Zevenburgen

2)      47 – Jason Lawrence

3)      5 – Corey Adams

4)      16 – Zack Casemore

5)      4 – John McCartney

The Thunder Cars were dominated on this night by the 00 of Smokin` Joe Adams. Adams took both of his heat wins and came all the way through the field from the back. Most of the race was led by Ken Grubb, but a late race caution bunched the crowd up. Adams, running fourth, would find himself in the right place at the right time avoiding two spinning cars in front of him on the restart going into one and two. He would go on to collect his third checkered flag of the night to complete his hat-trick as well.

Unofficial Top Five:

1)      00 – Joe Adams

2)      36 – Ken Grubb

3)      30 – Todd Davenport

4)      61 – Chad Edan

5)      68 – Kent Cruickshank

The night wrapped up with a 30-lap feature for the Late Model division. A scary incident involving best appearing car contenders, Marvin Fryburger and Nick Goetz, brought out a red flag on lap seven. Both drivers would be ok after the lengthy clean up. Jason Parker came from firth place to take home the trophy. Scott McTeer came home a strong second after challenging Parker briefly in the dying laps.

Unofficial Top Five:

1)      8 – Jason Parker

2)      49 – Scott McTeer

3)      10 – Tom Gibbons

4)      17 – Josh Stade

5)      81 – Brittney Gresel

For a look at all the nights action, visit and

Gallery by Eric Uprichard /

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At The Track: Murray, Shepherd, St. Onge, & Getliffe Win at Barrie

At The Track: Murray, Shepherd, St. Onge, & Getliffe Win at Barrie Exclusive – By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia)

Oro Station, Ont. – A full card of racing action was set for Barrie Speedway’s third week of action in 2013, including the Wahta Springs Late Models, Canestoga Sprayers & Asphalt Repair Thunder Cars, and St. Onge Recreation Pure Stocks.

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature 1

The first of two 30-lap main events for the limited late models would start the feature portion of the night. Mike Langley (#5) held down the pole position in a handicapped starting grid.

However, it was clear from the early laps that Shawn Murray (#02) had the car to beat to start the evening, charging from his sixth-place starting spot to the front in just a handful of laps. Murray moved around Roy Manary (#74) to take the lead before the ten-lap mark.

Murray would be challenged in the closing laps by Ron Quesnelle (#57) and previous week’s winner Gord Shepherd (#10). Murray was able to fend off the pair as they dueled for the second spot on the podium over the final five laps, to earn his first feature victory of the season.

Results: 1. #02 Shawn Murray; 2. #10 Gord Shepherd; 3. #57 Ron Quesnelle; 4. #24 Leonard Johnston; 5. #74 Roy Manary; 6. #91 Andre Pepin; 7. #14 Thayne Hallyburton; 8. #69 Al Inglis; 9. #83 Ian Bourque; 10. #54 Randy Bull; 11. #43 Darrin Malcolm; 12. #5 Mike Langley; 13. #4 Glenn Lloyd; 14. #27 Sam Reckzin, 15. #44x Rick Meyer (DNS).

St. Onge Recreation Pure Stock Feature

Mike Getliffe (#77) stole the show in the pure stock feature, emerging from his mid-pack starting position to find victory lane. Getliffe wasted little time, taking the lead on lap five of the 20-lap affair. Getliffe worked around Dean Currie’s #09 in the early going before pulling away from the remainder of the 12-car field.

Getliffe would be reeled in late in the race by Charlie Smith (#9). Smith dueled with Doug Butler (#10) for the second spot over the final laps. The war for the second spot on the podium would allow Getliffe to hold off his challengers to earn the victory. Butler would narrowly edge Smith at the line, using momentum on the outside line to his advantage.

Top five finishers included Getliffe, Butler, Smith, Ryan Toon (#57), and Currie.

Doug Butler and Dean Currie each won a pair of heat races.

Canestoga Sprayers and Asphalt Repair Thunder Car Feature

A tough field of 13 thunder cars took the green flag for the division’s third feature of the season. Darryl St. Onge (#00) stole the show, after starting sixth, to earn his second win of the season.

Donny Brandon (#40) jumped out to an early lead after starting fourth, but St. Onge quickly drew to the back bumper of Brandon’s Monte Carlo. St. Onge would take the lead on lap eight, and would never surrender it.

A caution on lap 12 for a spinning Bryan Penny (#16), tightened the field for the second-half of the 30-lap feature, but the real battle would be for second place as St. Onge dominated the remainder of the night.

Dave Doucette (#44) would work his way from the back of the field he got tangled up with Rick Walt (#10) in the opening laps. Doucette would battle his way back to the front, challenging second-place runner Travis Hallyburton for the middle-step on the podium. Doucette, however, would run out of laps and settle for third.

Former Barrie champion Jim Belesky would finish fourth, while Walt would round out the top-five.

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature 2

Darrin Malcolm (#43) lead early on in the second 30-lap feature of the night after starting second, but it would be Gord Shepherd to earn his third feature win in six starts at Barrie to start the season.

Malcolm would lead until lap six when Al Inglis (#69) would steal the lead after starting fourth.

The story was all Shepherd though, who was quickly moving up from his 10th-place starting spot. Shepherd needed just three laps to find fifth place, and five more before he sat third. Shepherd utilized the highline to his advantage, as many drivers had glued their cars to the bottom of the speedway.

Shepherd stole second from Malcolm on lap 14, setting up a battle for the lead with Inglis. Shepherd took until lap 19 to track down ‘The Red Rocket’, but once again used the outside. With Inglis on the bottom, the duo battled for two full laps before Shepherd would eventually take the lead on lap 21. He wouldn’t  look back from there, cruising to his third victory in as many weeks.

Malcolm would fend off week two winner Thayne Hallyburton (#14) to hold on to the third spot, while Ron Quesnelle (#57) would earn his second top-five of the night.

Results: 1. #10 Gord Shepherd; 2. #69 Al Inglis; 3. #43 Darrin Malcolm; 4. #14 Thayne Hallyburton; 5. #57 Ron Quesnelle; 6. #24 Leonard Johnston; 7. #91 Andre Pepin; 8. #54 Randy Bull; 9.#02 Shawn Murray; 10. #83 Ian Bourque; 11. #4 Glenn Lloyd; 12. #5 Mike Langley; 13. #74 Roy Manary; 14. #27 Sam Reckzin; 15. #44x Rick Meyer (DNS).

Barrie Speedway will be back in action on Saturday May 25, 2013 with full nights of racing for the Pure Stocks, Thunder Cars, and Limited Late Models, as well as a visit from the Ontario Legends Series.

Photo gallery courtesy Mike Kiers /

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Bentley, Rusnell, and Paxton Win at Sunset

Bentley, Rusnell, and Paxton Win at Sunset

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia)

Ontario Oval Exclusive

Sunset Speedway opened its 2013 racing campaign with a full card of action including mini stock, super stock, and the track’s featured limited late model division. A solid turn out of cars combined with a warm weather evening provided an excellent setting to start to the season.

Limited Late Model

Mike Bentley (#51 Latitude Land Effects Chevrolet SS) was perfect on opening night, cruising to a win in the 35-lap A-main feature. Back-to-back heat wins put Bentley on the outside of the front row for the feature event, with 7-time champion Chris Morrow (#11 Morrow Electric Chevrolet SS) holding down the top spot after his pair of heat wins.

Bentley took the lead from Morrow after a three lap battle to start the race saw him use the high line to his advantage.

Caution flew for the second time on lap eight when Anthony Simone (#95 Chevrolet SS) appeared to have something go wrong in the right front of the car. Simone stopped just short of contact with the turn one wall and had been running fourth at the time. The incident ended Simone’s Sunset debut.

Bentley toyed with Morrow on the final two restarts, including the final one of the night on lap 10. From that point on, Bentley cruised to his first win of the year, starting the season where he ended at the 2012 Autumn Colours Classic.

Defending division champion Tom Walters (#47 Barrie Pro Floor Ford Mustang) battled Morrow for second spot for nearly 15 laps before eventually taking the spot. The battle between the two, however, allowed Bentley to pull away and take the win.

Scott Beatty (#88 Impala SS) made an impressive move on Andy Kamrath (#35 AM Roofing /All Star Wings Ford Mustang) for the fourth spot early in the race after starting eighth, and would hold down the spot right to the checkered flag.

Dwayne Baker (#48 Centennical Chrysler Dodge Charger) rounded out the top-five in his Sunset return following a 2012 championship season at Barrie Speedway.

Kerry Micks (#40 Baker Performance Ford), Kamrath, Taylor Holdaway (#41 Downing Roofing Ford Fusion), Billy Zardo III (#46 Holmes on Homes Impala SS), and Sean Grosman (#29 Landing Strip Chevrolet SS) rounded out the top-ten.

The ‘feel good’ story of the night belonged to Jason Witty (#19 Chevrolet SS). The Sunset regular Witty was collected in an unfortunate wreck on the first lap of his first heat of 2013 after Gary Elliott (#36 Quaker State Chevrolet SS) touched the wall on the front straightaway.

Witty’s crew thrashed to have to car start the feature, albeit without any nose to the car. While Witty would have preferred the car had gone home in one piece, the silver lining is the car does not need a new front clip.

Super Stock

Randy Rusnell (#72 Monte Carlo SS) led every lap of the 30-lap Super Stock feature en route to his opening night victory. The defending track champion completed the hat-trick in the division’s main event after two decisive heat victories as well.

Rusnell was challenged throughout the race by Lane Zardo (#46 Monte Carlo SS) and Cayden Lapcevich (#76 Toyota Camry), and especially so on a restart with five laps remaining. Zardo held the outside line with Rusnell for two full laps, with Lapcevich knocking at the back bumper of each driver multiple times, before Rusnell eventually took the spot.

Matt Bentley (#21 Chevrolet Nova) and Paul Maltese (#28 Monte Carlo SS) dueled for the fourth spot throughout the night, holding off Paul Geniole Jr. (#81 Nova SS) for the final top-five spots.

Dan Archibald (#07 Monte Carlo SS), Kevin Albers (#27 Camaro SS), Steven Wilson (#71 Monte Carlo SS), and Donnie Munce (#1 Camaro SS) completed the top-five.

Mini Stock

Peterborough Speedway mini stock regular Ryan Oosterholt (#07) was the on-track winner in the 25-lap A-main followed by teammate Chris Mulders (#99), but Warren Paxton (#33) was declared the winner following technical inspection.

Oosterholt and Mulders were both disqualified following technical inspection for illegal motor compression. As a result, the Sunset regular Paxton was declared the winner.

Ben Melenhorst (#26) and Ken Townsend (#21) initially rounded out the top-five, but would move up to second and third positions, respectively when all was finished.

Veteran Billy Schwartzenburg (#86) won both of his heat races and started on the pole for the feature event. Schwartzenburg jumped out to an early lead before pulling pit side with trouble on lap three to end his night and eliminate his chance for a hat-trick.

Defending champion Eric Yorke (#51) appeared to run in to trouble midway through the race as well. Yorke was running inside the top-five before falling back through the field to finish outside the top-ten.


UNOFFICIAL Results – Sunset Speedway (May 4, 2013)

Limited Late Models

Feature: 1. #51 Mike Bentley, 2. #47 Tom Walters, 3. #11 Chris Morrow, 4. #88 Scott Beatty, 5. #48 Dwayne Baker, 6. #40 Kerry Micks, 7. #35 Andy Kamrath, 8. #41 Taylor Holdaway, 9. #46 Billy Zardo III, 10. #29 Sean Grosman, 11. #49 Frank Davey, 12. #21 Dario Capirchio, 13. #36 Gary Elliott, 14. #55 Bruce Rankin, 15. #77 Herb Walters, 16. #00 Brian Wilson Jr. (DNF), 17. #19 Jason Witty (DNF), 18. #10 Ernie Fumerton (DNF), 19. #95 Anthony Simone (DNF).

Heat Winners: #11 Chris Morrow (2), #51 Mike Bentley (2)

Super Stock

Feature: 1. #72 Randy Rusnell, 2. #46 Lane Zardo, 3. #76 Cayden Lapcevich, 4. #21 Matt Bentley, 5. #28 Paul Maltese, 6. #81 Paul Geniole Jr., 7. #07 Dan Archibald, 8. #27 Kevin Albers, 9. #71 Steven Wilson, 10. #1 Donnie Munce, 11. #25 Nicole Johnston, 12. #82 Nick Tooley, 13. #10 Dennis Cybalski (DNF), 14. #48 Coltin Everingham (DNF), 15. #11 Kent Constable (DNF).

Heat Winners: #46 Lane Zardo, #28 Paul Maltese, #72 Randy Rusnell (2)

Mini Stock

Feature: 1. #33 Warren Paxton, 2. #26 Ben Melenhorst, 3. #21 Ken Townsend (Incomplete Results)

Heat Winners: #51 Eric Yorke, #26 Ben Melenhorst, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg (2), #06 Chris Free (2) (Rookie Heat)

Photos by Eric Uprichard /

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At The Track: Chilly Weather Welcomes Canadians At New Smyrna Speedway

At The Track: Chilly Weather Welcomes Canadians At New Smyrna Speedway

Eric Uprichard / - If there was a night the ‘Racing Snowbirds’ had a home track advantage it would have been night three at the New Smyrna Speedway. Temperatures plummeted to the freezing mark on Sunday turning the Florida air into what felt like mid-October. Despite the ‘home like’ conditions, it was an off night for many for many of the racers from Ontario.

In the Pro Late Model division, Delaware regulars Marc and Jaxson Jacobs have had an impressive start to their World Series of Asphalt Racing. Marc Jacobs has completed every lap so far in no.8 machine, and has not had any major incidents beyond a spin on opening night. Marc has not finished outside the top seventeen in all three nights of competition. Jaxson has also fared well considering his mechanical issues on Night Two. Jaxson drove through the impressive field to an eleventh place finish on the opening night.

Kirk Hooker disguised as Steve Laking has had his share of difficulties. Both nights two and three, Laking was involved in on track incidents after driving the no. 38 all the way from scratch to a top five finish on opening night.

In the Super Late Model division, the no.18 of Bruce Gowland has had mechanical issues on all three nights. After taking the green flag on night three, the OSCAAR Super Later Model driver would leave the track in a cloud of smoke on lap one.

Another OSCAAR regular in the no.17 Super Late Model has had a great start to the World Series; finishing on the lead lap in all three nights despite the extensive list of heavy hitters. Passer has finished no lower than eighteenth and had a solid twelfth place finish on opening night.

Cole Powell took the green flag on night one of the World Series in his no.73 Super Late Model but has not returned to action since. Powell drove to a solid fourteenth place finish. It has been reported that Powell has been over at Daytona International Speedway preparing for the inaugural UNOH Battle at the Beach in his Nascar Whelen Modified.

For all official results and other Canadian results, you can check out the New Smyrna Speedway website at

To view all the racing action, please visit for New Smyrna Speedway Photos.

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At The Track: Heartbreak At Daytona

At The Track: Heartbreak At Daytona

Eric Uprichard / – Rain shortened practice can only mean one thing for a new driver at Daytona; trouble. After the sea t time was drastically reduced due to the wet stuff during Thursday afternoons four hour practice, it left many teams scrambling to nail their setups for Fridays qualifying session. Andrew Gresel and the Wes Gonder Racing crew were one of those teams.

After clocking in 35th quickest of the 44 cars at 51.995sec (173.094mph), it was going to be close for the local star. The anxiety in the garage area was intense as the teams got the word from the Arca trailer who made the show and who was going home. Unfortunately for Gresel and the team, the rain and provisional positions proved to be the end to the weekend.

Other Canadian notables include long time Arca regular Terry Jones and Quebec’s Dexter Stacey. While Jones qualified in at 51.243 (175.634mph), Stacey would need use a provisional to race Saturday. John Wes Townley took top honors for Venturini  Motorsports at 49.638 (181.313mph) with his teammate Milka Duno a close second.

The Lucas Oil 200 goes tomorrow at 4:30pm and will be live on Speed. You can also stream live data on the Arca Racing website at

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At The Track: First Arca Practice Too Short For Local Stars

At The Track: First Arca Practice Too Short For Local Stars

By Eric Uprichard/  – For those lucky enough to get some much needed relief from the Ontario winter and travel down to Florida for Speedweeks 2013, they were greeted with the wet stuff and more cancellations. “At least it’s not snow” was the theme around the garage for local Ontario race enthusiasts; but for Andrew Gresel and other rookies in the field, seat time is at a premium.

The first four hour practice was delayed and finally cancelled after the skies opened up only a few hours into virtually the only single car practice available. With only one 45 minute practice session remaining on Saturday, Hepworth Ontario’s Andrew Gresel is getting comfortable with the car and the speeds of Daytona.  He admits the time in the garage is no good, and “Just wants to get better”. At the end of the session, Gresel and the WGR team posted a time of 50.887 slotting them in at 24th quickest of the 43 car field. Terry Jones finished the session 36th quickest and Dexter Stacey 38th quickest respectably.

Qualifying goes Friday at 2:00pm if the skies break. More rain is in the forecast, but should clear in time for the two lap runs. You can follow all the qualifying action online at to see how our Canucks stack up.

You can also view all the ARCA Racing action at

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At The Track: Flamboro Closes Season At Oktoberfest

At The Track: Flamboro Closes Season At Oktoberfest

By Randy Spencer for – The weather for round two of the Oktoberfest Classic weekend at Flamboro was much improved Sunday with lots of great racing action in store. A good crowd was on hand to see second round qualifying as well as the regular scheduled feature races. The Hurricane Midgets, Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup series, the Pure Stocks, the Pro 4 Modifieds and the TECHTONIX Open Wheel Modifieds all completed their heat and feature races Saturday before the rain set in so the pits were not quite as full as Saturday. A few new cars in the pits for Sunday as action got underway at 2:30pm.

The Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stock second round qualifying race winners were, Nick Clarke, Brad Martin and Russ Aicken. The Ray’s Auto Center & Towing Thunder Car heat winners were, Nick Troback, Nick Roth and Kevin Albers. The Mini Stocks then ran a B feature with the #03 of Rodney Rutherford taking the checkers. The Thunder Car B feature winner was #21 Matt Bentley.

After a brief intermission, the first 50 lap Late Model feature took to the track. The race went off quick with just a couple cautions early, one at about lap 40 saw Paul Howse slow going down the back stretch and coming to a stop in turn 4. He was removed by Ray’s Towing but whatever the problem was, he was back when another caution flew on lap 42. From their, the old adage, cautions breed cautions. Gary Elliott sustained some front end damage, left and returned a little lighter. Brennan Didero went around in four and had a flat rear tire as well as Steve Laking getting involved. They all returned and took their place at the rear of the field. On the restart, Scott Lyons and Jason Shaw took the green but both got tangled and went around coming out of turn four. it was amazing that the rest of the field didn’t pile in the back of both cars. On lap 45, Lyons got a little close to another car and rode up with his right side. A couple laps later, something broke as Lyons crossed the start finish line and he ended up in the turn one wall. As the checkered flag flew, it was Brad Corcoran crossing the line first followed by Jeff Stewart, Brennan Didero, Steve Laking and Jason Shaw.

The 50 lap Limited Late Model feature was the next race to hit the track. A long haul for most from around the province so just 8 cars took the green. It was a good clean and quick race and as the checkered flag came out, it was the #49 of Scott McTeer crossing first. Nick Goetz took second, and was followed by Cole Weber, Tommy Robb and Corey Horner. The Ray’s Auto Center & Towing Thunder Car had 24 cars take the green flag for their 40 lap feature and action got hot and heavy quick. On lap one, four cars became involved as cars jockeyed for position going down the back stretch. Nick Troback, Dennis Cybalski, Steve Cashmore and Rob Istead all had damage and headed for the pits. The race got back under green and stayed that way until the #33 car of Mike Gilmour blew and engine and spun to the infield and ended up at the edge of the track in turns 3 and 4 bringing out the red flag. Another red flag on lap 22 when the #83 of Scott Way had some flames under his hood. By this time Shawn Chenoweth had the lead and was putting some distance between himself and Brad Collison. A caution with 5 laps to go tightened the field but Chenoweth proved too strong and took the checkered flag by a good margin. Brad Collison finished second followed by Kevin Albers, Nick Roth and Matt Muholland.

The Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks had 30 cars take the green for their  30 lap finale and before one lap was in the books, Mini Stock champ Billy Schwartzenburg spun out coming out of turn four after it seemed he made some contact with another car. Russ Aicken was close behind and had no where to go. Couple more cautions on laps 2 and 14 tightened the field once again. On lap 26 a four car sandwich down the back stretch brought out yet another red flag and saw the 44 of Scott Simmons take the worst of it. Simmons said later it was the hardest hit he’s taken and it was lucky for his good quality race seat and hans device, they sure paid off. The green flew once again and the young up and comer Brandon McFerran took off like a bolt of lightning and managed to lap 18 cars in the field and cruised to the checkered flag. Second place went to Brad Martin, followed by Dave Bailey, #36 and Russ Aicken. McFerran had a break out year in 2012 and stirs memories of two other up and comers who got there start at Flamboro at the age of 13…J.R. Fitzpatrick and Petey Shepherd, both doing very well for themselves in the NASCAR Canadian Tire series these days.

The final race of the evening was the second 50 lap feature for the Grisdale Late Models. The Iron Man, Gary Elliott and #9 Steve Ruddy let the field to green. The race got off quick and some great action saw very few cautions, unlike race #1. Closing in on 10 laps to go, it looked like the Grisdale series champion and Flamboro Late Model champion, Jason Shaw was going to take the checkered flag to end a great 2012 campaign. However, not sure what happened but coming out of turn 4 on lap 46, Paul Howse got a burst of power and managed to get by Shaw and Howse wouldn’t relinquish the lead to take the win. Coming in third once again was Brennan Didero followed by Scott Lyons and Brad Corcoran. Unofficially, Brennan Didero was declared the winner, however upon further review, it was declared a tie between Didero and the
#05 of Brad Corcoran.

Congratulations to all the feature race winners. That brought to a close, the 2012 season but it was announced however that the annual Frostfest will be run once again this year. Flamboro Speedway in partnership with London Recreational Concrete Pools & Spas announced the continuation of the 2012 racing season, with the added Frost Fest 120 event to be run on Saturday October 20th.  Twin 30 lap main event feature races for Mini Stocks and Thunder Cars will headline the event. $10,000 in prize money is up for grabs. $1500 goes to the winner of the Thunder Car overall winner, 2nd place $1000 , 3rd $700 , 4th $500 and 5th $280. The Mini Stock overall winner will collect $650, 2nd $450 , 3rd $320 , 4th $270 and 5th $160. For further details please check the website,

Photos by Randy Spencer

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