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OSCAAR Heading To MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show

OSCAAR Heading To MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show

With just a little over two months till the first green flag waves to start the 2014 race season, OSCAAR will be giving fans a little preview this weekend. The International Centre will once again host the largest show in Ontario and OSCAAR is proud to be a part of it.

OSCAAR and Sunset Speedway will once again be sharing the floor space with a total of 10 race cars on display. There is nothing like the new race car smell, to get everyone excited for the upcoming season.
There will be a total of 6 OSCAAR Super late models and Modifieds on display

511. Dave Taylor took the 2013 race season off after returning to action in 2012. The team has rebuilt and is ready to show the fans his new #51 OSCAAR Super late model. As a past champion of the series Dave is ready to make another charge for the championship in 2014.



72. Brent McLean is very well known in the OSCAAR Modified ranks, but last year Brent also competed in several super late events. Well 2014 is here and Brent is ready to tackle the super late models on a weekly basis. With a new number #47, a beautiful new wrap on the car look for Brent to possibly become the first driver in OSCAAR history to capture both the mod and super late feature in one night.



143. One of the most popular drivers in the modified series is Dave Terry and his familiar #14 modified. Dave have spent long hours in the shop this year fine tuning his car, has an exciting new graphics package on his Wasteco sponsored ride and is ready to challenge for his first feature win in the modified. A great testament to how Dave and his team prepare their car, on the just released School of Racing Graphic’s book, it features the #14 on the cover.


674. After a very successful first year in the Modifieds, the third generation driver of Branden Bullen is ready to take the #67 modified to his first feature victory in 2014. With a great looking new wrap on the car courtesy of Knightworks Design, Branden is definitely a driver the fans will want to be watching in 2014.



615. One of the many rookies in the Modifieds in 2014 will be making the long haul this weekend to introduce himself to the OSCAAR race fans. The #61 of 15 year old Dustin Jackson from Sault St. Marie is ready to tackle the series full time and start to make his mark on the racing scene. Dustin has two races under his belt at the end of 2013 and showed that he has the knowledge and ability to race with the best of OSCAAR.
366. Another rookie entering with 5 decades of racing experience will also have his new Modified on display. Fans are very familiar with the #36 of Gary Elliott and his Lincoln Welders, Quaker State sponsored race cars, but 2014 will be Gary’s first full season with OSCAAR and in a modified. The team is ready to show these young guys that the veteran drivers still have a few tricks up their sleeves.


I encourage all race fans to come out this weekend, support their favorite track, driver and series at the Mega Speed Car Show. I know we are all tired of this snow…IT IS TIME TO GO RACING.


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OSCAAR Interview: Getting To Know Gary Elliott

OSCAAR Interview: Getting To Know Gary Elliott

By Dave Gainforth - The 2014 racing season will see Gary Elliott once again become a rookie in racing. The coming season will see the familiar #36 compete full time with the OSCAAR Modifieds. This season will also mark a huge mile stone for Gary… his 700th consecutive start in racing. Everyone in OSCAAR is excited to be a part of this historic event, and look forward to being the next chapter of Gary’s racing career. I recently sat down with Gary and talked about his career, the sport he loves and his thoughts on the future of racing.

I always wanted to race from the time I was 5 years old. I loved the Jalopy’s, and the Supermodifieds. My favorite driver was Glen Schurr, #36 SM.

My first choice to race was Late Model. I got the urge after watching cars at the CNE, and we figured we could learn the V8 etc, but we could not afford to buy a used race car and worse we had no place to work on it, and no way to get it to the races.

My first race car was a 1959 VW. Our car was a totally stock VW, 1200 cc and we finished well back of the faster VW’s and Austin Mini’s.

When we wrecked our car, we would just buy another one and cut the cage out of the wrecked car and Dad would install it in the next car for me. We rolled over 3 times our first year racing. We also had 2 wins including our only ever Dead Heat.

1969 First Race Car VW

1969 Second Race Car VW


First Win 1969

First & Only Dead Heat


Question #1: Your 1st ever race where was it, how did you do and describe your first ever race car?

My first race car was a VW. We were planning on running Cayuga Speedway. They created a Mini Stock class that would start on the long weekend in May. So we went to Merrittville in early May because they had Mini Stocks as well. We ran okay, but not very well. I thought I would do great, but my eyes were opened when I got beat fairly easily. It was my first race on dirt, but would be my last time at Merrittville. I would run dirt once more at Brighton Speedway in 1970.

Question #2: history of your racing experience. First feature win, total number of wins.

My first feature win came in the Mini Stock in my 3rd year. We have a total of 238 checkers including 36 feature wins.

First Feature Win Cayuga 1971

36th Feature Win


Championships, other major accomplishments, explain what happened to break your consecutive streak many years ago.

Accomplishments listed below:

687 Nights in a row…..goal is 800…we will hit 700 maybe on July 5th Capital City.

Our team had a streak going of 156 nights from 82 until early 87. On May 12th of 87 my Dad passed away, losing his battle with cancer. That weekend we had a double header at Sauble Speedway, my Dad was going to come with me. We had been running well the past 2 years and he was happy about that.

We finished 9th in the feature on the Saturday night and we’re happy. On the Sunday night we also ran well, winning our heat, but got caught up in a multi car wreck in the feature. Our car was okay we just barely tagged another spinning car, both of us avoiding the wreck but getting locked together.

I got out of my car and saw that my right front wheel was jammed by the other cars rear bumper and went to ask him to let me try to free my car up. It looked like there was no damage on my car and I wanted to continue.

While I was trying to free my car, he decided to try and jerk my car off his car and was dragging the front end of my car. I wasn’t upset prior to that, although I was adrenalin filled.

When he did that I ran to the driver side of his car and yelled at him that he was wrecking my car. He should have apologized, or waved indicating he was sorry, but instead he told me to “f#*k off”. The words had barely left his mouth when I started machine gunning him with my fist through the driver’s window. Then he jammed it in gear and took off screaming tires.

I thought for sure I would be black flagged but no one seen it, some fans and both our crews, but no official of the track or the Hobby club..

After the race his wife punched me in the face and then our crews got into a shoving match but it was soon broken up.

When the dust settled I got suspended for 2 nights, even though no one saw it, but he had a black eye and I did admit I hit him. The following Tuesday I went to his house with coffee and made an apology, we have been great friends since..

After the 2 night suspension was over, I started back on June 5th 1987, and have not missed a night, accumulating 687 consecutive race events.

This year we hope to run the first 13 nights without a miss, and hit 700. If we can keep it going we will. The NASCAR record is 788 by Ricky Rudd; it sure would be an awesome feat to break 788. How about 800!!!

If I didn’t get suspended we had 156 nights to add on to our 687……

Question #3: How has racing changed in your eyes over the years since you first began?

In Mini Stocks and Hobby cars, we did everything ourselves. There were no place back in the 70’s and 80’s to buy race parts except for drag racing shops. There were engine builders. We used the engine builders to get us power. Some teams built their own engines with help from friends, and other racers. We tried that as well, but preferred to pay more and trust we would get both power and reliability through a builder.

Our cars were repaired by us, and most all parts were either scrap yard or Canadian Tire.

Today racing is totally different and in so many ways. The only time we use the scrap yards today is to take beat up street cars or drop off scrap steel, we don’t get anything from them anymore for our race cars.

Race cars are built by at manufacturing facilities now, or by qualified car builder shops. I can’t build my own car for many reasons. I don’t have a proper place to do that kind of work, our shop is not equipped, floor not level, poor lighting, and not nearly big enough. We don’t have the right equipment to build a car, and most of all, I don’t have the knowhow. Cars are built by qualified builders and if I want to compete I need the best of everything. The only other hope is to buy a good used car that needs some TLC and do it yourself, but it still needs the right parts for you to race competitively.

The things we can’t do today we get help with. We mount our own bodies, do some welding, all of the installation and maintenance of small stuff. When it comes to set up we get help to learn what it should be and then we do it ourselves. We scale our cars and read books to help us learn how to get our car around turns. It’s still a mad science at times.

The specifications for cars are much more exact than 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. If you are going to build a car today you need to know what you are doing. We can access so much info now on the internet. There are things about parts, race cars and set up that was not available before. However, even with the suggestions from various internet sources, and local building shops and set up experts, it’s still trial and error. Some systems are more complicated than others, making it a necessary demand to know these systems to keep up. The worse part is that once you think you understand it, the tendency is to try and go further, and sometimes the result is us going backwards.

Today teams need to know what to do, what it will change, how much to adjust, and when it should or shouldn’t be applied. It is much more complex now, and without a good sound source to help, can be very frustrating for most racers to have any hope of winning a heat race, let alone a feature.

Drivers in the past use to be able to get into most any race car and make it work. Today, great drivers can’t go anywhere with inferior equipment. Now it’s the piece you drive and the set up that makes the difference. I think equipment and set up now carry a higher percentage compared to driver skill. A good driver in an average car years ago could be competitive, but not anymore. You either have a good, well set up car, with the right suspension package and sufficient power or you won’t keep up.

The key for me is to do as much as we can on our own, and pay for what we can’t do. Paying good people to build a car is okay, because it will be done right and faster. They also explain to us how to set up our car, and what happens when adjustments are made. Knowing that is very important when making adjustments. A car can’t be set up properly if the driver is having issues dissecting what it’s doing on the track, and when the first problem starts. Quite often teams fix what they see instead of what caused it. The driver feels the car is tight, the team agrees. They make an adjustment in the pits for a car that pushes in the corner, but the car was loose causing it to push. So now the adjustments are wrong, making it worse. The set up people can help with learning your car, and having the crew at a setup session is crucial. We can afford to go once for a $500 to $1000 setup, we need to learn from that so we can save money as we do it ourselves. However if the car is misdiagnosed on the track, problems won’t go away.

My pit crew is awesome. We try as hard as we can to be competitive and do everything ourselves. We also learn from other successful teams who help with suggestions or tips.

Racing parts, though expensive, last longer if they are not beat up and more places are selling them now making them much cheaper than before. It’s too bad there were not more car builders, because the cost is still very high and part of that could be due to most parts come from the US.

Maintenance is crucial. Back in the 70’s and 80’s we worked on our cars but not to the extent we do today. If we survived a night in the 70’s we didn’t have much to do, because back then, all I knew was how to replace bent or broken parts. So a night with no accident was good because it meant an easy week….no work at all.

Now a day’s an easy week is 2 nights on the car with a list of 20 to 30 check items to make sure the fast race car you’re driving is not going to have a part fall off or some other issue that could put you out of a race.

Today is tough for us because of the cost. Many teams spend tons of money to try and keep up but still lack something that won’t let them be competitive, and worse be lapped by faster cars in a big race. That shouldn’t happen, our cars need to be more competitive, and it shouldn’t happen because one team has way more funds. There are lots of good drivers watching because they don’t have money to keep up.

Tracks are cutting back shows to save us money, but that isn’t the answer. A race track only has so many nights for their business to earn a living. We need to support them by showing up every week. Fans want see their favorite drivers when they go to the track. I think it’s not fair to the business of racing for us drivers not to be there every week. It’s also not fair to the promoters, fans and sponsors. Maybe a better way to save race teams money isn’t giving nights off, but reducing costs. Eliminate certain parts, certain engine procedures, tires, fuel etc. A few teams have endless funds, but they don’t make the show, it’s a full field that is entertaining, not a few dominators. Promoters need to find a way to bring parity to race teams and allow skill and finesse be the driving force behind a night’s competition.

There are positives about today’s racing. Though more expensive, there is much more opportunity to get sponsors or do show events for tracks and sponsors to help supplement the cost of racing. The internet allows web sites to be created to do more for your sport and sponsors. Email has opened other doors to do reporting to your sponsors and fans as well as Facebook.

We have no excuse today to not promote our sport and our teams and our valuable sponsors. We have so many areas in which to do so. Communication is huge and we have more resources now that were never available before.

Question #4: How do you see the sport now?

The sport is very good, very exciting and potential to be even greater than in days past, But we all need to work hard to promote it. There are so many ways a family can entertain themselves today, and getting them to the races is one that requires hard work and dedication, but not just from the track promoters, but every race team.

Track owners need to be more creative and use the race teams. If you have 80 race teams at your track each week, put out an incentive to bring fans in. Give them a reward, pit pass, whatever and get fans into the place. Drivers need to support race tracks, because without them, we have no place to race.

For some promoters, it may mean giving away tickets to their race teams for doing shows for them.

Owners and promoters can attend big events in major cities and give away 1000 tickets at a Blue Jay game, or Argo, or another event and get people to come to the track. We all need to help fill the stands. Giving away tickets is not a bad thing. Money can be made in so many other ways.

I don’t think creative marketing is touched at most tracks and it needs to be.

Tracks need fans, sponsors and lots of race cars. Hosting sponsor seminars for race teams in the off season would be a benefit and should be run by the race track to help all race teams. It’s in their best interest to do whatever they can to support teams, without them they have no show.

Promoting our sport is key; including strong, aggressive and loyal race teams is a must.

Question #5: Your long history with sponsors, explain how you keep them for so many years, some words of wisdom for young drivers searching for them? 

I appreciate you asking me that, because race tracks, sponsors, fans and race teams make this sport.

I am very fortunate to have had perhaps the longest driver sponsor relationship in history of racing, especially with our corporate sponsor Quaker State. I have been with them 41 years, dating back to the 1974 race season. I was blown away when I got my first agreement from Quaker State and the product. I was proud to have such a big company involved with our racing.

Over the years I kept them updated with my results and sent pictures. Back in the early going there was no email, computers or any of the many media opportunities there are today so I did basically what they required as an entry level team getting sponsorship of 4 cases of oil, that improved slightly over the next few years.

I always phoned my Quaker State rep, asking him if there was anything I could do, or if they had things I could hand out at car shows. My relationship was always professional with them, as it is with every one of my sponsors.

Quaker State was never my primary sponsor until 2002 and onward. I soon got to know the new Marketing Manager Mark Reed who was thrilled with me being with their brand. Once email was available I would send long detailed reports to my sponsors with pictures included.

Once in Late Models, a bigger car and more advertising space we decided to make Quaker State our primary sponsor. They did what they could for me and I made the car look like it was all Quaker State, however they told me to get as many associates as possible because they would not be my only sponsor, primary yes, but not the only one.

Over the next few years 2005 to 2010 the relationship grew to where it is today.

Young drivers and teams should not be discouraged or think there are no sponsors around to help them. There are many businesses who would invest in a well organized and determined race team. Drivers and owners need to show and convince potential sponsors that they will be an ambassador for their business representing them professionally at every race and show event.

Off track events is so very important. Many sponsors are not as impressed with on track prowess as they are with your willingness to represent them off the track. If teams approach sponsors with that attitude, more opportunities will be there. Remember, most people put money into a race car because of the integrity they saw in the driver. If that is maintained, and a willingness to do off track events is not an issue, getting sponsors will not be as tough. Finally, you will never know if someone would sponsor you or not until. You may get 5 no’s before a yes, but it’s worth it in the end.

Question #6: OSCAAR, why now in 2014, what did you see to give the organization a try now?

Over the past few years OSCAAR, under new management, has made tremendous successful strides, taking the Super Late Models from ridicule to the most exciting travelling series in Ontario.

Two years ago OSCAAR offered the ALL Pro Modified type cars a place to call home. When the OSCAAR Modified was first introduced I thought it was a great idea, because they a few cars spread around the local tracks, but not enough at any track to make them a legitimate division. Twelve cars is not enough, got to be 16 to 20 minimum, but 24 is the answer. I could see OSCAAR doing that with the current Mod, although I really didn’t like the body styles that were competing.

Then entered the Troyer style Modified, the ones I loved for the past 30 years. I went crazy when I saw Brent McLean and Terry Davey’s cars. I took a closer look at the cars and found them very appealing for two reasons, they looked like fast race cars, and they were run by the new and improved OSCAAR organization.

I decided after 42 seasons of racing with the CVM to sell my car and get a Modified. I had the paint scheme planned 2 years ago and now it’s a reality and my crew and I can’t wait to get into race action with our car.

Question #7: plans for the future, how long you continue to plan to race, plans after you hang up the helmet?

  • My goals are simple, maybe not easy but simple.
  • Race until my 50th season 2018.
  • Race in a series with my son and grand kids.
  • Continue to help my son and grandchildren with their racing.
  • Win another points title, maybe two Late Model and of course Modified (2 now).
  • Retire with 40 feature wins (36 now).
  • Retire with 40 seasons of 100% (37 now).
  • Retire with 40 different race tracks competed on (37 now).
  • Break the streak of 788 consecutive nights by Ricky Rudd….I would like to hit 800.
  • Inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Then maybe rest, relax, see if there are still fish in the lakes, find out what all the hype is about golfing, dancing, and maybe play the guitar and piano more.


  • 45 Years Racing
  • 3 Mini Stock
  • 33 Vintage Modified
  • 9 Late Models
  • 238 Wins
  • 36 Feature wins
  • 1136 Nights Raced
  • 687 Consecutive
  • 37 Different Tracks
  • 37 Seasons 100%
  • 19 Seasons top 5 points
  • 38 Seasons top 10 points
  • 7 Seasons President CVM


  • 2 Championships
  • 11 Best Appearing Car
  • 6 Most Popular Driver
  • 7 Most Sportsmanlike
  • 3 Media Award (awards from race tracks for helping)

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Summer Rush Coming In 2014

Summer Rush Coming In 2014

For Immediate Release:  While the racing world maybe focused on Daytona Speedway and the short tracks in Florida, The Summer Rush Group is busy planning two of the biggest racing events in Ontario for 2014.

The Summer Rush group is very excited to announce they have recently signed with Kawartha Speedway to promote two specials at the speedway on Sunday June 1st and Sunday July 13th.  Plans continue to come together to ensure that these will be must see shows for all race fans.

The June 1st , “Summer Rush I” brought to you by Knightworks  will see the OSCAAR Outlaw Super Late models headline the day of racing with a 50 lap feature. You can expect all the top names of the series to be on hand, as Kawartha Speedway is a favorite of all the Outlaw drivers. The fastest growing division in Ontario, The Hanover Holiday OSCAAR Modifieds will be competing in a 30 lap feature. With the recent growth of this division it is not out of the question to see close to 30 modifieds sign in to compete. Perhaps one of the biggest stories in the off season is the first ever Mini Stock Nationals. With still just over 4 months to the green flag, close to 50 of Ontario’s best mini stock drivers have preregistered in hopes of claiming their share of the largest purse offered in the 2014 season. You would think that this enough for any race fan, but there is more. The Hurricane Midgets will be making a return to Kawartha after a many year absence. With an average car count of around 30 per event, fans will be in for a treat as they tackle the fastest track they will race on all year.

The July 13th, “Summer Rush II” will again see the Outlaw Super Late Models, compete in a 50 lap feature event. This will be the mid point of the season, and the rush will begin to solidify the drivers chase for the 2014 Championship. The Hanover Holiday OSCAAR Modifieds will be back and ready to tackle Kawartha Speedway in a 30 lap feature event. Round two of the Mini Stock Nationals will take place with a 30 lap feature event. The crowning of the first overall Mini Stock Nationals Champion will take place at the conclusion of the feature. If race fans missed it last year, well they will have a second chance in 2014. The Pro Dirt Late Models that normally compete at Brighton Speedway will once again leave the clay behind and hit the pavement. Last year all the drivers where learning, this year they are coming to race and chase the $500.00 first place prize money. This is the one time anywhere in Ontario that you will be able to witness this kind of racing. Fans could see drivers from New York and Pennsylvania in attendance in 2014.

The Summer Rush Group is very excited to be given the opportunity to promote not only the two top racing divisions in OSCAAR, but the Mini Stock Nationals, the Hurricane Midgets and the Dirt Late Models. As a group we are working hard to make this a great racing experience for all the drivers and all fans in attendance.

A large portion of the property will be available for vendors, promoters and product distributors.  Opportunities still remain available all inquiries can be sent to

For further updates please continue to monitor the OSCAAR website at  or Kawartha Speedway at

The Summer Rush Group

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Changes to the 2014 OSCAAR Hanover Holiday Modified Schedule

Changes to the 2014 OSCAAR Hanover Holiday Modified Schedule

For immediate release:

Plans are well under way for the 2014 season. As sometimes happens in life you have to be prepared for change.

This years’ Rick Woolner Memorial is switching venues in 2014. Although Rick had a great history at Varney Speedway he also enjoyed great success at Sauble Speedway. So when it came time to find a new home for the race in 2014, Sauble Speedway was the logical choice. The management at Sauble Speedway are honoured to have an opportunity to host this event in 2014. The fans are going to be treated to some great racing that night at the beach. Not only will fans enjoy modified time trials, heat races and the 50 lap Woolner Memorial feature. The Super Late Models will also be putting on a great night of racing ending with a 50 lap feature event. The ever popular Junior Late Models will also be competing that night.

A new highlight to the 2014 racing schedule is the OSCAAR Hanover Holiday Modified first ever trip to Capital City Speedway in Ottawa on July 5th. This event will be the first time that OSCAAR has promoted an event at this track and everyone in the series is looking forward to introducing the Ottawa fans to the series. Ottawa has a long history of modified racing dating back to the 70’s and 80’s when all the great open wheel drivers from Ontario, Quebec and New York competed at the track weekly. Joining the Modifieds will be the Lucas Oil sportsman series and the RevStar open wheel series out of Quebec. This will be the perfect opportunity for fans to take in some site seeing in our nation’s capital and enjoy a great night of racing after. (There is a rain date of Sunday July 6th if needed)


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OSCAAR Hanover Holiday Modifieds Rising Stars of the Series

OSCAAR Hanover Holiday Modifieds Rising Stars of the Series

By Dave Gainforth / OSCAAR – The 2014 race season will be the third anniversary of the formation of the OSCAAR modified series. In the past couple of years the series has solidified itself in the racing scene of Southern Ontario, so I thought it might be a good time to get some feedback from the drivers.

So I sat down and came up with five questions for each of them to answer. The next thing was who to choose? So I thought who better than to hear from four of the future stars of the Hanover Holidays Modified Series.

I decided to go with three drivers who have been here since the first race and little to no modified experience, Matt Barton (#2), Dave Terry (#14), Brad Pearsall (#1b). The final driver chosen has modified racing flowing through his veins Brent McLean (#7).

Part 1 with Matt Barton

_MG_6350Matt Barton: Matt came to the series back in 2012 with no prior Modified racing experience. Matt had found success in hurricane midgets and looked to transfer that over to the modified. From the first time the #2 hit the track it was evident that Matt and his family built team would be a serious contender each and every week. That first feature win is something that is still missing from his resume, but the heat wins and the consistency is there and most importantly his competitors know if they win, they will have to contend with the #2 to do it.

Question #1 What made you decide to race OSCAAR Modifieds?

Matt: There were a couple of factors that lead to the change. 1. We were looking to make a change in our racing program 2. After having a chance to review the rule book and the allowance of numerous chassis and engine combinations would give us the freedom to prepare the car with our own ideas. What people may not know we don’t buy a lot of parts we will make them ourselves, and that is a challenge my dad and I enjoy very much. 3. The tire rule was also a huge part of our choice, it allows us to race within our budget and go out and be competitive each week.

Question #2 What has been the biggest learning curve for you in this car?

Matt: The biggest thing for us and really every Modified team was tire management. With only being allowed one new tire a night I have to learn to manage my inventory and yet stay competitive. Behind the wheel I had to learn a new form of patience, when to press the issue and when to sit back. As a racer it is hard to not go for it all the time.

Question #3 Has OSCAAR lived up to your expectations and if you could have one wish what would that be?

Matt: A very simple answer to this question is YES. The growth in attendance of fans and new teams is more than any could have expected. To welcome a series sponsor in Hanover Holidays in 2014 after only two seasons of racing is unheard of. My one wish would be that as the series grows that new drivers would remember what was done to get this series to where it is today. I know as a racer we all have our own ideas on what is best for growth… but if it not broke don’t fix it.

Question #4 Where do you see yourself in the racing community in five years?

Matt: In five years it is very simply, I plan on being a part of the modified series. I hope my success on the track will catch a sponsors eye and I have the funding to compete for championships each year. But no matter what the #2 will be part of OSCAAR.

Question #5 What are your goals heading into the 2014 racing season?

Matt: Near the end of the 2013 racing season we found some real positive momentum, so our first goal it so maintain that and grow from it. Of course that first feature win would be great but we want to keep qualifying well and finish each and every race the best we can.

Part 2 with Davey Terry

IMG_5393As like everyone that has ever driven a race car the bug just never goes away. A prime example would be the driver of the #14 OSCAAR Modifieds, Dave Terry. Prior to joining the tour the young driver from Erin Ontario had experience in mini stocks, but had taken around a six year hiatus from the driver’s seat. The love of racing never left as Davey and his family could still be found at the races every week.

Since returning to driving full time Davey has enjoyed success, and some heart breaks along the way. In the previous two years he has not finished worse than third in the championship standings. They have enjoyed the thrill of victory in heat races, but like so many that first feature win has eluded the team so far.

Davey and his entire team have demonstrated the grit and determination that builds champions as they had to bounce back from a couple of hard wrecks in the 2013 season. One key part of this team’s success it the ability to keep having fun at the track each and every week. I asked Davey the same questions as the others and below are his thoughts of the OSCAAR Modifieds and his outlook on the future.

Question #1 What made you decide to race as part of the OSCAAR Modified Series?

Davey: The one and only main reason that we decided on the OSCAAR Modified was a pretty simple one. In my mind there is not a nicer looking race car out there than a tour mod. So when the chance came to buy one I simply couldn’t turn down the opportunity to have one in my shop. If fans are not familiar with Davey and his team, they have one of the nicest looking Modifieds on the tour. It always looks like it just rolled off the assembly line… in getting to know Davey over the past couple of years looking good means a lot to him.

Question #2 What has been the biggest learning curve for you in the car?

Davey: The biggest learning curve for myself and the team has been tire management from week to week. This is just not at the track but at the shop as well. With the tire rule that we have we keep very detailed records each week of the heat cycles and laps to ensure we are competitive each race. Also the challenge of getting the car to handle on older tires is a big challenge as with most teams we want to keep the sticker tires for the feature event. It is just one more big element to keep things interesting each week.

Question #3 Has OSCAAR lived up to your expectations, and if you could have one wish what would it be?

Davey: I would have to say that OSCAAR has met my expectations in the first two years. The weekly race procedures are very well organised and all the staff does an excellent job each and every week. Another big benefit would be all the great people I have met and established friendships with. Whether it be fans, drivers, or other team members, we have a lot of fun each week at the track. If I had one wish that would be for our race events to become even bigger. I want to see as many fans as possible at the track each and every week supporting both the Modifieds and the super late models.

Question #4 Where do you see yourself in the racing community in 5 years?

Davey: Well the number one thing on my list to try in the next five years would be to get behind the wheel of a super late model. But if I find myself not racing you will be able to find me participating in my other passion… tractor pulling. Editor’s note: I guess John Deere green is pretty close to Wasteco green…

Question #5 Goals heading into the 2014 racing season?

Davey: Well my goals are pretty simple and to the point 1. Win that first race; we have been so damn close so many times it gets frustrating sometimes. I know it is close and when it does happen there is going to be one heck of a party after. 2. My second goal is my team’s motto “we are going to have a damn good time trying”

Part 3 with Brad Pearsall

IMG_5932For the newer fans to racing here in Southern Ontario, you may not know the extensive racing experience that Brad has. Like a lot of young racers Brad’s racing career began in go karts before moving up to full size race cars. Brad’s first race car was a Thunder Car at Sunset Speedway. One thing to remember when Thunder Cars first started, there was three flags, green, red and checker and there were about 35 cars on the track at the same time. From there Brad moved up to the Limited Late Models in the Slick 50 #06 where he enjoyed his continued success. Brad even had a few starts in a Super Late Model before deciding to hang the helmet up for thirteen years.

With his extensive racing experience Brad and his team have been one of the teams at the fore front of the OSCAAR Modified series since its inception. I thought it would be interesting to hear from a driver that has tried all forms of racing his feelings on the series. Below are Brad’s thoughts.

Question #1 What made you decide to race in the OSCAAR Modified Series?

Brad: Well in 2011 I was looking to get back into racing, and I took a liking to the Modified style cars. At the time The MRE organised a few events at different tracks. I had the thought that creating a full touring Modified series would benefit the racing here in Ontario. At the time with the three different rule books they needed to get on the same page. The first person to put the bug in Dave’s ear was my dad Jim at the London Car show in March of 2011. Once the 2011 season was over I discussed it many times with Dave about creating a touring series to join the Super Late Models. Well he finally agreed to it in December of 2011, and May 2012, the first OSCAAR Modified race took place, and the series hasn’t stopped growing since.

Question #2 What has been the biggest learning curve for you in the modified?

Brad: The biggest thing for me after being out of the driver’s seat for thirteen years was getting back in the swing of things. With the OSCAAR Modifieds you are racing against some of the best drivers in Ontario and some with a ton of experience in Modifieds. You have to be on top of your game every time you hit the track. It also took some time to adjust racing a car with no fenders, it provides a totally different experience being in the driver’s seat and being able to see the front tires and suspension.

Question #3 Has OSCAAR lived up to your expectations, and if you could have one wish what would that be?

Brad: From the beginning of 2012 when OSCAAR Modifieds first hit the track, the excitement from fans, drivers and promoters has been great. Really what is not to like the cars are loud, fast and provide some of the best racing in Ontario. When this series started OSCAAR was faced with a huge task to bring all Modifieds under one rule book, which they managed to do. Race days are very well organised, all the OSCAAR staff do a great job each week at the track. I got a couple of things on my wish list. 1. I would like to see some longer feature events in the future 2. And one thing I think would be really cool is a topless race… lets remove the roofs and go racing boys!

Question #4 Where do you see yourself in the racing community in 5 years?

Brad: Well like most guys that race in Ontario, my goal is to get back in the seat of an OSCAAR Super Late Model. I still remember the horsepower and the fun from thirteen years ago, and want to try it again. I also need to be honest, I would also like to try some dirt racing of some sort. But my main goal in five years I want to be racing and having fun.

Question #5 What are your goals heading into the 2014 racing season?

Brad: Well right now we are searching for a sponsor to help our racing program. Without that we will be running a partial schedule this year. We have been hard at work in the shop this entire off season and with the help of Jeff Walt I have a complete new car from front to back. We may not be able to be at the track every week, but when we are the competition is going to have to deal with myself if they want that win!

Part 4 with Brent McLean

IMG_5344When people in racing thing modified drivers, well the first name that they will give you is McLean. People are very familiar with Gary, Brian, Aaron, but it is the youngest McLean that has been making a name for himself in the OSCAAR Modifieds in the past two years. Prior to join the modified ranks, Brent had success in the hurricane midget ranks. Since getting behind the wheel of the modified, Brent has enjoyed and accomplished great success in his #7 modified. Heat wins, feature wins, finishing second in the championship two years in a row, and most importantly the Rick Woolner Memorial win in 2012 makes for an impressive resume in his young racing career.

Brent and his team have also been great ambassadors for the series. As they travel to the states they are always quick to tell all the drivers about the OSCAAR Modified series here in Ontario. Brent is not ready to sit back and let other drivers share the spot light, he is ready to solidify his name in the OSCAAR Modified record books.

Question #1 What made you decide to race with the OSCAAR Modifieds?

Brent: Well to be honest modified racing is the only form of racing I know and love. My family has been involved since the 80’s so it was only natural for me to follow in that direction. When OSCAAR decided to start the sanction the Modifieds, I knew that this would give this class of car the respect that had been lacking for so many years. I wanted to be a part of the series that brought the Modifieds back to life.

Question #2 What has been the biggest learning curve for you in this car?

Brent: Well I have to agree with all the other drivers, it is very simply tire management. With the tire rule that we have it helps keep the cost down in racing which is good. However it really keeps every team on their toes, with tire management. I think it adds a real interesting element to the racing each week.

Question #3 Has OSCAAR lived up to your expectations? And if you could have one wish what would it be?

Brent: I knew that when OSCAAR name was added to the Modifieds it would be successful. I didn’t think that it would have happened this quickly. In years prior we would have 5-10 cars showing up for a race. In two short years we have full fields of top quality modified teams. You cannot ask for more than that. If I had one wish it would be to have all the teams on the 602 crate motor program. I only say this cause we all know the cost of racing, and how important it is to keep the costs down, in order for teams to be able to race.

Question #4 Where do you see yourself in the racing community in 5 years?

Brent: Well in 2013 we brought the super late model to several shows. It created a very busy and hectic night but I do love racing those cars. I can see myself doing more of that in the years to come. Perhaps to contest for a super late model championship after I got my name on the Modified champion’s trophy. It would be pretty cool to be the first driver to have a championship in both the mods and the supers. I would also love to do some more ROC touring modified races. I guess the simple answer would have been I will still be racing in five years.

Question #5 What are your teams goals for 2014?

Brent: That is a simple question, I want and my team want the championship. Anything else and we just won’t be satisfied. I have enjoyed the success we have had so far, I am very proud to win the Woolner Memorial but I want that trophy in my shop for a year.

I would like to thank, Matt, Davey, Brad and Brent for taking the time to do these interviews. I hope you the fans have enjoyed hearing from the rising stars of the series. Please stay tuned to as we will be highlighting the 2014 rookies for the Super Late and Modified series.

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OSCAAR Modifieds Announce Hanover Holidays As Title Sponsor

OSCAAR Modifieds Announce Hanover Holidays As Title Sponsor

For Immediate Release: January 2, 2014

The OSCAAR Modified  drivers, car owners and teams are very excited to announce that Hanover Holidays as the official title sponsor of the series in 2014.

Hanover Holidays has been providing residents of Ontario the finest in motor coach tours since 1974. Through out the years as the company continued to grow their focus has never changed, the people that they happily serve each and every day.

The management team at Hanover Holidays would be happy to discuss any travel plans to the many unique destinations they offer. Whether you are looking to escape the cold of winter, or planning a great summer holiday, Hanover Holidays will be there to serve you.

The sponsorship is the perfect match with the OSCAAR Modifieds as the young series continues to grow and live by the same theory, keeping the race fans happy each and every week.

OSCAAR would like to welcome Jim and Diane Diebel and all employees of Hanover Holidays to their series and look forward to representing their name for the 2014 race season.

All race fans are encouraged to view the Hanover Holiday website, at and plan their next well deserved holiday.

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OSCAAR Modifieds Season Preview: 2014 Schedule Released

OSCAAR Modifieds Season Preview: 2014 Schedule Released

The 2014 season is quickly approaching and all teams are hard at work on the shop preparing for the biggest season yet in modified racing.

In just two short years drivers and fans have brought modified racing back to the forefront of racing in Southern Ontario. No other series in Canada has seen this kind of growth in such a short period of time and it only going to continue in 2014.

Sunset Speedway was the host for the very first OSCAAR Modified series event back in May 2012. It is also the site that currently holds the record for car count, as 26 modifieds started the feature at last year’s Velocity Weekend.  It is also the track that the first American competed with the OSCAAR Modifieds. The final distinction it holds is the youngest driver Dustin Jones at age 14 took his first green flag of his OSCAAR career.

Sunset has continued to show its support for the series by having the OSCAAR Modifieds at the track five times in 2014. The series will start off their third season joining the super late models on May18th for a 30 lap feature event.  Although the spot light maybe on the super late models for the Bierderman Memorial weekend, the Modified drivers will be sure to put on some great wheel to wheel action on both days of competition on June 28th -29th.  After a long summer of racing the modifieds will once again tackle Sunset Speedway on August 23rd in preparation of the upcoming Velocity Weekend on Saturday September 27th and 28th  

The OSCAAR Modifieds have only had a chance to compete on the fast Kawartha Speedway  once in each of the past two seasons. Well 2014 that is all going to change as the modifieds will be tackling the speedway not once but twice. The first opportunity will be early in the season on June 1st as the mods will join the super lates and the mini stock nationals for a 25 laps feature event. Sunday July 13th is shaping up to be one of the biggest racing events of the summer at Kawartha Speedway. Not only will fans witness the super lates, the mini stocks, and the pro dirt late models, the OSCAAR Modifieds will be looking to build off the green to checker run of last year’s feature event.

The first of two stops at Peterborough Speedway in 2014 will occur on August 2nd as part of the touring series Chase for the Colours. As with the super lates this year’s feature winner and second place will be guaranteed a starting spot for the prestigious Autumn Colours of no worse than 5th and 6th.  This will be the only time for teams to test and prepare for the annual Thanksgiving weekend Classic in which the 2014 season champion will be crowned.

When you bring the OSCAAR Modifieds to Barrie Speedway you can be assured of some close quarters racing. Combine a very tight ¼ mile track, open wheels and the desire to win fans will be treated to some good old school “rubbin is racing”. Fans will not want to miss June 14th as the modifieds will make their only stop of the year at Barrie Speedway.

July means only two things 1. Sunshine and hot temperatures  2.  OSCAAR Modifieds are heading to Sauble Beach. On July 26th the OSCAAR Modified Drivers will leave the relaxing beach and head to the track for a 30 lap feature event.

The only Friday night event in 2014 will take place on August 15th at Delaware Speedway.  Always a favorite with the drivers the fast yet tricky track always provides some great racing action. This year the OSCAAR Modified Drivers will be able to showcase their talent to a standing room only crowd as they share the stage with the stars of the ISMA Super Modified Series.

The most prestigious event that every modified driver wants is the Rick Woolner Memorial Championship. 2013 saw the event grow into a two day event with the Prelude to the Memorial Saturday and the Memorial on Sunday. With both events full points paying shows and the ultra fast and tight confines of Varney Speedway, it really is a racing spectacle to witness this event.  Last year’s event paid out over $1900.00 to the winner and over $500.00 to start making it the biggest event in modified series history, fans will want to circle September 13th and 14th on their calendars.

Open wheel fans can rest assured that the 2014 season will again provide the great racing action that people expect for the OSCAAR Modifieds

News and Notes: As of right now three Rookie of the Year Candidates have registered : Gary Elliott (#36) has recently purchased his new modified , Drew Stieler (#99) is preparing for his first season , Dustin Jackson (#61) at 15 years of age is ready to showcase his talent.  JR Fitzparick (#84) is putting the finishing touches on his new mod and Mike Westwood (#91) busy preparing his new ride, Chad Strawn (#77) will compete for his first OSCAAR Modified Championship in 2014, Adam Adams (#51) is set to return to action in 2014.

2014 OSCAAR Mods Schedule


May 2014

*May 11                  Sunset Speedway – Practice

*May 18                  Sunset Speedway (30 laps) – Opening Day

June 2014

*June 1                   Kawartha Speedway  (25 laps)

*June 14                 Barrie Speedway (30 laps)

*June 28                 Sunset Speedway (30 laps)

*June 29                 Sunset Speedway (30 laps)

July 2014

*July 13                  Kawartha Speedway (30 laps)

*July 26                  Sauble Speedway (30 laps)

August 2014

*August 2               Peterborough Speedway (30 laps) chase for the colours

August 15             Delaware Speedway (25 laps)

* August 23             Sunset Speedway  (30 laps)

September 2014

September 13         Varney Speedway – Prelude to Rick Woolner Memorial (30 laps)

September 14          Varney Speedway – Rick Woolner Memorial ( 50 laps)

September 2           Sunset Speedway – Qualifying

*September 28        Sunset Speedway ( 40 laps)

October 2014

*October 10-11        Peterborough Speedway – Qualifying

*October 12            Peterborough Speedway – Autumn Colours (50 laps)

*     In conjunction with the Super Late Models


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Mini Stock Nationals Added To OSCAAR Kawartha Events

Mini Stock Nationals Added To OSCAAR Kawartha Events

For Immediate release: In the upcoming 2014 race season there will be two dates that every mini stock driver in Ontario will want to circle on their calendar, June 1st and July13th.

For the first time in series history OSCAAR will sanction the Mini Stock Nationals at Kawartha Speedway.  OSCAAR series president Dave Gainforth states “ the drivers that race mini stocks are the future of our sport, so what better way to highlight this great form of racing than giving those drivers a chance to showcase their talent alongside the OSCAAR Modifieds and the OSCAAR Super Late Models”.

The drivers will not only be competing for the $500.00 first place prize money in the 30 lap feature event, there has been an added incentive to the drivers. Each driver will be representing their home track and the highest driver in each of the feature events from their home track will receive an additional $50.00. If a mini stock driver does not have a home track they can register as an outlaw for these two events.

Drivers will also be competing to have the best overall finish between the two feature events. The top three drivers that have the best overall finish will receive an additional $50.00 bonus.

The rules for these two races will follow very closely to those used at the two year end specials at Sunset and Peterborough Speedway, and will be posted in the new year on the OSCAAR website at  The race events will follow the same qualifying procedures used in the both the modifieds and super late models.

The purse break down will be as follows

1st $500, 2nd $450, 3rd $400, 4th 350, 5th 225, 6th-9th $175.00, 10th-15th 150, 16th- 18th 125, 19th-24th 100

Depending on car count up to 32 cars could start the feature event. All cars not making the feature will receive $50.00 in tow money.

In order to reserve your number drivers are encouraged to preregister with OSCAAR via email at

OSCAAR looks forward to working with all mini stock drivers in 2014, and helping showcase one of the most exciting classes of racing in Ontario.

Marketing opportunities are still available for these events, if interested please email Dave at

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OSCAAR PR: Rain Forces Autumn Colours Postponement; Lineups Set

OSCAAR PR: Rain Forces Autumn Colours Postponement; Lineups Set

Peterborough, ON – ‘Super Sunday’ at Peterborough Speedway’s 21st annual Autumn Colours Classic has been pushed back a day due to heavy rain at the race track Sunday afternoon.

The full day of feature races, including 50-lap main events for both the OSCAAR Super Late Models and Modifieds, has been postponed until Monday.

Racing will get underway at 11:00am. Spectator and competitor gates are scheduled to open at 9:00am. All previously held wristbands and tickets from Sunday’s event will be honoured on Monday.

Just 27 laps of competition were run in the thunder car race before the skies opened up. Track officials tried repeatedly to dry the track before making the call to postpone the day’s events at 4:00pm.

The feature line-ups are set for both of the OSCAAR features set to run Monday afternoon.

Brandon Watson (No.9) and Andrew Gresel (No.81) are locked in to the front row for the Super Late Model main event after finishing first and second, respectively, at the Chase for the Colours event on August 3.

J.R. Fitzpatrick (No.27), a heat winner on Saturday, will start third after drawing the top spot in the invert on Sunday morning. Derrick Tiemersma (No.7) will start outside row two as he looks for his first win in three calendar years.

Brad Corcoran (No.05) will anchor the fifth spot on the starting grid in search of his first tour win in the fourth start for his Junior Hanley-prepared Outlaw body.

Shawn McGlynn (No.81x) will make his first start of the 2013 season.

Brandon Watson has clinched the 2013 championship with one race remaining and will officially be crowned the champion at the conclusion of the race.

On the modified side of the coin, Gary McLean (No.8) and Shane Stickel (No.39) will start first and second, respectively, after finishing the same way at the same Chase event on August 3.

After being guaranteed his starting spot, Stickel elected to arrive Saturday instead of Friday, using the heat races as a test session and ran at the tail of the field for the majority of the race.

After winning a heat race Saturday, Matt Barton (No.2) will start third after pulling the top spot in the redraw. Mike Westwood (No.91) will start to his outside in the fourth spot as he attempts to earn his first podium finish with the tour in his rookie season.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON native Justin Jones (No.92) will start fifth in his third start with the tour this season.

Fellow ‘Soo’ natives Nick Kozak (No.00) and 13 year-old Dustin Jackson (No.61) will also compete in the main event. Jackson is making his second start with OSCAAR and second in his open-wheel modified career.

Tonawanda, NY native Andy Jankowiak (No.57x) is expected to file entry to his second OSCAAR event to bring the total car count to 23 on the weekend, although he has not officially completed the registration process.

Tommy Robb (No.12) will make his modified debut on Sunday. Robb is a Limited Late Model regular at Varney Speedway Motorplex.

Mike Ford (No.4) makes his third appearance of the season. He last competed at Varney on September 14.

Modified sophomore Tim Burke (No.99x) makes his return to the tour after a year-long absence and will start 11th.

Gary McLean has clinched his second-consecutive OSCAAR championship and will be officially crowned the champion following Monday’s 50-lap feature, which will conclude the day’s racing action.

OSCAAR Super Late Model 50-Lap Feature – Starting Line-Up (22 Entries as of 10:00pm 13/10/13)

1. 9 Brandon Watson; 2. 81 Andrew Gresel; 3. 27 J.R. Fitzpatrick; 4. 7 Derrick Tiemersma; 5. 05 Brad Corcoran; 6. 7m Brent McLean; 7. 77 George Wilson; 8. 10 Jesse Kennedy; 9. 39 Shane Gowan; 10. 7T Jeff Dunford; 11. 13 Gary Passer; 12. 48 Dwayne Baker; 13. 22 Glenn Watson; 14. 81x Shawn McGlynn; 15. 42 Tyler Hawn; 16. 07 Todd Campbell; 17. 19 Ed Bowlby; 18. 63 Jim Bowman; 19. 82 Corey Jones; 20. 2 John Owen; 21. 551 Quinn Misener; 22. 57 Craig Stevenson.

OSCAAR Modfieds 50-Lap Feature – Starting Line-Up (22 Entries as of 10:00pm 13/10/13)

1. 8 Gary McLean; 2. 39 Shane Stickel; 3. 2 Matt Barton; 4. 91 Mike Westwood; 5. 92 Justin Jones; 6. 46 Darren Kearnan; 7. 7 Brent McLean; 8. 38 Brad Pearsall; 9. 11 Dave Osborne; 10. 00 Nick Kozak; 11. 99x Tim Burke; 12. 47 Brian McLean; 13. 14 Davey Terry; 14. 79 John Harper; 15. 19 Dean Scott; 16. 12 Tommy Robb; 17. 82 Justin Demelo; 18. 4 Mike Ford; 19. 13 Bobby Tolton; 20. 61 Dustin Jackson; 21. 88 Ryan Dick; 22. 77 Brad Stevenson (NS).

OSCAAR Racing is presented by a number of dedicated sponsors throughout Ontario, including: Knightworks Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, Klotz Synthetics Canada,, Dave Franks Photos, Dickson Printing, Finishline Fabrication, McColl Racing Enterprises, McGunegill Engine Performance, Stefko Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels,, RaceTime Radio, Inside Track Motorsport News, Jenco Equipment, Midas of Orangeville, Reinhart Trailer Sales, North Toronto Auctions, and South Shore Services.

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia) – OSCAAR Media and Public Relations


Photo Credit: Dan Little Jr.

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Gary McLean Wins Rick Woolner Memorial at Sunset

Gary McLean Wins Rick Woolner Memorial at Sunset

Stroud, ON – Gary McLean (No.8 McLean Industrial Design) claimed his 10th career Rick Woolner Memorial win on Sunday afternoon, but the first at Sunset Speedway.

The event, which honours the late Rick Woolner who passed away in 1999 from lung cancer, is traditionally held at Varney Speedway Motorplex, but after the event was rained out on September 15, it was moved to Sunset.

McLean earned the pole for the race by winning Klotz Canada heat race number one on Saturday afternoon and would see sophomore driver Davey Terry (No.14 Wasteco) start to his outside after Terry claimed the in heat two.

The 40-lap feature got off to a clean start with a series-record 25 cars taking the green flag. McLean jumped out to the early lead but had Terry in tow as he sought his first career win with the series.

The top-five cars were ultra-competitive as McLean and Terry were trailed by Brent McLean (No.7 Bowmanville Home Building Centre), Justin Jones (No.92), and Shane Stickel (No.39 MSD Machine Tool).

Contact between Stickel and Justin Demelo (No.82 EMCO Waterworks) on lap eight shuffled Stickel back five positions to the middle of the pack.

At lap 14, rookie driver Mike Westwood (No.91 Stryker Chassis) spun on the backstretch. 13 year-old Dustin Jackson (No.61), who was making his OSCAAR debut, was the beneficiary of the yellow as he received the lucky dog award.

Stickel bounced back from the contact and began to move back towards the top-five when the caution flew on lap 19 as Brad Pearsall (No.1B Performance Signs) rolled to a stop in turn four. Originally thought to be a flat tire, Pearsall’s problems proved worse as the team would pull behind the wall to end the race.

One lap after the field got up to speed, contact was made in turn two between a pair of drivers, resulting in a flat left-front tire to Brent McLean. After Brent spun in turn two, Branden Bullen (No.67jr Alliston Transmission) spun on the backstretch in the midst of the incident, collecting Matt Barton (No.2 MDB Racecars) who had nowhere to go. Fortunately, all cars returned to the track.

The following restart would see Stickel fall off the pace, despite restarting just outside the top-five. Stickel would remain on track for the final half of the race, but clearly underpowered.

Another caution flew at lap 29 when Brian McLean (No.47 Bowmanville Home Building Centre) and Bobby Tolton spun in turn two, and again at lap 32 when Dave Osborne (No.11 O’Neil’s Farm Equipment) spun alone in the same spot.

The pair of cautions benefitted Max Beyore (No.91N) well as he had raced his way in to the top-ten and was given the opportunity to strike for the top-five. Beyore did just that, getting the better of Jones on the lap 29 restart.

With five laps to go, it was clear the race was for second as Gary McLean had checked out from the rest of the field.

The yellow was on display again at lap 36 when Brian McLean rolled to a stop with a flat left-front tire.

One lap following the restart, near contact between Terry and Beyore forced the field to check-up down the backstretch. Monty Kelly (No.96k At A Glance Printing) got the worst of the backlog as he was sent hard in to the outside wall.

The impact resulted in heavy damage to the right-front suspension of Kelly’s car, who had been running eighth at the time. Kelly had bounced back from a wreck in to the frontstretch wall on Saturday to run in the top-ten before ending his night.

The final restart yielded a green-white-checkered finish and Gary McLean sealed the victory.

Beyore completed the pass by Terry on the final restart to earn the second spot, while Terry finished third for his first podium finish of the year.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. native Justin Jones held on to the fourth spot in his second start with the tour this year.

Tonawanda, NY native Andy Jankowiak (No.57x) made series history as the first American driver to start with the OSCAAR Modified tour and earned a fifth-place finish after starting 24th.

Matt Barton battled back from his spin to finish sixth while Brent McLean, Darryn Wright (No.62 Future Pro Goalie School), Branden Bullen, and Bobby Tolton complete the top-ten.

The OSCAAR Modified tour is back in action next Saturday for their second and final trip to Flamboro Speedway as part of the track’s Oktoberfest event. For more information, visit

Results: Rick Woolner Memorial (40 Laps) – Sunset Speedway (Starting Position in Parentheses)

1. 8 Gary McLean (1); 2. 91N Max Beyore (21); 3. 14 Davey Terry (2); 4. 92 Justin Jones (5); 5. 57x Andy Jankowiak (24); 6. 2 Matt Barton (15); 7. 7 Brent McLean (3); 8. 62 Darryn Wright (13); 9. 67 Branden Bullen (6); 10. 13 Bobby Tolton (22); 11. 91 Mike Westwood (10); 12. 34 Billy Zardo III (9); 13. 88 Ryan Dick (18); 14. 47 Brian McLean (12); 15. 61 Dustin Jackson (20); 16. 19 Dean Scott (25); 17. 11 Dave Osborne (17); 18. 39 Shane Stickel (4); 19. 96k Monty Kelly (23) (DNF); 20. 77 Chad Strawn (11) (DNF); 21. 82 Justin Demelo (8) (DNF); 22. 38 Rod Sauder (14) (DNF); 23. 1B Brad Pearsall (7) (DNF); 24. 79 John Harper (16) (DNF); 25. 48 Ted Patterson (19) (DNF).

Specialty Award Winners

Prelude to the Memorial Winner’s Bonus: Jim Brown Trucking ($250) (Sept. 14) – Gary McLean

Memorial Winner’s Bonus: Mike Allen ($250) – Gary McLean

Top Qualifier: Wasteco ($150) – Gary McLean

Most Laps Led (Both Races): Wasteco ($100) – Gary McLean (70 Laps)

Halfway Leader: Engines From Hal ($100) – Gary McLean

Highest Finishing Rookie (Both Races): Sheila Eccles of Craig McDonald Reddon Insurance ($50) – Sept. 14: Shane Stickel. Sept. 29: Branden Bullen.

Hard Luck Award: Bentinck Motors ($250) – Monty Kelly

Best Appearing Car: Knightworks Design ($100) – Davey Terry

Long-Haul Award: McLean Industrial Design Ltd. ($50) – Justin Jones

The OSCAAR Modified tour is presented by a number of dedicated sponsors throughout Ontario, including: Knightworks Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, Klotz Synthetics Canada,, Dave Franks Photos, Dickson Printing, Finishline Fabrication, McColl Racing Enterprises, McGunegill Engine Performance, Stefko Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels,, RaceTime Radio, Inside Track Motorsport News, Jenco Equipment, Midas of Orangeville, Reinhart Trailer Sales, North Toronto Auctions, and South Shore Services.

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia) – OSCAAR Media and Public Relations


Photo Credit: Dan Little Jr.

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OSCAAR Preview: Rick Woolner Memorial Moved to Sunset

OSCAAR Preview: Rick Woolner Memorial Moved to Sunset

After Mother Nature spoiled the party at Varney Speedway Motorplex two weeks ago and forced the postponement of the Rick Woolner Memorial, the event is set to run this weekend at Sunset Speedway. The commemorative event in honour of Rick Woolner, who passed away form lung cancer in 1999, will be a 40-lap feature race Sunday afternoon. The race has been shortened by 10 laps in order to fit the race in to the busy Velocity weekend schedule.

Heat race starting positions for the Memorial were determined following the results of the Prelude to the Memorial on Saturday September 14. The heat race starting order will stand, with new cars being added to the tail of the field.

Current points leader Gary McLean (No.8) is coming off a win in the Prelude at his home track two weekends ago. It was the best possible rebound after a hard wreck at Flamboro on September 8 threatened McLean’s hopes for a second consecutive OSCAAR title. However, the Conn, Ont. driver thrashed to have his car ready at Varney, and with two more weeks to prepare the car, look for McLean to be eager for win two at Sunset this season.

OSCAAR sophomore pilot Davey Terry (No.14) had perhaps his best performance of the season at Varney, time trialing second-quick at the ¼-mile bullring and battling for a fourth-place finish in the 30-lap feature. Terry is looking to turn his luck around at Sunset this year to get on the podium in the final trip to the Innisfil, Ont. oval.

Currently tied for the rookie points lead, Shane Stickel (No.39) had an impressive 6th-place finish in his first ever start at Varney, earning top-rookie honours. Consecutive top-ten finishes have Stickel in the mix to take over the rookie lead for the first time this season. He will have stiff competition from youngster Branden Bullen (No.67jr) who has led the rookie standings since July, but finds himself in a tie with three races remaining. Bullen is looking to bounce back from a tough race at Varney, which included a pair of spins in his first trip to the tricky oval.

Bobby Tolton (No.13) returned to action two weeks ago and finished the night with a solid ninth-place result. If Tolton can replicate the performance at Sunset, he should be in top-five contention as he was before being caught in a last lap incident on June 30.

Bowmanville Home Building Centre teammates Brian (No.47) and Brent McLean (No.7) are coming off second- and third-place finishes, respectively, at Varney. Brian, who also won at Flamboro to start the month, will look to avenge the mechanicals failures he’s experienced at Sunset this year, while Brent will look to pick-up his third victory of the season after winning at Barrie and Sunset already. Brent is the defending winner of the Rick Woolner Memorial.

The OSCAAR Modifieds will run their sole set of heat races on Saturday afternoon before their 40-lap feature on Sunday evening. The Saturday portion of the event features qualifying heats for the Limited Late Models, Super Stocks, and Mini Stocks, as well as complete shows for the Hurricane Midgets, Pro Challenge series, and Canadian Vintage Modifieds. Racing starts on Saturday at 4:00pm and at 1:30pm on Sunday.

For a full schedule of events, including practice times, for this weekend’s two-day event at Sunset Speedway, please visit

For directions to Sunset Speedway, follow the following link:!

Saturday Tickets (Spectator Gates Open at 2:30pm): Adults – $18, Students/Seniors – $13.

Sunday Tickets (Spectator Gates open at 12:00pm): Adults – $35, Students/Seniors – $30.

The OSCAAR Super Late Model tour is presented by a number of dedicated sponsors throughout Ontario, including: Knightworks Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, Klotz Synthetics Canada,, Dave Franks Photos, Dickson Printing, Finishline Fabrication, McColl Racing Enterprises, McGunegill Engine Performance, Stefko Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels,, RaceTime Radio, Inside Track Motorsport News, Jenco Equipment, Midas of Orangeville, Reinhart Trailer Sales, North Toronto Auctions, and South Shore Services.

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia) – OSCAAR Media and Public Relations


Photo Credit: Dan Little Jr.

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Gary McLean Wins Night One at Varney

Gary McLean Wins Night One at Varney

Varney, ON – Gary McLean (No.8 McLean Industrial Design) bounced back from a rough outing last Sunday to earn a win on night one of the 2013 Rick Woolner Memorial Saturday night at Varney Speedway Motorplex.

The veteran driver and nine-time winner of the Memorial race set the quick time in time trials to put himself on the pole for Klotz Canada qualifying heat race one. The win in the heat race would translate to the pole position for the 30-lap main event.

Starting inside the front row for the main event of the evening on a frigid September night, Gary was able to hold off cousin Brian McLean (No.47 Bowmanville Home Building Centre) for the entire 30 laps as the two ran first and second, respectively, all night long.

The win is Gary’s fourth of the 2013 season and comes after the team fought back from a wicked wreck last week at Flamboro Speedway. With the win, Gary receives a $250 bonus courtesy of Jim Brown Trucking.

The race was slowed by caution periods four times, with the first coming on lap 13 when Justin Jones (No.92 Superior Maple) spun in turn four.

No sooner had the green flag dropped on the following restart, Branden Bullen (No.67 Alliston Transmission) and Darryn Wright (No.62 Future Pro Goalie School) got tangled on the frontstretch before another lap was complete.

Davey Terry (No.14 Wasteco) used the ensuing restart to get underneath Brian McLean for the second position. Terry ducked beneath the No.47 on lap 14, but the two made light contact on the frontstretch, which forced Terry to the infield grass.

Terry was able to gather his car back to the racing surface, but not before falling back to seventh. The Erin, Ont.-based driver would fight his way back to a fourth-place finish.

The third yellow of the night came on lap 23 when Jones spun in turn three. The Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. driver was under heavy fire when he attempted to yield the bottom lane to race leader Gary Mclean, but got the car in to the marbles in the process.

The restart gave Brian McLean his best chance at overtaking the top spot, but it was not meant to be. Brian explained following the race a problem with his right-front shock hurt the car’s performance through the corner.

The final yellow flag of the night came on lap 29 just as the field had taken the white flag when Dean Scott (No.19 Little Tracks Petting Zoo) spun in to the turn four grass.

The fourth yellow of the night led to a single lap dash to the finish, where Gary would hold off Brian for the victory. Brent McLean would finish third to complete the all-McLean podium for the second time in OSCAAR history at Varney.

Terry would finish fourth, narrowly edging Monty Kelly (No.96k At a Glance Screen Printing) who completed the top-five.

Shane Stickel (No.39 MSD Machine Tool) was the top finishing rookie with a sixth-place finish, receiving a $50 bonus courtesy of Sheila Eccles of Craig McDonald Reddon Insurance.

The OSCAAR Modified tour is back in action on Sunday afternoon at Varney Speedway Motorplex for night two and the 50-lap Rick Woolner Memorial. Racing begins at 4:00pm.

Results: Rick Woolner Memorial Night One – 30 Lap Feature (Starting Position in Parentheses)

1. 8 Gary McLean (1); 2. 47 Brian McLean (2); 3. 7 Brent McLean (3); 4. 14 Davey Terry (4); 5. 96k Monty Kelly (5); 6. 39 Shane Stickel (7); 7. 1B Brad Pearsall (8); 8. 48 Ted Patterson (10); 9. 13 Bobby Tolton (11); 10. 67jr Branden Bullen (12); 11. 19 Dean Scott (9); 12. 88 Ryan Dick (13); 13. 92 Justin Jones (15); 14. 91 Mike Westwood (6) (DNF); 15. 62 Darryn Wright (16) (DNF); 16. 79 John Harper (14) (DNF); 17. 4 Mike Ford (17) (DNF); 18. 22 Rob Fennema (DNS).

Time Trial Results

1. Gary McLean (Conn, ON) 12.575 seconds; 2. 14 Davey Terry (Erin, ON) 12.663; 3. 7 Brent McLean (Conn, ON) 12.724; 4. 47 Brian McLean (Conn, ON) 12.767; 5. 96k Monty Kelly (Mitchell, ON) 12.799; 6. 1b Brad Pearsall (Gilford, ON) 12.888; 7. 39 Shane Stickel (Kitchener, ON) 12.973; 8. 91 Mike Westwood (Milton, ON) 13.065; 9. 19 Dean Scott (Woodstock, ON) 13.264; 10. 48 Ted Patterson (Mount Forest, ON) 13.345; 11. 13 Bobby Tolton (Guelph, ON) 13.404; 14. 67jr Branden Bullen (Bradford, ON) 13.719; 15. 92 Justin Jones (Sault Ste. Marie, ON) 13.858; 16. 4 Mike Ford (Walkerton, ON) 14.717. No Time: 22 Rob Fennema (Harrow, ON); 62 Darryn Wright (Watford, ON).

Klotz Synthetics Qualifying Heat Results

Heat 1 (Odd Qualifiers to Determine Odd Number Starting Positions)

1. 8 Gary McLean; 2. 7 Brent McLean; 3. 96k Monty Kelly; 4. 39 Shane Stickel; 5. 19 Dean Scott; 6. 13 Bobby Tolton; 7. 88 Ryan Dick; 8. 92 Justin Jones; 9. 22 Rob Fennema (DNS).

Heat 2 (Even Qualifiers to Determing Even Number Starting Positons)

1. 47 Brian McLean; 2. 14 Davey Terry; 3. 91 Mike Westwood; 4. 1B Brad Pearsall; 5. 48 Ted Patterson; 6 67jr Branden Bullen; 7. 79 John Harper; 8. 62 Darryn Wright; 9. 4 Mike Ford.

The OSCAAR Modified tour is presented by a number of dedicated sponsors throughout Ontario, including: Knightworks Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, Klotz Synthetics Canada,, Dave Franks Photos, Dickson Printing, Finishline Fabrication, McColl Racing Enterprises, McGunegill Engine Performance, Stefko Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels,, RaceTime Radio, Inside Track Motorsport News, Jenco Equipment, Midas of Orangeville, Reinhart Trailer Sales, North Toronto Auctions, and South Shore Services.

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia) – OSCAAR Media and Public Relations


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OSCAAR Modifieds Invade Varney for Rick Woolner Memorial

OSCAAR Modifieds Invade Varney for Rick Woolner Memorial

Durham, ON – The OSCAAR Modified tour is set for its biggest weekend of the 2013 season, and biggest in the series history. Accordingly, the 15th annual Rick Woolner Memorial weekend will also be the biggest in the event’s history.

This weekend marks the second time the event has been run under OSCAAR sanctioning, and the second race format in the same time period. For the first time in the events history, the event will feature a preliminary 30-lap event on Saturday night before the 50-lap Memorial on Sunday evening.

For the second time this season, OSCAAR Modified drivers will have to time trial to set heat race lineups for Saturday night’s full points event. Heat race results will set the line-up for the 30-lap feature. Saturday’s feature results will set the line-up for Sunday’s heats and the starting lineup for the 50-lap memorial will emerge from the final set of heat races.

The best Ontario Modified drivers are expected to be on display this weekend to honour one of the most proficient open-wheel pilots in Ontario`s history.

Series points leader and nine-time Woolner Memorial winner Gary McLean (No.8 McLean Industrial Design) took the worst of a lap nine wreck at Flamboro last week. The front steering components, among other parts, appeared to be completely destroyed. This week’s Memorial, however, is personal for the most accomplished tour driver, so the team will be eager to rebound and earn the 10th career memorial win which eluded them last season.

After being in commanding control last week, Brent McLean (No.7) suffered heartbreak when the pan-hard bar broke with five laps remaining on his Bowmanville Home Building Centre sponsored Troyer. The defending Woolner Memorial champion, Brent is looking for win three on the season and hopes to further reduce the 28-point gap for the championship with four races remaining, including this weekend. Look for the third-year modified pilot to be on his A-game this weekend.

Davey Terry (No.14 Wasteco) sits third in the championship standings, and after being collected in an incident on lap six last week, will look to avenge his DNF this weekend. Terry quickly became a fan of Varney in his two stops at the speedway last year and is eager to finish on the podium in the high-profile event. Look for Terry to bring his best piece this week.

Rookie contender Shane Stickel (No.39 MSD Machine Tool) survived the lap nine melée at Flamboro with minimal cosmetic damage to the car’s nose, allowing him to finish fourth. Stickel closed the gap on Branden Bullen (No.67jr Alliston Transmission) for the rookie points lead last weekend, and with a pair of good finishes this weekend, could take over the lead.

Speaking of Bullen, the second-generation driver persevered through a tough set of circumstances, including a disaligned tow and flat right-front tire on Sunday night. Saturday will mark Bullen’s first-career start at Varney in an open-wheel modified, but once the high-school student gets his feet wet, look for him to battle near the front.

Justin Demelo (No.82 EMCO Waterworks) will make his first OSCAAR start at Varney this weekend. Demelo donated his fifth-place winnings from last Sunday at Flamboro to this weekend’s race purse in honour of Rick Woolner. Demelo has two wins with the tour this year, but battled various issues last week. Expect the EMCO team to be back up to speed this weekend and near the top of the speed charts for time trials after setting a new track record at Delaware earlier this year.

Mike Westwood (No.91 Stryker Chassis) may hold an advantage entering this weekend’s event. The Milton, Ont. driver has piloted a Varney Outlaw Pro-Four modified throughout the year, and has turned the most open-wheel laps at Varney of anybody in the OSCAAR field this year. Look for Westwood to use the edge and earn his first OSCAAR podium finish this weekend.

Brian McLean (No.47 Bowmanville Home Building Centre) is coming off his second career OSCAAR win last weekend at Flamboro. Brian, who also won at Peterborough Speedway in 2012, is a multi-time winner of the event and would like to complete the hat-trick. If he can replicate his performance from five days ago, expect the eldest McLean to be in contention.

After earning his career-best second-place finish last weekend, Dave Osborne (No.11 O`Neil`s Farm Equipment) will be in action on Sunday night. Osborne will attend to his duties as track preparation manager at Ohsweken Speedway on Saturday night, but is eager to make his first Woolner Memorial start under OSCAAR sanctions.

The OSCAAR and Ontario racing communities have come together to make the Rick Woolner Memorial the biggest race in Ontario Modified history. Between individual lap sponsors and specialty awards, an additional $3000 has been awarded to the weekend purse.

Knightworks Design will award an additional $100 to the best appearing car for the weekend, as voted by the fans. Fans will receive ballots at the racetrack on Saturday to vote for their favourite car, with the winner being announced on Sunday afternoon.

Wasteco will present $150 to the top-qualifier in Sunday`s main event and $100 to the driver who leads the most feature laps over the course of the weekend.

Jim Brown Trucking has increased the winner’s share of Saturday’s purse by $250, while Mike Allen has increased offered a $250 bonus to Sunday’s winner.

For a full list of specialty awards and lap sponsors see the complete list below.

Saturday`s event gets underway at 5:00pm, with spectator gates opening at 3:00pm and will also feature Four Funs, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks, Outlaw Modifieds, Hurricane Midgets, and the always popular train races.

Sunday`s 50-lap Rick Woolner Memorial will once again feature Four Funs, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks, and a `Checkers or Wreckers` event.

About Rick Woolner: Rick Woolner was one of Ontario’s fiercest open-wheel modified racers from the 1980’s until his death in 1999. Born in 1953, Woolner began racing a street stock in 1983 and later moving to a Late Model before settling in to an open-wheel modified. Varney Speedway would always be Woolner’s home, despite racing one year at Holland Speedway in New York.


In 1999, Woolner was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away at summer’s end.  The first Memorial race was held in Woolner’s memory at the end of the 1999 season and has been held every year since. Woolner’s spirit lives on each summer at Varney with the 50-lap Rick Woolner Memorial for open-wheel modifieds. In 2012, the race was run under the sanctioning of the OSCAAR Modifieds for the first time.


2013 Rick Woolner Memorial Lap Sponsors


Saturday 30-lap Feature

1 – Performance 1B Racing

8 – Warrior Wheels (McLean Industrial Design)

21 – Paul Tolton

24 – In Memory of Dennis Wright (Darryn Wright)

28 – Pryde Truck Service (Fergus)

30 – Plaza Kia (Thornhill)


Sunday 50-lap Feature

1 – The Spray Dogs (Listowel)

2 – Air Boss Rubber Compound

3 – Carquest (Fergus)

4 – Sheridan & Brayden McLean

5 – Murray Group of Moorefield

6 – In memory of Fred Bullen

7- In memory of Fred Bullen

8 – John Woolner

9 –Monty and Cindy Kelly (Kelly Racing)

10 – Rodson Sod Supply (Mount Forest)

12 – Around the House Contracting of Acton

13 – At a Glance Screen Printing

14 – Air Boss Rubber Compound

15 – Arctic Clear (Fergus)

16 – Daphne Sullivan

17 – McNicol Racing

18 – Matteo’s Pizza (Mount Forest)

19 – #19 Wilson Racing

20 – JJ McLellan Plumbing (Mount Forest)

21 – Delaware Speedway/Autumn Colours Classic

22 – Marshalls Serivce Centre (Orangeville)

23 – 2Tech Auto (Mount Forest)

24 – Daryn Wright Motorsports

25 – Sapphire Motorsports on Behalf of Special Olympics Ontario North Wellington

26 – Tanya Darryl Brayden McDougall

27 – McLean Farms

28 – McLean Farms

29 – Bowmanville Home Building Centre

30 – Marshalls Serivce Centre (Orangeville)

31 – Josh Gruntz Motorsports

33 – Darryl & Janet Willfang

34 – Lawmac Racing

35 – Chalmers Fuel (Palmerston)

38 – Scott,Selena,Sheldon Way of Cheatin S.O.B Racing

39 – Robb Racing

40 – R&S Automotive (Palmerston)

42 – Tim & Tabatha Hastie in Honour of Veterans

43 – V & L Transportation (Hamilton)

44 – Delaware Speedway/Demelo Racing

45 – Murray Group (Moorefield)

46 – Peterborough Speedway/Autumn Colours Classic

47 – Peterborough Speedway/ Autumn Colours Classic

48 – Tolton Motorsports Autism Awareness

49 – The Spray Dogs (Listowel)

50 – Past Time Pub & Grill


Specialty Awards

Sunday Top Qualifier – Wasteco ($150)

Most Laps Led (Combined Days) – Wasteco ($100)

Hard Luck Award – Bentinck Motors ($200)

Highest Finishing Rookie (Both Days) – Sheila Eccles (Craig McDonald Reddon Insurance) ($50)

Saturday Winners Bonus – Jim Brown Trucking ($250)

Sunday Winners Bonus – Mike Allen ($250)

Halfway Leader (Sunday) – Engines by Hal ($100)

Best Appearing Car (As Determined by Fans) – Knightworks Design ($100)

Long-Haul Award – McLean Industrial Design Ltd. ($50)

Giant Cookie Award (Awarded to First Driver to Exit Saturday Feature) – Donna Rossiter

Gift Pack – APC: 1 Hat, 1 T-shirt, 5 gallons of 110 octane racing fuel

Gift Pack – TSC of Listowel

Gift Pack – Darlene Terry: Four $25 Petro-Canada Gift Cards & Four $25 Canadian Tire Gift Cards

Gift Pack – Larry Hudson GM of Listowel: Framed Collector Stamp Collection and Camaro Plaque

Gift Pack – Home Hardware Palmerston: Four 4L Motor Oil & 200 Shop Towels

Tickets: Admission (Both Days) – Adults: $15, Seniors: $12, Children: 6-12 $8. Family Pass (2 Adults & 4 Children): $42. Pit Admission (All Ages): $22.

Directions: Varney Speedway Motorplex is located on Highway 6 between Mount Forest and Durham, Ontario. For address and MapQuest directions, please visit

The OSCAAR Modifed tour is presented by a number of dedicated sponsors throughout Ontario, including: Knightworks Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, Klotz Synthetics Canada,, Dave Franks Photos, Dickson Printing, Finishline Fabrication, McColl Racing Enterprises, McGunegill Engine Performance, Stefko Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels,, RaceTime Radio, Inside Track Motorsport News, Jenco Equipment, Midas of Orangeville, Reinhart Trailer Sales, North Toronto Auctions, and South Shore Services.

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia) – OSCAAR Media and Public Relations


Photo Credit:Dan Little Jr.

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Inaugural Flamboro Trip For OSCAAR Mods This Saturday

Inaugural Flamboro Trip For OSCAAR Mods This Saturday

The OSCAAR Modifieds make their first ever trip to Flamboro Speedway this Saturday night, with several big names set to do battle. Open-wheel modifieds have never competed at Flamboro under OSCAAR sanctioning, but several drivers have previous experience at the 1/3-mile Millgrove, Ont. oval. The series was originally scheduled to make its Flamboro debut on July 20, but a power outage in the Hamilton-area forced the event’s cancellation.

This weekend’s stop is the first of two this season at Flamboro for the Modified tour, which will also compete at the speedway’s signature Oktoberfest event on October 5.

The tour has been off since competing at Delaware Speedway on August 17 where Justin Demelo (No.82) was victorious for the second-time this season. Demelo will compete this Saturday at Flamboro in hopes of completing the hat-trick and has announced he will donate all of his race winnings to the purse for the 2013 edition of the Rick Woolner Memorial at Varney Speedway Motorplex on September 14 and 15.

Reigning series rookie-of-the-year Davey Terry (No.14) is preparing for a strong run at his family’s home track. Terry, a cousin of Flamboro’s popular Shaw family, is coming off a fifth-place result in his fourth-career start at Delaware. Look for the ‘Erin Express’ to be back inside the top-five again this weekend.

Current points leader Gary McLean (No.8) extended his points lead at Delaware with a second-place finish. McLean is among the drivers with experience at Flamboro and will look to use his pedigree as an advantage.

Brent McLean (No.7) currently sits second in the championship standings despite a DNF at Delaware. The third-year modified pilot has two wins this season, but has not had the same success he experienced in the first-half of late. McLean won an unsanctioned open-wheel modified event at Flamboro last fall. Look for the Bowmanville Home Hardware sponsored entry to get back on track this weekend.

Shane Stickel (No.39) earned an impressive sixth-place finish at Delaware three weeks ago, and is in good position to earn another top-five this Saturday. Stickel has plenty of Flamboro experience in a Vintage Modified, but none of yet in an OSCAAR Modified. Regardless, Stickel is capable of transferring the skills to his new MSD Machine Tool/Creative Edge sponsored ride.

Tim Tolton (No.13) will make his first career OSCAAR Modified tour start this Saturday in place of son Bobby. The younger Tolton will be out of action after the birth of his son, Chase, on Thursday. Tim has experience competing in open-wheel cars with the Varney Outlaw Modifieds, but has not yet piloted Bobby’s Knightworks Design sponsored machine. Look for a solid performance from the veteran pilot.

Despite having very limited practice at Delaware, Branden Bullen (No.67jr) had a 10th-place finish. Bullen also ran well at Kawartha Speedway on August 11, so another top-ten will be good for the rookie driver’s lead at the top of the rookie standings.

Dave Osborne (No.11) is also expected to return to active competition after missing the series’ last two races. The Brantford, Ont. driver last competed with the tour at Peterborough where he finished 10th, but was collected in a mid-race incident which ended his night. Expect the ‘Wild Child’ to rebound with a solid finish at his former home track.

The OSCAAR Modifieds will be joined by the OSCAAR Super Late Models as well as three of Flamboro Speedway’s regular divisions and the Canadian Vintage Modifieds. To accommodate the six divisions on tap for Saturday night, the start time has been moved ahead to 4:00pm. Spectator gates open at 3:00pm.

Directions: For directions to Flamboro Speedway, located in Millgrove, Ont. visit the following link:

Tickets: For ticket pricing and information, please visit:

The OSCAAR Modifed tour is presented by a number of dedicated sponsors throughout Ontario, including: Knightworks Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, Klotz Synthetics Canada,, Dave Franks Photos, Dickson Printing, Finishline Fabrication, McColl Racing Enterprises, McGunegill Engine Performance, Stefko Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels,, RaceTime Radio, Inside Track Motorsport News, Jenco Equipment, Midas of Orangeville, Reinhart Trailer Sales, North Toronto Auctions, and South Shore Services.

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia) – OSCAAR Media and Public Relations


Photo Credit: Dan Little Jr.

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Demelo Finally Scores OSCAAR Win At Delaware

Demelo Finally Scores OSCAAR Win At Delaware

Komoka, ON – Justin Demelo (No.82 EMCO Waterworks) did everything right at Delaware Speedway on Saturday afternoon, including leading all 50 laps, to finally earn a win with the OSCAAR Modified tour at his home track.

“I thought the third time was going to be the charm,” said an excited Demelo in victory lane. “But the fourth time, why not? It’s awesome.”

The London, Ont. driver set a blistering pace in time trials on Friday night where he erased Barry Newman’s (No. 1 Vipond Fire Protection) track record set in 2007 with a lap of 18.513 seconds, nearly a full four-tenths of a second quicker than the previous mark.

Demelo’s lap was just four-thousandths of a second off the all-time late model track record held by D.J. Kennington.

Klotz Canada qualifying heat races were lined up on Friday night based on time trials, with odd number qualifiers in heat one and even number qualifiers in the second heat. Both Demelo and Gary McLean (No. 8 McLean Industrial Design) won from the pole to earn starting positions on the front row.

Come feature time on Saturday afternoon, Demelo wasted little time jumping out to an early lead and held down the initial spot as he forced McLean to stick to the high lane.

The first caution of the race came at lap two when Mike Westwood (No.91 Stryker Chassis) spun in turn two. The caution would also end Dean Scott’s (No. 19 Little Track’s Petting Zoo) night as he pulled to the main pit area with what appeared to be radiator problems as the car leaked water.

The field was back up to speed for a long 20-lap green flag run where Demelo continued to pace the field. A great battle developed for the second position between McLean and Demelo on the run, but McLean was able to thwart the efforts of his challenger.

Davey Terry (No.14 Wasteco) and Shane Stickel (No. 39 MSD Machine Tool) were hard at work in a battle for the sixth spot. The two Troyer race cars battled until a caution at lap 22 for a Branden Bullen (No.67 Alliston Transmission) spin in turn two.

The field raced three more laps until a competition caution on lap 25 to allow drivers to refuel and change one tire. The five minute break in the action allowed drivers to make any changes they would be allowed to make on a regular pit stop. Drivers returned to the speedway in the same running order.

Matt Barton (No.2 MDB Racecars/The Merit Group) ended his race at the competition yellow, despite running fifth. Barton explained the grilled opening had shrunk after some early race contact, which began to overheat the motor.

The ensuing restart saw Demelo jump out to a lead once again, while Newman got the better of McLean and ducked beneath the veteran for the second spot.

Demelo opened his lead considerably as the final 25-lap went caution free, and McLean and Newman battled one another for second.

“After last night’s race, the ISMA (Super Modifieds) put down some wicked rubber for us, so that’s why we were all so fast today.”

The most interesting battle in the closing laps was for the sixth spot between Stickel, Ryan Dick (No.88 Johnston Bros. Sand and Gravel) and John Harper (No.79 Grisdale Racing Products).  Stickel held off a hard charging Harper for over 20 laps, while Dick made an impressive last lap pass around Harper to steal the seventh spot on the final corner.

Demelo, however, was in a league of his own on this day to win his first OSCAAR Modified race at Delaware in four starts.

“We’re going to try and hit as many races as we can this year,” said Demelo. “We’re going to Autumn Colours at Peterborough and maybe a couple more. We’re debating a full-season next year. It’s pretty promising.”

In the closing laps with Gary McLean glued to the back bumped of Newman, the two came upon the lapped car of Westwood. McLean made an impressive move to the outside of Newman, which pinned ‘the Bear’ beneath Westwood. McLean was able to make the pass and hold the second spot until the checkered flag.

Following the race, McLean admitted he has sized up the opportunity for the pass a few laps in advance.

“I had been eyeballing it, and Barry’s car was getting really loose,” said McLean. “I knew I was going to have to make the move there. I timed it out well. I got to the outside of him going down the front chute. Second-place isn’t bad considering were showing up and playing in their playground.”

Series regular Brent McLean (No.7 Bowmanville Home Building Centre) entered the event second in the standings. Brent ran inside the top-five in the early laps, but on lap 8 fell off the pace and pulled to the infield. Brent later explained the rear-end broke and dislodged the driveshaft from the transmission.

The OSCAAR Modified tour takes a two week break before returning to action on September 7 at Flamboro Speedway in a rescheduled event following a power outage on July 20. They will be joined by the OSCAAR Super Late Models and Flamboro’s weekly divisions.

Justin Demelo’s Victory Lane Interview:

Results: Davis and McCauley Fuels 50 – Delaware Speedway (August 16-17, 2013) (Starting Position)

50-lap A-Main Results

1. 82 Justin Demelo (1)

2. 8 Gary McLean (2)

3. 1 Barry Newman (3)

4. 39M David McCullough (5)

5. 14 Davey Terry (8)

6. 39 Shane Stickel (10)

7. 88 Ryan Dick (12)

8. 79 John Harper (15)

9. 91 Mike Westwood (13)

10. 67 Branden Bullen (16)

11. 62 Darryn Wright (14) (DNF)

12. 2 Matt Barton (9) (DNF)

13. 75 Wayne Pilkey (11) (DNF)

14. 47 Brian McLean (4) (DNF)

15. 7 Brent McLean (6) (DNF)

16. 19 Dean Scott (7) (DNF)


Klotz Canada Heat 1 Results (10 Laps)


1. 82 Justin Demelo

2. 1 Barry Newman

3. 7 Brent McLean

4. 2 Matt Barton

5. 91 Mike Westwood

6. 79 John Harper

7. 75 Wayne Pilkey

8. 19 Dean Scott (DNF)


Klotz Canada Heat 2 Results (10 Laps)


1. 8 Gary McLean

2. 39M David McCullough

3. 47 Brian McLean

4. 14 Davey Terry

5. 39 Shane Stickel

6. 88 Ryan Dick

7. 62 Darryn Wright


Time Trial Results


1. 82 Justin Demelo (18.513 seconds)

2. 8 Gary McLean (18.649)

3. 1 Barry Newman (18.906)

4. 47 Brian McLean (19.086)

5. 19 Dean Scott (19.121)

6. 39m David McCullough (19.190)

7. 7 Brent McLean (19.215)

8. 14 Davey Terry (19.276)

9. 2 Matt Barton (19.397)

10. 39 Shane Stickel (19.190)

11. 75 Wayne Pilkey (19.494)

12. 88 Ryan Dick (19.625)

13. 91 Mike Westwood (19.995)

14. 62 Darryn Wright (26.193)

15. 79 John Harper (N/A)

16. 67 Branden Bullen (N/A)


The OSCAAR Modified tour is presented by a number of dedicated sponsors throughout Ontario, including: Knightworks Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, Klotz Synthetics Canada,, Dave Franks Photos, Dickson Printing, Finishline Fabrication, McColl Racing Enterprises, McGunegill Engine Performance, Stefko Racing Engines, VP Racing Fuels,, RaceTime Radio, Inside Track Motorsport News, Jenco Equipment, Midas of Orangeville, Reinhart Trailer Sales, North Toronto Auctions, and South Shore Services.

Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia)

OSCAAR Media and Public Relations


Photo Credit: Dan Little Jr.

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