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Jamie Cox & Karl Sault Victorious In Season End Racing At Flamboro

Jamie Cox & Karl Sault Victorious In Season End Racing At Flamboro

The final event of the 2014 season at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway was the $5000 to win 125 lap Enduro and Demo. Derby. Congratulations to Glen Hils for planning a great event. It was my first Flamboro Enduro and hope this becomes an annual event. It was very exciting, a bit confusing as a scorer and was well attended by fans on a blustery and cool late October afternoon.

Forty six entrants were registered and lined up two by two from the start/finish line all the way back to the entrance to turn three. With the drop of the green they were off. A couple of reds early as the track had to be cleared of cars that were sitting in a dangerous position. Some cars were also DQ’d for moving under the red. Four cars were at the front from the beginning, the 51 of Jason Tolton, the 70 of Josh Shantz, the 51x of Derek Moesker and 44 of Jamie Cox all ran up or near the front all day. Tolton and Shantz both got side ways and spun in turn three/four and may have cost them the race. Cox ran a clean race and as the checkered flag flew on lap 125 he was first to cross and was awarded the $5000 grand prize. Josh Shantz was second and the 51x of Derek Moesker was third.

The Demo. Derby wrapped up the day with just four cars making it out. The 98 of Will Larkin, 00 Bill Rutherford, 92 Kyle Neumeister and 81 of Karl Sault. Rutherford and Larkin were first out and the battle came down to Neumeister and Sault. The two were banging, crashing and pushing each other all over the track. The 92 car looked like I feel some mornings as it was dragging it’s back around the track but gave it his best shot. But the 92 could no longer go on and Sault in the 81 was the winner of the derby.

Congratulations to the #10 car of Jeremy Hughes. We pretty much unanimously voted his car the best appearing and he won the Hot Rod Hobbies Best Appearing car award and the $50 prize.

Photos by Derek Smith of

Driver and Car #’s Registered

07-Barry Watson
4-Trevor Roszell
77-Kevin Nicol
51-Jason Tolton
76-Russ Nicholson
94-Chris Soares
82-Sam Taylor
38-Rodney Rutherford
80-Mark Robinson
74-Jaeger McMaster
57-Derek Zehr
81-Karl Sault
26-Ryan Hunsinger
71-Matt Young
6-Wayde Thorne
11-Steve Lovie
51x-Derek Moesker
49-Brian Wilson
16x-Tyler Nuell
44-Jamie Cox
417-Mike Oliverra
6f-Kris Fairweather
70-Josh Shantz
87-Jim McTavish
02-Andrew Scott
43-Kyle Nuell
10-Jeremy Hughes
8-Andrew Latulippe
262-Randy McKinley
85-Rob Campbell
317-Shone Evans
08-Derek Martin
1-Tyler Martin
60-Joe Fleet
00-Bill Rutherford
29-Derek Jackson
119-Shaun Quinn
3-Brian Watson
28-Todd Gordon
98-Sid Bracci
61-Chad Ditner
K7-Alex Schuts
26-Tim Nuell
2-Matt Nuell
19-Ron Provla
72-Kyle Neumeister

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Mark Watson & Kevin Allen Win 100 Lap Features At Flamboro Speedway

Mark Watson & Kevin Allen Win 100 Lap Features At Flamboro Speedway

By Randy Spencer – Day Two of the final weekend of racing got under way with Time Trials for the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series and the sixth and final round of the APC Auto Parts Challenge series between Flamboro and Delaware Late Models on a cool but sunny afternoon.

LOSC (presented by Meineke) had 15 cars go out for time trials and points leader Shawn McGlynn set the fast time of 16.546, narrowly missing his Flamboro track record for the LOSC which was 16.369 set two years ago. 19 Late Models were set to set fast times and when all was said and done, Jamie Cox set down the fast lap at 15.640.

The fields were set for the LOSC and APC 100 Late Model race. The Ontario Sportsman and Pro 4 Modifieds were on hand as well. Dwight Brown and Nick Lees won heat races for the Ontario Mods. while Brian Nanticoke took the heat race for the Pro 4’s.

After a brief intermission, the Lucas Oil Sportsman did their normal draw for top five positions, the “Fast Five” with a twist. Today was the “Elite Eight” and it shook up the starting order. After qualifying the order was 81, 24, 54, 6, 82, 18, 48 & 93. After the pre-race draw it looked this way…6, 81, 82, 24, 48, 93, 8 & 54. The green flag dropped and the first caution came on lap 10 when the 18 of Chad McGlynn went off. The cars then ran for almost 70 laps caution free. On the 87th lap, the 24 of “Mr. Highside”, Brennan Didero was running a fine race but his car caught fire heading into turn one and the red flag came out as emergency vehicles rushed to extinguish the flames. When the race resumed, the 81 of McGlynn who had pretty near lapped the entire field, wasn’t able to hold off Kevin Allen and the 54 car shot out to inherit the lead. Allen was able to hold off the pack for the last ten laps for his first career LOSC win. Shawn McGlynn was crowned the 2014 LOSC points champion.

The Pro 4 Modifieds were up next for their feature finale of 2014. Aaron Turkey and Stan Pokupec were on the pole for this one. Pokupec, Turkey and Houghton battled for the entire race but the crafty veteran Pokupec held off the youngsters for his first feature win this year. Congratulations Stan!! The Ontario Modifieds were up to put the wraps on their 2014 campaign. Ryan Dyck and Alex Lees led 11 cars to green. Dyck led from wire to wire to pick up the feature win.

The last race of the night was the 100 lap main event and final race of the APC Auto Parts Flamboro/Delaware Challenge. Rick Burbridge and Shawn Thompson were on the pole after a dice roll and inversion of 11. The race started well and the cars settled in for a long race. The first caution came on lap 28 when the 23 of Shawn McGlynn and 96 of Dan Prudhomme got involved in turn four. A few laps later the 74 of Al Bowman climbed the wall in turn four just narrowly missing the flagman. At this point Thompson was in the lead followed by Burbridge, Matt Box and Mark Watson. On the restart, the 83 of Dale Shaw and 15 of Matt Lockwood got tangled on the front stretch bringing another caution. On the second restart Lockwood got mixed up again, this time with the 61 of Brent Wheller. Lockwood went off on the hook. A couple laps later another caution and leader, Shawn Thompson headed to the pits. He made it back on as the green was to fly, but now was at the rear of the field. A bad start saved Thompson and he didn’t lose any laps. As the race neared halfway, Mark Watson was in the lead followed by Matt Pritiko and “Quietstorm” Jamie Cox. They began to distance themselves from the pack. On lap 65, something appeared to brake on the 72 of Thompson sending him hard into the turn one wall and his APC championship hopes were dashed. Shawn McGlynn had some more woes as he hit the wall on lap 67. The next lap as David Elliott and Dale Shaw were heading down the front stretch, sparks flew they came together and both cars went hard into the turn one wall. On the restart, Mark Watson took the lead and the 21 of Pritiko was shuffled back to fourth. A caution on lap 88 as Justin Demelo went around coming out of turn two. Cautions once again breeded cautions…the 56 of Robbie Thompson went around coming out of turn four. One lap later the 27 of Mat Box, who was running very well to that point, climbed the wall and came to a stop bringing out another caution. The final six laps were very exciting and when the checkered flag fell it was the #3 of the “St. Thomas Express” Mark Watson crossing the line first giving him the overall APC Late Model championship.

That put the wraps on a very exciting season of racing at Flamboro Speedway. The staff would like to thank all the drivers, crews and fans who made it one of the most exciting in quite some time. We look forward to seeing you all back in April 2015.

Photos by Derek Smith of

Official Results

Ontario Modifieds Heat #1 – #61 Dwight Brown, #95 Rob Warnes, #26 Terry Baker, #88 Ryan Dyck, #98 Rick Warnes, #65 Chris Burrows, #14 Kevin Jobe (DNS)

Ontario Modifieds Heat #2 – #09 Nick Lees, #07 Alex Lees, #77 Chad Strawn, #62 Randy Hollingsworth, #90 Willow Barberstock

Ontario Modifieds Feature – #88 Ryan Dyck, #07 Alex lees, #09 Nick Lees, #95 Rob Warnes, #62 Randy Hollingsworth, #26 Terry Baker, #90 Willow Barberstock, #98 Rick Warnes, #61 Dwight Brown (DNF), #65 Chris Burrows (DNF), #77 Chad Strawn (DQ)

Pro 4 Modified Heat – #9 Brian Nanticoke, #33 Tom Houghton, #68 Aaron Turkey, #93 Dan Petit, #17 Stan Pokupec, #15 Keith Dempster, #23 Linc Erison, #63 Mark Lucas (DNF), #8 Ryan Hunsinger (DNF)

Pro 4 Modified Feature – #17 Stan Pokupec, #68 Aaron Turkey, #33 Tom Houghton, #93 Dan Petit, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #15 Keith Dempster, #23 Linc Erison, #63 Mark Lucas (DNF), #8 Ryan Hunsinger (DNF)

Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Feature – #54 Kevin Allen, #81 Shawn McGlynn, #82 Dave Connelly, #45 Kevin Trevellin, #93 Jason Meyer, #3 Tim Tolton, #48 Doug Cathcart, #8 Adam martin, #43 Bob Merrifield, #85 Mike Nelson, #12 Mark Patrick, #6 Jermey Coulter, #24 Brennan Didero (DNF), #31 John Schwemler (DNF), #66 Josh Wood (DNF), #18 Chad McGlynn (DNF)

Late Model Feature – #3 Mark Watson, #22 Jamie Cox, 321 Matt Pritiko, #17 Nick Roth, #82 Justin Demelo, #2 Rick Burbridge, #61 Brent Wheller, #58 Paul Dudnick, #23 Shawn McGlynn, #56 Robbie Thompson (DNF), #27 Mat Box (DNF), #83 Dale Shaw (DNF), #37 David Elliott (DNF), #72 Shawn Thompson (DNF), #36 Trevor Monaghan (DNF), #96 Dan Prudhomme (DNF), #74 Al Bowman (DNF), #15 Matt Lockwood (DNF), #52 Steve March (DNF)

LOSC Time Trials (fast lap)

#81 – 16.546
#24 – 16.551
#54 – 16.827
#6 – 16.849
#82 – 16.912
#18 – 16.956
#48 – 16.966
#93 – 16.995
#66 – 17.090
#45 – 17.122
#85 – 17.182
#43 – 17.221
#31 – 17.280
#8 – 17.439
#12 – 17.528

Late Model Time Trials (fast lap)

#22 – 15.640
#83 – 15.665
#56 – 15.746
#3 – 15.749
#37 – 15.821
#23 – 15.822
#17 – 15.825
#27 – 15.937
#61 – 15.971
#82 – 16.015 *
#72 – 16.032
#2 – 16.215
#21 – 16.280
#15 – 16.417
#52 – 16.588
#96 – 16.591
#58 – 16.924
#74 – 16.755
#36 – 16.818

*- last re:weight issue

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Andy Kamrath & Shawn Chenoweth Big Winners At Frostfest

Andy Kamrath & Shawn Chenoweth Big Winners At Frostfest

By Randy Spencer – After a typical bout of October weather, the second day of Oktoberfest and Frostfest was on the card at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway. The two day racing extravaganza Oktoberfest was originally set for October 3-4th but Mother Nature had other ideas and the entire weekend was washed out. With a week off for Thanksgiving it was decided that Frostfest would run the Saturday for Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks and the Dirt Sportsman, and the final round of the APC Flamboro-Delaware Challenge for Late Models would be run on the Sunday and included the 100 lap for the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup series as well as the Ontario Modifieds and Pro 4 Modifieds.

First up on Saturday the 14th was Frostfest presented by London Recreational Contracting. Huge thanks to Mike Schmidt and all those involved with the London Recreational team for putting on a bigger and better event this year. Also want to say thanks to Clinton Geoffrey and Spencer Lewis for working so well together and making the event that much better with their knowledge and enthusiasm for the entire weekend. A total of $7800 in cash plus prizes was up for the Thunder Cars while $4000 in cash plus prizes was up for Mini Stocks…all from London Recreational and their sponsors.

First up was time trials for the Mini Stocks and Thunder Cars. Thirty Eight Mini Stocks and Thirty One Thunder Cars were signed up for the event. Bryan Sudsbury set the fast lap for Mini Stocks with a 17.899 while Shawn Chenoweth turned a 16.837.

We then moved onto heat racing with the Pure Stocks up first with Twenty Three cars signed in. Heat victories went to Jeremy Schindel and Josh Shantz. The Mini Stocks would hit the track next with a Dash for the top 10 cars in qualifying as well as two heats. The Dash went to Andy Kamrath while heat wins went to Blair Wickett and Russ Aicken. The Thunder Cars also had a Dash and two heats. The Dash victory went to Shawn Chenoweth and heats went to Brad Collison and Johnny Morrison. The Dirt Sportsman had six cars on hand and the heat win went to Gary Lindberg. Their Dash went to Dana Aikens. The Mini Stocks also had a B Feature with that checkered flag going to Paul Boyd. A note from the first Mini Stock heat race, the #13 of Mike Holmes who tied for first with Russ Aicken in regular season points chase had some hard luck carry over from the last race of the year. On a restart, Holmes car just died and all the cars behind piled into the back sending the
13 car into the wall causing significant damage and ending his day early. A very disappointing end to an amazing season for the Holmes team.

Feature racing was up and Mini Stocks were up for the first of two 30 lap features. Andy Kamrath and Bryan Sudsbury sat on the pole and led thirty cars to the green. With that many cars comes problems and six cars were involved bringing out the caution and a complete restart. The second try worked out better and they were off. By lap five, the 43 car had a flat tire and as he spun he took the 37 car of the “Rabbit” Rob Hoskins. Sliding across the wet grass down the back stretch, Hoskins was unable to avoid the fire safety truck as it came to a sudden stop, and flying car and truck parts. The truck sustained some damage but it was patched up and able to continue. The remainder of the race went caution free and Kamrath and Sudsbury battled each other throughout but Kamrath came home first.

Shawn Chenoweth and Mark Burbridge led 24 Thunder Cars to green. Working as a scorer, had my hands full and the race was a blur going pretty much caution free as the lead off the start remained the same after thirty laps with Chenoweth coming home first followed by Burbridge and Shawn Arnott.

Jeremy Schindel and Josh Shantz led 22 cars to green. The race started well but on lap 10 coming out of turn four the 0 car of Andrea Parsons took a hard hit in the drivers side door bringing out the caution and then the red. Parsons was complaining of some pain and tingling in her extremities and with the driver’s safety top priority, Hamilton Ambulance service was summoned. It took some time to remove Parsons safely and at that time two ambulances and two Hamilton fire trucks had made their way onto the track to help. She was removed and taken to hospital for observation. According to a family member she was ok other than very sore and lucky as well. The race continued after almost an hour delay and as the cars crossed the finish line 30 laps later, Shawn Taylor was the winner followed by Shantz and Derek Jackson.

The Dirt Sportsman made their way onto the track with Scott George and Gary Lindberg up front. George ran a great race and crossed the line first.

The second 30 lapper for Mini Stocks would follow with young Jake Watson and veteran Tim Tolton up front for this one. A good race with just a few cautions. On lap 16, the 97 car of Blair Wickett broke in turn four bringing out a caution and bringing the pack back to even. One lap later, Bryan Sudsbury brought out a caution with a 360 spin on lap 17. It was a phenomenal save by Sudsbury and although he didn’t hit anything or anyone he did go to the rear for bringing out the caution. The final caution was on lap 25 when the 71 of Russ Aicken spun in turn three. Billy Schwartzenberg ran a great race. The former Flamboro Mini Stock champion showed he didn’t forget the fast way around Flamboro Speedway and took the checkered flag followed by Tyler Junkin and Andy Kamrath.

The final race of the night was the second 30 lap feature for the Thunder Cars. Lee Winger and Kevin Albers were up front for this one. One caution in this one half way through as the 29, 8 and 83 spun in turn three. Shawn Chenoweth made it a clean sweep winning both features followed in this one by Arnott and Albers.

That brought to a close the 2014 Frostfest. After all the results were tallied Shawn Chenoweth was the overall Thunder Car champ and Andy Kamrath was the Mini Stock overall winner.

Photos by Derek Smith of

Official Results

Mini Stock time trails (fast lap time)

#39 – Bryan Sudsbury 17.899
#86 – Billy Schwartzenberg 18.164
#41 – Tyler Junkin 18.214
#35 – Andy Kamrath 18.226
#50 – Chad Corcoran 18.348
#20 – Gerrit Tiemersma 18.359
#14 – James Townsend 18.408
#34 – Kevin Strutt 18.5454
#49 – Miles Tyson 18.556
#37 – Rob Hoskins 18.570
#68 – Brandon Crumbie 18.583
#13 – Mike Holmes 18.635
#71 – Russ Aicken 18.668
#35x – Tim Tolton 18.681
#12 – Jordan Howse 18.832
#8 – Nick Clarke 18.838
#81 – Samantha Shaw 18.860
#77 – Phil Givens 18.930
#7x – Paul Boyd 18.931
#88 – Jake Watson 18.933
#61 – Chad Ditner 19.003
#36 – Hudson Nagy 19.008
#01 – Mark DaSilva 19.128
#73 – Scott Schleuter 19.133
#03 – Jake Gilbert 19.177
#14 – Brian Wilson 19.206
#20x – Ryan Edwards-Kiss 19.259
#6 – Kevin Slater 19.484
#72 – Rich Schwartzenberg 19.570
#10 – Mike Larkin 19.805
#43x – Brian Watson 19.891
#73x – Jordan Morris 19.935
#42 – Rick Robinson 19.963
#05 – Dave Goodacre 20.349
#7 – Matt Young 20.908
#24 – Tyler Mayhew 21.196

Thunder Cars time trails (fast lap time)

#89 – Shawn Chenoweth 16.837
#02 – Mark Burbridge 16.956
#36 – Ken Grubb 17.087
#27 – Kevin Albers 17.164
#13 – Brad Collison 17.268
#49 – Dave Bailey 17.318
#64 – Ryan Semple 17.318
#76x – Cayden Lapcevich 17.325
#76 – Shawn Arnott 17.330
#31 – Kevin Gallant 17.337
#21x – Matt Bentley 17.372
#7x – Tyler Liscum 17.382
#83 – Johnny Morrison 17.418
#29 – Steve Cashmore 17.490
#8 – Steve Perry 17.518
#48 – Coltin Everingham 17.524
#7 – Bobby Mercer 17.635
#81 – Chris Van Dusen 17.663
#10 – Dennis Cybalski 17.699
#37 – Jeff Bean 17.814
#73 – Nick Troback 17.852
#97 – Adam Martin 17.892
#12 – Justin Collison 17.982
#3 – Jack Myers 17.982
#67 – Shawn Hewitt 18.032
#41 – Bruce Wheller 18.123
#87 – Jeremy Bean 18.345
#21 – Lee Winger 18.467
#88 – Scott Laporte 19.010
#31x- Chad Corcoran 19.184
#52 – Mickey Brydges 19.648

Pure Stock Heat #1 – #22 Jeremy Schindel, #90 Andy Wheller, #9 Wesley Schindel, #00 Bill Rutherford, #48 Michael Kenny, #23 Nic Ramsay, #1 Tyler Martin, #38 Brandon Fenney, #82 Sam Taylor, #85 Will Walker (DNF), #44 Jamie Cox (DNS)

Pure Stock Heat #2 – #70 Josh Shantz, #32 Gillian Hils, #29 Derek Jackson, #76 Shawn Taylor, #51 Jason Tolton, #03 Matt Langford, #74 Jaeger McMaster, #3 Rodney Rutherford, #88 Scott Fortune, #0 Andrea Parsons, #08 Derek Martin, #17 Kyle Woods

Pure Stock Feature – #76 Shawn Taylor, #70 Josh Shantz, #29 Derek Jackson, #32 Gillian Hils, #22 Jeremy Schindel, #3 Rodney Rutherford, #03 Matt Langford, #9 Wesley Schindel (-1 J), #51 Jason Tolton, #23 Nic Ramsay, #82 Sam Taylor, #00 Bill Rutherford, #38 Brandon Fenney, #17 Kyle Woods, #08 Derek Martin, #74 Jaeger McMaster, #0 Andrea Parsons (DNF), #48 Michael Kenny (DNF), #88 Scott Fortune (DNF), #85 Will Walker (DNF), #90 Andy Wheller (DNF), #1 Tyler Martin (DQ), #44 Jamie Cox (DNS)

Dirt Sportsman Heat – #19 Gary Lindberg, #26 Scott George, #21 Jim Johnstone, #8 Dana Aikens, #41 Boyd MacTavish, #72 Gord McIntosh

Dirt Sportsman Dash – #8 Dana Aickens, #41 Boyd MacTavish, #26 Scott George, #21 Jim Johnstone, #19 Gary Lindberg, #72 Gord McIntosh

Dirt Sportsman Feature – #26 Scott George, #19 Gary Lindberg, #21 Jim Johnstone, #41 Boyd MacTavish, #8 Dana Aickens, #72 Gord McIntosh

Mini Stock Dash – #35 Andy Kamrath, #39 Bryan Sudsbury, #86 Billy Schwartzenberg, #14x James Townsend, #20 Gerrit Tiemersma, #49 Miles Tyson, #41 Tyler Junkin, #34 Kevin Strutt, #37 Rob Hoskins (DNF), #50 Chad Corcoran (DNS)

Mini Stock Heat #1- #97 Blair Wickett, #25x Tim Tolton, #14 Brian Wilson, #36 Hudson Nagy, #73 Scott Schleuter, #10 Mike Larkin, #77 Phil Givens, #73x Jordan Morris, #42 Rick Robinson, #7x Paul Boyd (DNF), #13 Mike Holmes (DNF), #24 Tyler Mayhew (DNF), #8 Nick Clarke (DNF), #6 Kevin Slater (DNS)

Mini Stock Heat #2 – #71 Russ Aicken, #68 Brandon Crumbie, #12 Jordan Howse, #81 Samantha Shaw, #01 Mark DaSilva, #88 Jake Watson, #61 Chad Ditner, #20 Gerrit Tiemersma, #43 Brian Watson, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #05 Dave Goodacre, #7 Matt Young, #03 Jake Gilbert (DNF)

Mini Stock B Feature – #7x Paul Boyd, #8 Nick Clarke, #43 Brian Watson, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #42 Rick Robinson, #05 Dave Goodacre, #6 Kevin Slater (DNF), #7 Matt Young (DNF), #13 Mike Holmes (DNS), #24 Tyler Mayhew (DNS), #03 Jake Gilbert (DNS0, #50 Chad Corcoran (DNS)

Mini Stock Feature #1 – #35 Andy Kamrath, #39 Bryan Sudsbury, #14 James Townsend, #86 Billy Schwartzenberg, #41 Tyler Junkin, #49 Miles Tyson, #71 Russ Aicken, #20 Gerrit Tiemersma, #68 Brandon Crumbie, #97 Blair Wickett, #81 Samantha Shaw, #01 Mark DaSilva, #61 Chad Ditner, #77 Phil Givens, #73x Jordan Morris, #34 Kevin Strutt, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #73 Scott Schleuter, #42 Rick Robinson, #10 Mike Larkin, #8 Nick Clarke (DNF), #36 Hudson Nagy, #20x Ryan Edwards-Kiss (DNF), #12 Jordan Howse (DNF), #7x Paul Boyd (DNF), #43 Brian Watson, #37 Rob Hoskins (DNF), #14 Brian Wilson (DNF)

Mini Stock Feature #2 – #86 Billy Schwartzenberg, #41 Tyler Junkin, #35 Andy Kamrath, #39 Bryan Sudsbury, #68 Brandon Crumbie, #81 Samantha Shaw, #20 Gerrit Tiemersma, #49 Miles Tyson, #50 Chad Corcoran, #12 Jordan Howse, #35x Tim Tolton, #71 Russ Aicken, #77 Phil Givens, #61 Chad Ditner, #34 Kevin Strutt, #10 Courtney Scott, #14 Brian Wilson, #42 Rick Robinson, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #05 Dave Goodacre (DNF), #01 Mark DaSilva (DNF), #88 Jake Watson (DNF), #73x Jordan Morris (DNF), #97 Blair Wickett (DNF), #20x Ryan Edwards-Kiss (DNF), #8 Nick Clarke (DNF), #73 Scott Schleuter (DNF), #14x James Townsend (DQ), #36 Hudson Nagy (DNS), #7 Matt Young

Mini Stock Overall Finish by car #
35, 86, 39, 41, 49, 68, 20, 81, 71, 35x, 61, 77, 34, 14x, 97, 88, 01, 12, 72, 10, 42, 73x, 50, 8, 73, 14, 20x, 05, 36, 7x, 43, 37

Thunder Car Dash – #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #02 Mark Burbridge, #76 Shawn Arnott, #49 Dave Bailey, #27 Kevin Albers, #64 Ryan Semple, #21 Matt Bentley, #31 Kevin Gallant, #76x Cayden Lapcevich, #36 Ken Grubb

Thunder Car Heat #1 – #13 Brad Collison, #29 Steve Cashmore, #7 Bobby Mercer, #73 Nick Troback, #67 Shawn Hewitt, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #12 Justin Collison, #87 Jeremy Bean, #88 Scott Laporte, #52 Mickey Brydges, #7x Tyler Liscum (DNS)

Thunder Car Heat #2 – #83 Johnny Morrison, #81 Chris Van Dusen, #8 Steve Perry, #37 Jeff Bean, #3 Jack Myers, #97 Adam Martin, #41 Bruce Wheller, #48 Coltin Everingham, #31x Chad Corcoran, #2 Lee Winger

Thunder Car Feature #1 – #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #02 Mark Burbridge, #76 Shawn Arnott, #27 Kevin Albers, #21 Matt Bentley, #49 Dave Bailey, #31 Kevin Gallant, #13 Brad Collison, #76x Cayden Lapcevich, #36 Ken Grubb, #81 Chris Van Dusen, #83 Johnny Morrison, #67 Shawn Hewitt, #73 Nick Troback, #64 Ryan Semple, #29 Steve Cashmore, #8 Steve Perry, #7 Bobby Mercer, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #37 Jeff Bean, #41 Bruce Wheller, #12 Justin Collison, #97 Adam Martin, #3 Jack Myers

Thunder Car Feature #2 – #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #76 Shawn Arnott, #27 Kevin Albers, #76x Cayden Lapcevich, #21 Matt Bentley, #31 Kevin Gallant, #81 Chris Van Dusen, #49 Dave Bailey, #13 Brad Collison, #02 Mark Burbridge, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #73 Nick Troback, #7 Bobby Mercer, #8 Steve Perry, 329 Steve Cashmore, #64 Ryan Semple, #83 Johnny Morrison, #97 Adam martin, #67 Shawn Hewitt, #12 Justin Collison, #41 Bruce Wheller, #37 Jeff Bean, #3 Jack Myers

Thunder Car Overall Finish by car #
89, 76, 27, 21, 02, 76x, 49, 13, 81, 36, 73, 83, 10, 29, 8, 7, 31, 67, 97, 37, 41, 12l 3, 64 (DQ)

Award Winners

Mini Stock overall champion – Andy Kamrath ($1000 & Custom Soap stone carving by George Noah) Thunder Car overall champion – Shawn Chenoweth ($2000 & Custom Soap stone carving by George Noah) Furthest Travelled – Dana Aikens (Dirt Sportsman) ($300) Mini Stock top qualifier – Bryan Sudsbury ($250) Thunder Car top qualifier – Shawn Chenoweth ($250) Mini Stock Dash winner – Andy Kamrath (battery) Thunder Car Dash winner – Shawn Chenoweth (battery) Top Finishing driver under 20 – Cayden Lapcevich ($200 from SL Promotions) Mini Stock 1st feature winner – Andy Kamrath ($50 gift card Moose Winooski’s) Thunder Car 1st feature winner – Shawn Chenoweth ($50 gift card BeerTown) Season of Promotions with Spencer Lewis Promotions – Kevin Albers Top Flamboro Thunder Car – Shawn Arnott Top Flamboro Mini Stock – Russ Aicken

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OSCAAR And The Hurricane Midgets Join Forces For The 2015 Season!

OSCAAR And The Hurricane Midgets Join Forces For The 2015 Season!

The race season in Southern Ontario for 2014 is barely in the books, but OSCAAR is making news for the 2015 season.

The executive of the Hurricane Midgets and OSCAAR are proud to announce the merger of the two traveling series. OSCAAR is now the largest traveling series in all Southern Ontario and look forward to bringing their nonstop racing excitement to the fans in 2015.The Hurricane Midgets will run under the new banner as The OSCAAR Midgets along with the Outlaw Super Late Models and the Hanover Holiday Modified Series.

The Hurricane Midget Series have seen exceptional growth in the last 5 years under the management of Charles Priestley and his crew, as he took the club to a level that no one expected. Charlie states “OSCAAR is the premier touring series in Ontario and will assist the midget drivers and teams to reach the next level of promotion and recognition with the fans and tracks alike”.

Dave Gainforth will remain as the President for the OSCAAR series, and this will now encompass the day to day management of the former Hurricanes. Charles Priestley, who was seeking retirement, will remain in the background for the duration of this transition, making sure his drivers and their crews have a seamless transition in to the new program.

The OSCAAR executive, sponsors, drivers, car owners, would like to welcome the members of the OSCAAR Midgets to the series and look forward to a long lasting working relationship.

As OSCAAR heads into their 25th anniversary 2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting season for all race fans!

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Hanover Holiday Modified Has Brent McLean Taking The Feature Win And Gary McLean His 3’rd Championship

Hanover Holiday Modified Has Brent McLean Taking The Feature Win And Gary McLean His 3’rd Championship

Location: Peterborough Speedway October 10-12 2014
What Won the race: Twenty three Hanover Holiday Modifieds signed in for completion for the 2014 Velocity weekend at Peterborough Speedway for the 22’nd Annual Autumn Colours Classic. Qualifying was split between the first two days of racing to determine the feature line up. Based on his win for the Chase for the Colours Max Beyore and Davey Terry would lead the field to green. Max would take the early lead until the #2 of Matt Barton would take over on lap 4 and hold off all challenges until the halfway mark when the #7 of Brent McLean would assume the lead. Brent has had his fair share of bad luck this year, and firmly had the lead until a lap 48 caution brought the field back together. The #7 of McLean never slipped and came home the winner adding the Autumn Colours Classic to an already impressive resume. Max Beyore rebounded for a second place finish, with Nick Lees making his first OSCAAR start rounding out the top 3. Coming into the event Gary McLean had his 3rd championship in his pocket so the team came ready to race. The tight racing action saw the #8 climb the back wall early, then a few laps later contact sent the #8 sliding to the infield wall ending their day.
Bad Luck of the Event: The #79 of John Harper has had a black cloud over his head for the 2014 season and I am sure he is looking forward to putting this season behind him. John suffered major damage in heat race action, by being in the wrong place wrong time. The damage proved to be to much to repair and ended their weekend early. Making his first start of the 2014 in preparation for a full time campaign in 2015, #20 Mike Hearty was the victim in second round qualifying and contact with the front stretch wall left the car with heavy damage.
Rookie Battle: Six Hanover Holiday Modified Rookies where in attendance this weekend at Peterborough Speedway. With his second place finish Max Beyore was the top finishing rookie and locked up the 2014 Rookie of the Year title. Gary Elliott again impressed and was awarded the second place in the rookie battle of 2014. Tommy Robb, Terry Baker, Dustin Jackson and Chad Strawn rounded out the rookies on the weekend
Car Count: 23
Top Qualifier: #77 Chad Strawn
Pole Sitter: #91n Max Beyore
Heat Race Winners: #7 Brent McLean x2, #8 Gary McLean, #36 Gary Elliott, #2 Matt Barton,#61 Dustin Jackson
Top Five in points: 1st #8 Gary McLean 900pts, 2nd #91N Max Beyore 850 pts, 3rd #36 Gary Elliott 838 pts, 4th #14 Davey Terry 789 pts, 5th #88 Ryan Dick 763 pts
Feature Finish: 1) #7 Brent McLean, 2) #91n Max Beyore, 3) #09 Nick Lees, 4) #2 Matt Barton, 5) #36 Gary Elliott, 6) #88r Tommy Robb, 7) 79h Cory Horner, 8) #88 Ryan Dick, 9) #Drew Stieler, 10) #7m Arron McLean, 11) #26 Terry Baker, 12) #61 Dustin Jackson, 13) #93 Daniel Bois, 14) #67 Dwayne Cinnamon, 15) #65 Bill Burrows, 16) #19 Dean Scott, 17) Davey Terry, 18) #77 Chad Strawn, 19) #8 Gary McLean, 20) #47 Brian McLean, 21) Rob Warnes, 22) Mike Hearty (dns), 23) #79 John Harper (dns)
OSCAAR 2014 Partners: Crane Cams Hanover Holidays, Hoosier Tire, Jenco Equipment, Klotz Synthetic Lubricants, Knightworks Designs Ltd, McGunegill Engine Performance, Midas of Orangeville, North Toronto Auction, Ontario Oval, Race Time Radio, Race2way, Reinhardt Trailers, South Shore Services, Stefko Race Engines
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Andrew Gresel Picks Up Second Straight Autumn Colours Victory And 2014 Championship

Andrew Gresel Picks Up Second Straight Autumn Colours Victory And 2014 Championship

Location: Peterborough Speedway October 11-12, 2014
What won the race: Andrew Gresel came into the final event of 2014 with two things on his mind. The feature win on Sunday, and his first ever OSCAAR Super Late Model Championship. At the end of the fifty lap event he was able to cross both off is bucket list. Taking advantage of the pole position earned at the Chase for the Colours, the #81 would lead all 50 laps of the event. Kevin Cornelius came into the event second in points with a slim mathematical chance to take the championship away from Gresel. Unfortunately electrical problems forced the team pit side during the parade laps, and barely made it out for the start of the feature. The problems persisted and forced the team out of competition but the team was able to hold on to second place in the points. The battles in the top five in the feature event kept the fans on the edge of their seats. A lap 49 pass by the 89c of Shawn Chenoweth moved him up to the second place at the line. John Owens gave it all he had on a lap 48 restart as he lined up in second place beside the #81 of Gressel but at the end had to settle for third place finish. Mike Beyore rallied back after a lap one incident sent him to the back with a fourth place finish. Rounding out the top five was the #39 of Shane Gowan with a very impressive run recording his best finish of the 2014 season.
Bad Luck of the event: Several drivers race came to an early end on lap 19 of the feature event. Coming out of turn 4 the #27 of J.R Fitzpatrick while running in second place had the car jump out of gear. With 23 Super Late Models at full speed mayhem ensued. When the smoke cleared there were 7 cars in turn one with various amounts of damage. The 40p of Charlie Gallant took one of the hardest hits in the accident, thankfully the safety equipment did its job and he was able to walk away. The #13 of Gary Passer also suffered race ending front end damage which ended his race early. The #94 of Denny Varco from Sault St Marie making his first ever OSCAAR start suffered extensive front and rear damage ending his race.
Rookie Battle: The three top rookies of 2014 were all in attendance for the final event of the year. Kelly Balson in his #b10 was once again the top rookie of the race and locked up the 2014 Rookie of the Year title. Dave Doucette closed out his 2014 season with a 10th place finish and runner up in the rookie battle. Corey Jones scored a thirteenth place finish and finished the year off with third place in the rookie standings
Car Count: 26
Top qualifier: #27 J.R Fitzpatrick
Pole Sitter: #81 Andrew Gresel
Heat Race winners: # 27J.R Fitzpatrick x2, #10 Jesse Kennedy, #81 Andrew Gresel, #7t Jeff Dunford, #90 Mark Dilley
Top Five in Points: 1st #81 Andrew Gresel 806 pts, 2nd #17 Kevin Cornelius 750 pts, 3rd #10 Jesse Kennedy 740 pts, 4th #22 Glenn Watson 714 pts, 5th #b10 Kelly Balson 691 pts
Feature Finish: 1) # 81 Andrew Gresel, 2) #89c Shawn Chenoweth, 3) #2 John Owen, 4) #54 Mike Beyore, 5) #39 Shane Gowan, 6) #22 Glenn Watson, 7) #90 Mark Dilley, 8) #b10 Kelly Balson, 9) #10 Jesse Kennedy, 10) #44 Dave Doucette, 11) #42 Tyler Hawn, 12) #16 Robert Bickle, 13) #82 Corey Jones, 14) 7t Jeff Dunford, 15) #91 Keith King, 16) #27 JR Fitzpatrick, 17) #48 Dwayne Baker, 18) #47m Brent McLean, 19) #40p Charlie Gallant, 20) #13 Gary Passer, 21) #94 Denny Varcoe, 22) Kevin Cornelius, 23) #92 Justin Jones, 24) #57 Craig Stevenson, 25) #5 Ron Hollis, 26) #51 Dave Taylor (dns)
OSCAAR 2014 Partners: Crane Cams Hanover Holidays Hoosier Tire, Jenco Equipment, Klotz Synthetic Lubricants, Knightworks Designs Ltd, McGunegill Engine Performance, Midas of Orangeville, North Toronto Auction, Ontario Oval, Race Time Radio, Race2way, Reinhardt Trailers, South Shore Services, Stefko Race Engines
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Running For All The Marbles At Peterborough Speedway’s 22nd Annual Autumn Colours Classic

Running For All The Marbles At Peterborough Speedway’s 22nd Annual Autumn Colours Classic

Weather-wise, it was the best day of the entire weekend. A packed grandstand watched the action as the 2014 Autumn Colours Classic championships were decided Sunday, October 12th on Canada’s Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval.

The 114 lap Pro Late Model headline dance was the first order of business, as Ryan Kimball and Dan McHattie brought the field to the green flag just before 1:00. It wasn’t long before the leaders caught the tail-end of the pack and began working through the backmarkers. Just 46 laps showed on the scoreboard when the first yellow waved for a spin by Nick Goetz.

Kimball was doing everything he could to hold back a hard charging Gord Shepherd, when Brittney Gresel, Gary Elliott and Mat Box came together on the front stretch with 64 circuits complete. Shepherd pushed his #10 machine a little too hard trying to overtake Kimball and gave-up 3 spots in the process. It was now Mark Watson’s turn to pressure the leader.

Tyler Liscum’s day ended after hard contact with the 3rd turn wall with 103 down and that’s also the point where Kimball’s day took a turn as well. As the field came back to speed on a lap 108 restart, the #29 was deemed to have jumped the start and was moved back a row. The race now had a new leader – Gord Shepherd – for the first time since the drop of the green and he was able to hold on for the win. A disappointed Kimball was second, with Watson, Bryan Mercer and McHattie completing the top 5.

The Battlefield Equipment Rental 4Fun teams were next to roll from the staging area for a 40 lap affair that saw Terry Hubbard – in a ride cobbled together by his friends on the Farm Bro Racing team – and Ray Schroer on the front row by virtue of their performance at the Chase for the Colours event. With every driver in the field looking to make a little history by adding an Autumn Colours Classic win to their resume, there were a number of yellow flags but when the checkered waved, it was Griffin Powell posing for photos in Dart Heating and Air Conditioning victory lane. Hubbard was second. Malcolm “Pops” MacDonald, Tiffany Vanderbelt and Andy Wheller chased the leaders across the stripe.

By just starting the main event, Gary McLean clinched yet another OSCAAR Modified Series championship, but there was still the issue of 50 laps of racing to determine an Autumn Colours champion for the open wheeled crew. Max Beyore – who was named 2014 series rookie of the year – and Davey Terry brought the field to the stripe. Just 3 laps in, Cory Horner brought out the yellow flag with a spin.

Things settled-down a little after that, with Brent McLean taking over the top spot with 25 circuits complete. Terry would get into Gary McLean on the front stretch, ending the champion’s day just 2 laps later. The #7 machine would hang on for the win, with Beyore, OMRS invader Nick Lees, Matt Barton and Gary Elliott completing the fast 5.

With 50 laps on the table, 30 starters took the Peterborough Hyundai Mini Stock green flag with ‘Chase’ winners Tyler Junkin and Doug Butler on the front row. Early in the going, a backstretch incident collected Craig Kamrath and Bryan Sudsbury as the pair was trying to avoid a slowing Brandon Hannah. Sudsbury was able to continue, but after climbing the back stretch wall, Kamrath was through for the day.

The race leaders started lapping slower cars with 8 laps on the scoreboard. Contact between 2014 track champion Ryan Babin and Danny Benedict brought out a caution with 24 complete. There was another yellow just a couple of laps later for contact between Hannah, Nick Clarke, Trevor Hemingway and Chad Corcoran. A final yellow for a spin by Corcoran slowed the pace again, but no one had anything for Andy Kamrath. The most dominant Mini Stock driver of 2014 scored another win, with Junkin, James Townsend next across the line.

Their performance in the Chase for the Colours event put Andrew Gresel and Jesse Kennedy on the front row for the OSCAAR Super Late Model main event, but there were only 3 laps complete when the #7T of Jeff Dunford slowed in the 3rd turn. On the ensuing restart, Craig Stevenson’s day came to an end with a hard hit into the 4th turn wall, bringing out a red flag so emergency personnel could check on the driver.

The popular touring series was treating the capacity crowd to a great show when the #27 piloted by NASCAR Canadian Tire Series star J.R. Fitzpatrick dropped off the pace on the front stretch. Several cars were able to dodge the wounded ride, but not everyone was so lucky. At least 7 machines were collected at the end of the front stretch and veteran Charlie Gallant needed to be helped from his car by track workers. Gresel would lead every lap for a series championship clinching victory. Shawn Chenoweth, John Owen, Mike Beyore and Shane Gowan followed the leader across the line.

75 laps would settle the issue and crown the 2014 Earl Ireland Auto Sales Late Model division Autumn Colours Classic champion. Front row starters Nick Goetz and Jack Horner would bring the field of 26 to the stripe and in as much time as it took the green flag to wave, Ryan Kimball would claim the top spot. A 3 car incident involving Steve Foster, Rick Walt and Jack Horner was the 3rd in a series of quick yellow flags to slow the pace.

Kimball – the 2014 Peterborough Speedway track champion – maintained control of things on the point, but there was plenty of action taking place in his rear-view mirror. When Rick Walt and Shaun McWhirter came together near the flag stand, Walt climbed from the car to voice his displeasure with the driver of the #31N machine. The event’s final yellow flag was displayed for a 2nd turn issue between Amanda Connolly and Frank Davey, but there was no denying Kimball his first Autumn Colours’ championship. Gord Shepherd chased the #73 across the stripe. Canadian Motorsports Hall of Famer Stompin’ Tom Walters, Jason Parker and Taylor Holdaway followed the lead duo to victory lane.

The final feature event to hit the tight, tricky bullring on Mount Pleasant Road, west of the Liftlock City was a 50 lapper for the Paul Davis Systems Thunder Cars. Ken Grubb and Dan Archibald had earned the front row spots during the Chase for the Colours pole qualifier, but it was the powerful #89C of Shawn Chenoweth that stole the show.

Yellow flags were again plentiful over the race distance, with a number of the front runners including Cayden Lapcevich, Todd Musker, Jordan Latimer, Dennis Cybalski and Archibald sustaining damage. Chenoweth survived an early incident to take the win over Todd Davenport, John Baker Jr., Matt Bentley and Brandon McConnell.

Photo attachment: Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

Gord Shepherd (#10) celebrates his Autumn Colours Classic Pro Late Model feature event win with family, friends and crew members – Sunday, October 12th – at Peterborough Speedway.

Brent McLean (#7) picked-up the OSCAAR Modified checkered flag during the Autumn Colours Classic – Sunday, October 12th – at Peterborough Speedway.

Andy Kamrath (#35) continued his dominating 2014 season, taking the Peterborough Hyundai Mini Stock ‘A’ main during Autumn Colours – Sunday, October 12th – at Peterborough Speedway.

Andrew Gresel (#81) clinched the 2014 OSCAAR Super Late Model championship and led every lap to win the 50 lap main event – Sunday, October 12th – at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic.

Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

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