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Lucas Oil CAN-AM Midgets Hold Elections

Lucas Oil CAN-AM Midgets Hold Elections

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets held their Election Meeting on Sunday afternoon for the Officers and Board of Directors for the 2015-2016 seasons.

Returning as Club President for his 9th and 10th consecutive year will be Ken Lorenz of Lancaster, NY. He was also President from 2000-2002. Newly elected Vice President will be Peter DeMan from Mississauga, Ont. Cindy Lorenz also returns as Secretary and Kim Banyard becomes the Treasurer for these 2 year positions.

The Board of Directors will be Todd Cresswell, Wayne Gray, Larry McLennan, Colin Turnbull and Cliff Walsh.

The Annual Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Awards Banquet for 2014 will be held on Saturday, November 22nd at the Best Western Cairn Croft in Niagara Falls, Ont. Series Champion Mack DeMan, will collect his trophy for the second year in a row, driving for Andy Mackereth.

Excitement is building for 2015 as these Canadian and American car owners and drivers will be competing in the 50th Anniversary Year of the Can-Am Midget Racing Club. Check out their amazing history on their website

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Seven Champions Crowned In Bizarre Night At Flamboro Speedway

Seven Champions Crowned In Bizarre Night At Flamboro Speedway

By Randy Spencer – One of the most exciting race seasons in recent memory came to an end Saturday at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway and it was a nail biter to the very end.

Going in to action it looked like two of five divisions would be close with the other three taking a disaster to change the face. Well that disaster almost happened or did happen in the Mini Stock feature depending which driver you were.

The night got underway as usual with qualifying heat races. Going into Pure Stock action, Gillian Hils trailed Shawn Taylor by 21 points. All she could do is go out and win and hope trouble would fall in the lap of Taylor. This was pretty much the story in all divisions on this night. Well Hils did what she needed to do, she won both heats but Taylor made it difficult finishing second in both heats. In Mini Stocks, Russ Aicken trailed points leader Mike Holmes by 18 points. Aicken won both of his heats. Holmes finished third in both heats head to head with Aicken. That got Aicken to within 14 points. In the other two heats, Ken Stenhouse and Chad Ditner picked up victories. In Thunder Car action, Brad Collison went into the night with a slim nine point lead on Kevin Albers. Mark Burbridge and Collison won the heats. Albers finished second while Collison was third in the first heat and Albers was second to the winner Collison in heat two. This kept things pretty much the same heading to the feature. Bill Pearsall and Robert Mercer took heat wins in the Pro 4 Modified heats. This pretty much solidified Pearsall as the Pro 4 Modified 2014 Points Champion. The final heats were for the Grisdale Late Models. The first half winner Shawn Chenoweth has moved onto the OSCAAR Super Late Models after the first half. The second half was a two car “race” with David Elliott up on Dale Shaw by a mere seven points. Rick Burbridge and Dale Shaw picked up heat wins. Shaw picked up three points so the lead was narrowed to four going into the feature.

The intermission actually took place during the third Mini Stock heat. An injury in the pits delayed the race by about a half hour as an ambulance and fire truck were summoned to attend to the injured person.

Sam Heibien and Gillian Hils led a dozen Pure Stocks into their final feature event of the “regular season.” Hils was second and Shawn Taylor was fifth. The only way it appeared that Hils could be champion was if Taylor didn’t take the green. He did and Hils led for four laps but the 29 of Derek Jackson took the lead on lap six and wouldn’t surrender it. It was quite a move by Jackson as Hils and Taylor were one two. Jackson busted his way between the two coming out of turn four on lap six and took off. Jackson led the rest of the way, with Taylor getting by and followed by Hils. In post race inspection, Jackson was disqualified and the win went to Taylor, sealing Hils fate giving Taylor (from Burlington) his first championship by 20 points.

Sixteen Mini Stocks took to the track for the final feature of the season. With a fourteen point lead it appeared the only way Aicken could win was if Holmes couldn’t take the green or didn’t finish. Holmes started 11th and Aicken 14th. Blair Wickett started ninth in the field and quickly made his way for the front followed by Holmes and Aicken. As the original green fell, Wickett was called for jumping and would be penalized one spot at finish. That’s when the unthinkable happened. Heading out of turn four on lap seven, the 13 car of Holmes slowed as the field passed him by. The front right hub broke. Holmes, who had been on fire all season with nine feature wins, seemed to be a shoe in for the title. He didn’t have a DNF all season and it just goes to show that nothing is ever sure or official until the final “buzzer.” Aicken was on the move but he couldn’t overtake Wickett who had an amazing race. But as the checkered flag flew, Wickett was penalized the one spot from the original start and the win was awarded to Aicken. A quick calculation put Aicken (from New Hamburg) up on Holmes (from London) by the slimmest of margins, one point. When it all became official however, the two were tied at 2,266 points. It also goes to show you just never know. Every point counts, no matter how trivial it seems at the time. I believe this is the second or third time there has ever been a tie in any division’s final points standings in its history at Flamboro.

In the Thunder Car feature, Bobby Mercer and Kevin Albers led the field to green. Albers trailed Collison by about nine points heading into the finale. Albers new what he had to do, win. He shot out to the lead of the start and started to build a nice lead. The real battle was behind as Shawn Arnott, Dave Bailey, Mark Burbridge and Brad Collison were battling in that order behind Albers for most of the way. As the checkered flag flew, Albers was first followed by Mark Burbridge, the Birthday boy Shawn Arnott was third and Brad Collison was fourth. Although Albers won and picked up three bonus points for the win and most laps led, Collison (from Cambridge) was still crowned champion, by just four points.

In the Pro 4 feature, Keith Dempster and Dan Petit. Dempster in just his second Pro 4 Modified appearance got out to a lead and seemed like he would pick up the win until a caution with two laps remaining brought the pack back to even. Petit had his second straight mishap in turn four in as many weeks. On the restart, Aaron Turkey got a better start and held off Dempster for the feature win. Bill Pearsall (from Toronto) was crowned Points champion although he had an oil leak of some kind on the last lap and he slowed finished sixth.

The final feature of the night was for the Late Models. With four points separating Elliott and Shaw, it was going to be exciting. Nick Roth and Rick Burbridge led the field to green. Roth’s car seemed to be on rails and led from the start. Elliott and Shaw were battling close behind. As the laps counted down, Roth was still leading followed by Elliott and Shaw. As the checkered flag flew, that’s the way it ended. Nick Roth (from Baden) led flag to flag to pick up his first career Late Model feature victory. Congratulations Nick!! Elliott picked up one point on Shaw and finished with a five point cushion and was crowned second half Late Model champion. Combined, Dale Shaw (from Guelph) was the overall Late Model champ and was awarded the new Crate engine courtesy of track sponsor, Bennett Chevrolet of Cambridge.

That brought to a close yet another exciting night of racing, a bizarre one at that. With five divisions running, seven champions were crowned. A tie in Mini Stocks and a second half and overall champ in Late Models. Still lots of racing to go, most definitely proves to be lots of excitement still to come with Oktoberfest Classic Weekend, Frostfest and the $5000 to win Enduro event to close the season..

Big thanks to Clinton Geoffrey serving as our guest announcer for a second straight weekend. He was also joined by former Canadian Vintage Modified (Hobby Car) racer Gary Colling who was in the pits and victory lane.

Please make plans to join us this weekend for the annual Oktoberfest Classic Weekend. Racing both Friday and Saturday, with rain date on Sunday. Please check the website for all the details, times and schedule for both days.

Please check the website, for more details including the gate times, schedule, Admission Prices for the grandstands and pits and updated point standings for all divisions.

Photos by Super Nova Photos

Unofficial Results

Pure Stock Heat #1 : #32 Gillian Hils, #76 Shawn Taylor, #29 Derek Jackson, #90 Andy Wheller, #70 Alex Schuts (P), #44 Sam Heibien, #00 Bill Rutherford, #6 Wayde Thorne, #74 Jaeger McMaster, #95 Mark Thorne, #48 Michael Kenny, #31 Rebecca Corcoran

Pure Stock Heat #2 : #32 Gillian Hils, #76 Shawn Taylor, #44 Sam Heibien, #6 Wayde Thorne, #29 Derek Jackson, #90 Andy Wheller (P), #70 Alex Schuts, #72 Jaeger McMaster, #48 Michael Kenny, #00 Bill Rutherford (DNF), #31 Rebecca Corcoran (DNF), #95 Mark Thorne (DNF)

Pure Stock Feature : #29 Derek Jackson (DQ), #76 Shawn Taylor, #32 Gillian Hils, #90 Andy Wheller, #6 Wayde Thorne, #44 Sam Heibien, #48 Michael Kenny, #95 Mark Thorne, #70 Alex Schuts (DNF), #00 Bill Rutherford (DNS), #31 Rebecca Corcoran (DNS) #74 Jaeger McMaster (DNS)

Mini Stock Heat #1 : #5 Ken Stenhouse, #01 Mark DaSilva, #61 Chad Ditner, #03 Jake Gilbert, #62 Ashley Holmes, #05 Dave Goodacre, #24 Tyler Mayhew, #42 Rick Robinson (DNF)

Mini Stock Heat #2 : #71 Russ Aicken, #97 Blair Wickett, #13 Mike Holmes, #44 Scott Simmons, #36 Hudson Nagy, #93 Chris Ryckman, #22 John Myers, #10 Courtney Scott

Mini Stock Heat #3 : #61 Chad Ditner, #01 Mark DaSilva, #03 Jake Gilbert, #05 dave Goodacre, #24 Tyler Mayhew, #62 Ashley Holmes, #5 Ken Stenhouse (DNF), #42 Rick Robinson (DNF)

Mini Stock Heat #4 : #71 Russ Aicken, #97 Blair Wickett, #13 Mike Holmes, #44 Scott Simmons, #36 Hudson Nagy, #22 John Myers, #10 Courtney Scott, #93 Chris Ryckman (DNF)

Mini Stock Feature : #71 Russ Aicken, #97 Blair Wickett (-1J), #44 Soctt Simmons, #01 Mark DaSilva, #36 Hudson Nagy, #61 Chad Ditner, #03 Jake Gilbert, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #05 Dave Goodacre, #22 John Myers, #42 Rick Robinson, #24 Tyler Mayhew, #62 Ashley Holmes, #10 Courtney Scott, #93 Chris Ryckman (DNF), #13 Mike Holmes (DNF)

Thunder Car Heat #1 : #02 Mark Burbridge, #27 Kevin Albers, #13 Brad Collison, #76 Shawn Arnott, #7 Bobby Mercer, #49 Dave Bailey, #77 Mitch Miljanovic, #37 Jeff Bean, #5 Linda Stenhouse, #38 Stepheny Dean, #31 Kevin Gallant (DNF), #33 Mike Gilmour (DNF)

Thunder Car Heat #2 : #13 Brad Collison, #27 Kevin Albers, #76 Shawn Arnott, #02 Mark Burbbridge, #31 Kevin Gallant, #49 Dave Bailey, #7 Bobby Mercer, #77 Mitch Miljanovic, #37 Jeff Bean, #5 Linda Stenhouse, #38 Stepheny Dean, #33 Mike Gilmour (DNF)

Thunder Car Feature : #27 Kevin Albers, #02 Mark Burbridge, #76 Shawn Arnott, #13 Brad Collison, #49 Dave Bailey, #31 Kevin Gallant, #7 Bobby Mercer, #37 Jeff Bean, #38 Stepheny Dean, #77 Mitch Miljanovic (DNF), #33 Mike Gilmour (DNF), #5 Linda Stenhouse (DNF)

Pro 4 Modified Heat #1 : #38 Bill Pearsall, #8 Mark Millard, #93 Dan Petit, #24 Josh Lassaline, #68 Aaron Turkey, #15 Keith Dempster, #91 Robert Mercer, #23 Linc Erison, #9 Brian Nanticoke (DNF), #63 Mark Lucas (DNF), #17 Stan Pokupec (DNS)

Pro 4 Modified Heat #2 : #91 Robert Mercer, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #38 Bill Pearsall, #24 Josh Lassaline, #15 Keith Dempster, #93 Dan Petit, #68 Aaron Turkey, #8 Mark Millard, #23 Linc Erison (P), #62 Mark Lucas (DNS), #17 Stan Pokupec (DNS)

Pro 4 Modified Feature : #68 Aaron Turkey, #15 Keith Dempster, #23 Linc Erison, #91 Robert Mercer, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #38 Bill Pearsall, #24 Josh Lassaline, #8 Mark Millard, #93 Dan Petit (DNF), #17 Stan Pokupec (DNS), #63 Mark Lucas (DNS)

Late Model Heat #1 : #2 Rick Burbridge, #83 Dale Shaw, #17 Nick Roth, #37 David Elliott, #86 Kenny Forth, #58 Paul Dudnick, #74 Al Bowman

Late Model Heat #2 : #83 Dale Shaw, #37 David Elliott, #17 Nick Roth, #2 Rick Burbridge, #86 Kenny Forth, #58 Paul Dudnick, #74 Al Bowman

Late Model Feature : #17 Nick Roth, #37 David Elliott, #83 Dale Shaw, #86 Kenny Forth, #2 Rick Burbridge, #58 Paul Dudnick, #74 Al Bowman

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Flamboro Speedway’s Octoberfest Classic is up Next for the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series

Flamboro Speedway’s Octoberfest Classic is up Next for the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series

The 2014 schedule for the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series, powered by Torque Builders Inc. is about to come to a close and the popular open-wheeled tour will wrap things up for the season with a double-header – Friday and Saturday, October 3rd and 4th – as part of the Octoberfest Classic at Flamboro Speedway.

This year’s events have been a level playing field, with strong competition and only one 2 time feature event winner after 5 shows. Powering and preserving affordable open wheel modified racing for racers by racers, OMRS teams are dedicated to working together to give the fans the best possible show. Spokesperson and competitor Randy Hollingsworth says that point was most evident during the Saturday, September 6th show at Flamboro Speedway.

“A failure with a component in the right front corner of the car caused the #61 machine – driven by Bill Pickford – to hit the retaining wall at nearly full speed, just as the field was completing the first lap of the qualifying heat,” said Hollingsworth. “The damaged car was towed to the pits and the rest of us finished the race. It wasn’t long before the car was being swarmed by crew members from other teams and offers of parts. While we all originally thought it was too damaged to continue, Pickford was able to make it back out for the feature and while he wasn’t in contention for the win, fans saw a full field of OMRS teams in action.”

Friday, October 3rd pit gates open at 3:00, with racing at 6:00. The Ontario Modifieds Racing Series is scheduled to run their qualifying heats and a 25 lap main event. Saturday, October 4th pit gates open at 9:00 and racing at 3:00. OMRS teams are on the agenda for a last chance qualifying event and another 25 lap feature. Full schedule details can be found by checking

Ontario Modifieds Racing Series point standings:
1) Rob Warnes 289
2) Nick Lees 283
3) Rick Warnes 249
4) Bill Burrows 236
5) Randy Hollingsworth 234
6) Bill Pickford 232
7) Chad Strawn 218
8) Alex Lees 207
9) Ryan Dick 190

Official Ontario Modifieds Racing Series, Powered by TORQUE BUILDERS INC. 2014 Schedule:

Saturday, May 10th: Flamboro Speedway Spring Shakedown Invitational
Race winner – #77 Chad Strawn

Saturday, May 31st Peterborough Speedway
Toonie Admission/Fan Appreciation Night
Race winner – #09 Nick Lees

Saturday, June 7th Peterborough Speedway
Race winner – #95 Rob Warnes

Saturday, July 12th Peterborough Speedway
Race winner – #07 Alex Lees

Saturday, August 16th Peterborough Speedway
Toonie Admission/Fan Appreciation Night
Cancelled – rain

Saturday, September 6th Flamboro Speedway
Race winner – #95 Rob Warnes

Friday, October 3rd Flamboro Speedway (qualifying & feature)
Saturday, October 4th Flamboro Speedway (feature)

Additional OMRS information can be found at or at Ontario Modifieds Racing Series powered by TORQUE BUILDERS Inc.

About TORQUE BUILDERS INC.: With over a decade’s experience with partners and clients in the construction industry, TORQUE BUILDERS INC. offers general construction services in the industrial, commercial and institution sectors. Their services range from new construction projects, renovations to retrofits, retirement residences, office finishing, data centres, communications work and leasehold improvements. Learn more by visiting

Photo attachment: Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

Bill Pickford (#61) and Alex Lees work for a spot during Ontario Modifieds Racing Series action at Flamboro Speedway. The series returns to the Hamilton, Ontario area venue for the Octoberfest Classic Friday and Saturday, October 3rd and 4th.

Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

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Fall Racing Continues At Full Throttle

Fall Racing Continues At Full Throttle

By Doug Townsend-Varney, ON – Under some of the best weather we have had all season Full Throttle Motor Speedway started the fall schedule of racing, and hopefully if the weather holds will take us all the way to Oct 24th.

In Mini Stock action this past Friday fans where treated again the best door to door racing you will see anywhere in Ontario. In feature one it was #86 Nick Clarke from Mount Forest leading the field to the green and he was not long getting out front but keeping it there would be the job this night. A lap five caution for #06 Ryan Hardy from Markdale who lost his battle with the corner four wall would bring the field back together. On the restart Clarke was able to hold off the field till midway in this race when short track veteran #35 Tim Tolton from Guelph would take over the lead and making it a three car race would be #51 Clark Hartman from Waterloo. Tolton would find Hartman on his back bumper for the last five laps then with just two to go Tolton seemed to drift a little to high on the back straight a way allowing Hartman to get the low line into corner three and that would be all he needed. Hartman would go on to win this one followed by Tolton in second, Clarke for third then #73 Scott Schlueter from Milverton for fourth and rounding out the top five would be #9 Tessa Cremasco from Mount Forest. Video of this race can be seen on You Tube by going to Full Throttle Motor Speedway or by following this link:
Feature two would see #51 Clark Hartman on the pole with #34 TJ Edwards from Fergus on the outside. Edwards would get the jump off the line but it was not enough to clear #51 Hartman as they would battle side by side in this one until the low line won out and Edwards was forced to drop in behind Hartman. As it would turn out this is the way they would end up running the whole race with #51 Clark Hartman winning his second of the night this time followed be #34 TJ Edwards, third #86 Nick Clarke, fourth #73 Scott Schlueter and for fifth #9 Tessa Cremasco.

Pure Stock action this week saw the points champion return to victory lane along with a first time winner. In feature one #14 Luke Bos from Conn was able to work his way through the field and find his way back to victory lane after being crowned points champion last week. Although he was back in victory lane he had to work his way past #8 Patrick Farrow from ShallowLake who is becoming better and better with each lap he turns. Third in this feature would be #73 Sheri McIntyre from Brucefield who is also improving every night and seems like a natural on the highbanks. Fourth would be #9 Sandy Eccles from Ayton and round out the top five would be #41 Jeremie Duguay from Hanover. Feature two would finally see #41 Jeremie Duguay get his first well deserved checked flag. Duguay has been a strong runner right from the start considering he has only raced in this class for the last 6 weeks or so, but engine troubles or other mechanical issues have not allowed him to keep out in front once he got there but tonight it all came together. Second would go to #14 Luke Bos, third #9 Sandy Eccles, fourth #73 Sheri McIntyre and for fifth #8 Patrick Farrow.

In Crazy Train actions fans got what they came for as six sets took the green for feature one but as in train racing not everyone would finish the night. Road Rage Therapy’s night would end early after some heavy damage to their third car. In the end this feature would go to Texas Traincar Massacre, followed by the Rockford Rednecks, third Confused Till We Die, fourth Jonathon Bates Roofing, and for fifth Here We Go. Feature two proved to be the race with a lot more fender banging and plenty of action including a multiple roll over by the third car of Here We Go. In the end it would be Texas Traincar Massacre for their second checker of the night followed by the Rockford Rednecks again third would be Confused Till We Die and rounding out the field Jonathon Bates Roofing. . Video of this race can be seen on You Tube by going to Full Throttle Motor Speedway or by following this link:

Next racing action at Full Throttle will be this coming Friday Oct 3rd starting at 7:30 with the return of the Street Stock class along with JCAR Trucks, Junior Late Models, Pure Stocks and those Crazy Trains. For full details check out the web site for follow us on Face Book at Full Throttle.

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Delaware Speedway Race Recap: Season Ending Pumpkin Smasher Delivers

Delaware Speedway Race Recap: Season Ending Pumpkin Smasher Delivers

After three years of rain, fans and drivers finally got the chance to experience the the annual Pumpkin Smasher season finale at Delaware Speedway under sunny skies on Saturday afternoon. Kevin Hinds (#57) of Whitby won the Open Ontario 4-Cylinder feature, Piet Blaauboer (#777) of Strathroy won the Transmission Direct Enduro 75-lap event and Derek Moesker (#51) of Beachville took home the win and championship in the Bone Stock Chaos Car feature. The Demolition Derby was won by Steve Wagner. The day also featured a number of charity programs including pumpkins being sold to benefit Jesse’s Journey, the “A Can is your Coupon” Food Drive, and a 50/50 draw for Ronald McDonald House.

Derek Moesker (#51) of Beachville won the 75-lap Bone Stock Chaos Car feature. As is Pumpkin Smasher tradition, before the feature young fans took to the track for the opportunity to smash over 200 pumpkins on the race track in turn one. The pumpkins were sold to raise funds for Jesse’s Journey. The pumpkin guts on track turned the asphalt into an autumn slip-n-slide, causing drivers to use extra caution in the turn throughout the event. For some drivers, the slippery mess proved to be a particular challenge, sending drivers spinning to the inside of the track countless times throughout the afternoon. Jay Chappell (#25) of Dutton led the first six laps before being overtaken by Don Tomlinson (#2) of Woodstock. Tomlinson led until lap twelve but was passed by Steve Lovie (#1) of Dutton. Lovie appeared to be in a spot to dominate the remainder of the race but was forced to surrender the spot as the result of a flat tire. Nathan Taback (#64) of London became the new leader but only a few moments later in lap fifty Taback also had to drop out of the race due to a mechanical problem. At this point, Moesker took the lead and was able to hold the position to claim the victory and the 2014 championship. Kyle Neumeister (#92) of Stratford placed second and Darren Thirkettle (#077) of Strathroy finished third.

Kevin Hinds (#57) of Whitby won the 25-lap Open Ontario 4-Cylinder feature. Clark Hartman (#51) of Waterloo led the first lap, while Kevin Pickford (#19) of Richmond Hill and Doug Butler (#10) of New Lowell battled for second and third position. In lap three Pickford and Butler collided, throwing Hill out of position while Butler claimed second. In lap six, Butler passed into first while Hinds rode second and Hartman rode third. Going into lap ten Butler and Hinds went side by side, competing for second through lapped traffic for several laps. In lap sixteen Pickford, who was cruising in fifth place spun causing a caution. On the restart, Butler, Hartman, and Hinds drove three wide competing for first. In lap seventeen, Hinds took the lead, and eventually Butler claimed second after battling with Brandon Crumby (#68). By the final lap, Hinds had secured first place. Butler finished second and Crumby finished third.

Piet Blaauboer (#777) of Strathroy won the 75-lap Transmission Direct Enduro feature. Rob Paff (#776) of Glencoe led the first eleven laps. In lap five, Blaauboer competed with Jamie Klumper (#07) of Mitchell for second and third position. Blaauboer was able to hold off Klumper’s charge to keep second spot for the moment as Klumber settled into third. In lap eleven, Paff and Blaauboer were held back by lapped traffic and Klumper had the opportunity to take the lead going into lap twelve but there was a red flag as a result of a car spinning right in the path of the leaders. The spin caused damage to Klumper’s car, forcing him to pit and shook up the running order. Barry Watson (#45) of West Lorne became the new leader for lap thirteen while Paff and Blaauboer were able to keep chasing the lead from second and third respectively. In lap forty, Blaauboer challenged Paff for second place. Blaauboer secured second position on lap forty-one. In lap forty-eight Blaauboer finally passed Watson for the lead and would continue up front for the remainder of the race. Watson finished second. Paff finished third. This was Blaauboer’s first feature win in the Transmission Direct Enduro series. Although Jamie Klumper struggled on the afternoon, he was able to salvage a performance that landed him as the 2014 Transmission Direct Endruo Champion. Klumper claimed two wins this season, the first at the season opener and the other at the previous event.

No Pumpkin Smasher event would be complete without a demolition derby to round out the afternoon. In this year’s edition the last car running and the winner of derby was the #499 driven by Steve Wagner. Best appearing car honours went to Jordan Morris (#73) of London.

The Annual Pumpkin Smasher was the final event of Delaware Speedway’s 2014 season. Track management would like to extend their thanks to all drivers and their teams, as well as staff and fans who have supported the track this year. We encourage race fans to stay connected through the speedway’s e-newsletter, facebook page, and twitter feed for information about the 2015 race season.

Delaware Speedway, P.O. Box 189, N0L 1R0, Komoka, Canada To unsubscribe visit:

To change your contact details visit:

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Rookie Crop Has A Good Shot At Finding The Winner’s Circle At The Autumn Colours Classic

Rookie Crop Has A Good Shot At Finding The Winner’s Circle At The Autumn Colours Classic

In professional sports, entry level players are called “rookies”, while in college and university classrooms, the most commonly used term is “freshmen”. The latter seems the most fitting, because a number of drivers are about to begin their racin’ education on Canada’s Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval.

They say there’s a first time for everything, so with a lot of hard work and good helping of racing luck, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a first-timer wind up in Dart Heating and Cooling Victory Lane at the 22nd Annual Autumn Colours Classic. With close to 10 different divisions in action and car counts in the range of 300, just about anything can happen. Peterborough Speedway owner/promoter J.P. Josiasse says it promises to be an interesting weekend.

“Some drivers and teams file early entries and that gives us an idea of who might be coming and what division they’ll be racing in,” said Josiasse. “Of course, with so many different teams rolling through the pit gates over the weekend, sometimes it can be troublesome to keep tabs on everyone who’ll be here.”

With a diverse and varied motorsports background, at first glance it might appear that veteran campaigner Max Beyore had done everything there was to do behind the wheel of a racing machine. After turning laps in a broad spectrum of racing equipment on some of the provinces best known venues – including the tight, tricky bullring on Mount Pleasant Road, west of the Liftlock City – Beyore is looking forward to his first start in Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic. The driver of the #91N – who is the series leading rookie – has been one of the strongest runners on the OSCAAR Modified tour and scored a main event win at Peterborough Saturday, August 2nd.

The Limited Late Model field at the Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing will be bolstered by an Autumn Colours Classic first timer. 22 year-old Joshua Stade is a regular runner at Sauble Speedway and has been turning laps in the powerful machine since he was 16. Having never raced on Canada’s Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval, the Chesley, Ontario resident says he’ll be counting on Brian MacDonald to put a solid base-line set-up under his #17 Toyota, but also looking for some help from drivers like Gord Shepherd, Dwayne Baker and 2014 Peterborough track champion Ryan Kimball to find the quick way around. Stade says his team will be following a strategy of ‘test, test, test’ until he finds his comfort zone.

Sometimes sharing a car with another driver can be a great way to learn the different aspects of short track stock car racing. Sean Kennedy split time behind the wheel of the #9 4Fun machine with Cody Fenton during Peterborough Speedway’s 2014 season. The car they were running is the same one Ryan Oosterholt drove to last year’s track championship and it’s obviously a proven piece, so it was no real shock when Fenton found victory lane Saturday, August 9th. Kennedy – who also had some strong runs in the car – will get his chance to shine when he takes the controls for his first Autumn Colours Classic.

Make your plans now to catch the Super Bowl of Stock Racing at Peterborough Speedway’s 22nd Annual Autumn Colours Classic – presented by Lucas Oil Products – October 10th, 11th and 12th. Pit gates open daily at 10:00. See for details and click the ‘Autumn Colours’ tab.

Like Peterborough Speedway on Facebook or follow it on Twitter. You can also download the free Peterborough Speedway app on your Smartphone.

Photo attachment:
1) Even with a wealth of racing experience, Max Beyore (#91N) is getting ready to run his first ever Autumn Colours Classic – October 10th, 11th and 12th – at Peterborough Speedway. Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

2) 22 year old Joshua Stade (#17) will venture to Canada’s Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval for his first career Autumn Colours Classic start – October 10th, 11th and 12th – at Peterborough Speedway. Cale Thompson – Thompson Motorsports Photography

Prepared by: Jim Clarke, Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media

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Scannell Is Canadian Tire Series’ Top Rookie Third-Generation Driver Takes Home First-Year Honor

Scannell Is Canadian Tire Series’ Top Rookie Third-Generation Driver Takes Home First-Year Honor

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Sept. 24, 2014) – Blood is thicker than frozen water for Matthew Scannell, who shelved his stick and skates in hockey-crazed Canada and followed in the family footsteps by grabbing a steering wheel and gear shifter.

Four years later, the 17-year-old Scannell became the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series presented by Mobil 1 Rookie of the Year.

Scannell, from Rockwood, Ontario, used to split his recreational time between hockey and racing, but when time commitments for the latter increased, the decision was easy.

“It’s always been pretty much racing,” Scannell said. “It’s something I thought I wanted to do in the future. I enjoyed hockey at the time because my friends all did it, but I started go-karts when I was seven and I always dreamed of going to the [United] States and trying to make a living at racing.”

Scannell is a third-generation driver. Howie Scannell Sr. was a Canadian stock car racer, as is the younger Scannell’s father, Howie Jr. A veteran of 26 Canadian Tire Series races, Scannell Jr. essentially vacated the driver’s seat for his son, for whom he now serves as the crew chief.

Scannell took home the Canadian Tire Series first-year driver award with 56 rookie points behind the wheel of the No. 56 OMVIC Dodge. He recorded three top-10s in eight starts, and a 12th-place ranking in the championship points standings.

“For what we had, I think we did fairly well,” Scannell said. “We had some good luck and some bad luck. I got a lot of seat time, good exposure, and I learned a lot. As far as the whole year goes, I think it was valuable towards my learning curve.”

Scannell showed progress as the season went along. His two best finishes were the last two races of the season, ninth at Barrie Speedway and eighth at Kawartha Speedway, which served as inspiration for the 2015 season.

“At the end [at Barrie] we were just as quick as the lead pack,” Scannell said. “It was a confidence boost to know that we could go out there and run competitive.”

The Scannells are currently seeking sponsorship, with the intent to compete full-time in 2015. He hopes to make a home in the Canadian Tire Series moving forward.

“It would be great to go run for championships in the Canadian Tire Series,” Scannell said. “The guys we’re going up against, they’ve been doing it for years, and it’s pretty tough to do. You’ve got to be on the ball every race, every week that you go to the track.”

Scannell has a success story to point to as a blueprint. This year’s series champion, L.P. Dumoulin, earned the rookie award in 2011.

The teen is appreciative of what it took to get him to this point, and of the opportunity he has been provided.

“I have to thank my dad for working on the cars all year, the crew for all of their support, car owner Jim Bray for providing me with the opportunity to race, and my mom and my family for supporting me throughout the season,” Scannell said.

Scannell’s accomplishment will be recognized at the NASCAR Touring Series Awards on Dec. 13 in the Charlotte (North Carolina) Convention Center at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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