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Doug Stewart Signals The End Of 36-Year Racing Career

Doug Stewart Signals The End Of 36-Year Racing Career

September 15, 2014 (Delaware, ON)-One of the longest continuously competing drivers at Delaware Speedway is signaling his intention to hang up his helmet after this Saturday’s Pro Late Model Great Canadian Race. Doug Stewart (#2) of London has released a statement that his 36-year run is coming to an end.

“The sport itself has really evolved from 1979 to now,” explained Stewart in a statement sent to the track on Monday. “I have raced through 5 different decades and have enjoyed them all: but after this coming weekend that will all come to an end.”

Stewart first competed at Delaware in 1979 in a Street Stock division before the class was used to develop the CASCAR program, competing in a number of CASCAR Super Series races before turning to a weekly Delaware program that he’s continued ever since.

Stewart is an automotive technology teacher at Beal Secondary School. Over the years he has been instrumental in the development of a number of programs that connected students to racing by providing the opportunity to build and work on race vehicles. With such strong success and interest from students, these programs later became the template that was used in developing Delaware Speedway’s High School Challenge program.

“It has been my passion and a love that has helped me through some great struggles in life,” continued Stewart. “It has become how I identify myself and I am very proud to be associated with such a great sport and so many great people. For 36 yrs I have planned my life around racing and the time has come to expand my plans”.

Fans can catch Doug Stewart in Saturday’s Great Canadian Race at 2:00 pm. The afternoon will also feature an autograph session where fans can meet the drivers and see their cars before the main events get underway.

Other News & Notes for the Weekend:

– Pro-Late Model driver Scott Lindsay (#20) of St. Marys has pulled a surprise and will come out of retirement to compete in the Great Canadian Race Weekend. He is set to drive a vehicle owned by two-time Great Canadian Race Winner Jesse Kennedy (#10) of Oneida.

– The weekend showcases a full racing lineup with something for everyone. From the fastest cars at Delaware Speedway with the Pro Late Models to the wild competition of the Bone Stock Chaos Cars it’s a weekend not to be missed.

– Touring series action on the weekend will showcase the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup and the Ontario Pro Challenge Series (3/4-Scale racing machines).

– The weekend will also feature the all-new Campground Bash after the races for spectators who choose to stay over at the track. Full information available at the track website.

– Racing on Friday will get underway at 7:30 pm, racing on Saturday starts at 2:00 pm. Weekend Value Passes are also available.

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Champions Crowned At Delaware Speedway

Champions Crowned At Delaware Speedway

A packed house was on hand for the final races to settle Delaware Speedway s Weekly Division Championships on Friday evening at Delaware Speedway sponsored by Krown Rust Control. Derek McCullough (#38) of Glencoe won the 25-lap V8 Stocks feature and secured the championship trophy. Devon Bloemendal (#01) of Mt. Brydges won the 25-lap Demar Aggregates Trucks feature while Tom Zagorodny (#77) of London won the championship in a surprising twist. Shae Gemmell (#3) of Dorchester won the 35-lap GAW Recycling Super Stocks feature as 17-year old Branden Verhoeven (#7) of Kerwood won the championship. Mark Watson (#3) of St. Thomas won the 40-lap Pro Late Model feature and Matt Pritiko (#21) of London took home the championship. Kevin Farrell won the King of the Hill Spectator s Race.

Mark Watson (#3) of St. Thomas won the 40-lap Pro Late Model feature. Brady Smith led the opening three laps before getting passed by Jay Doerr (#43) of London. Doerr would lead the remainder of the race until Shawn Thompson (#72) of Ailsa Craig, who had been pressuring Doerr through the late part of the race, was able to get the better of him on a restart. The race also featured a spirited battle between Jamie Cox (#22) of Dorchester and Cole Powell (#25) of Mt. Brydges. Doerr would finish second in the race, Powell third, Cox fourth. Matt Pritiko (#21) of London finished third, which allowed him to secure his spot as Pro Late Model points champion.

Delaware Speedway apologizes for the language used by Jay Doerr during the post race interview. Although drivers are responsible for their words and actions throughout all racing events, Delaware Speedway regrets the occurrence of this interview during the live broadcast.

Shae Gemmell (#3) of Dorchester overcame a rough heat race to go on and win the 35-lap GAW Recycling Super Stocks feature. Gemmell led flag-to-flag in the hotly contested feature race. Gary Adriaensen (#55) of Belmont finished second after a strong attempt in the final laps to get to Gemmell s bumper and take a run for the lead. In his push to try to win Adriaensen overshot the corner in turn one but was able to recover to hold Second spot. Darrell Lake (#77) of London finished third. Branden Verhoeven (#7) of Kerwood finished fourteenth after mechanical issues, but his dominating performance throughout the season ensured that the 17-year old Kerwood driver was able to take home the GAW Recycling Super Stocks championship.

Devon Bloemendal (#01) of Mt. Byrdges won the 25-lap Demar Aggregates Trucks feature in a drama filled evening for the points chase. Bloemendal runs part-time in the series but found himself mixing it up with championship favourite Joe Windis (#65) of Cathcart in the heat race which saw both trucks take damage. Windis s vehicle was too damaged to continue and he ended up running a borrowed truck for the feature. All of the on-track antics saw the trucks enter the feature with the tightest battle of the evening. Windis, Jeff Denboer (#22) of London, and Tom Zagorodny (#77) of London all found themselves in striking distance of the championship. In the feature race, Windis found his borrowed truck did not handle to his liking and set out to try to slow the progress of eventual winner Bloemendal as retribution for their earlier incident. Jeff Denboer had troubles of his own, ending up on pit road unable to finish. When the dust settled Zagorodny came home with a third place finish, enough to secure the surprise championship for himself. Second in the race was Dave Bacon (#43) Belle River, third was

Derek McCullough (#38) of Glencoe won the 25-lap V8 Stocks feature as well as the championship for his division. Gary Zwygers (#93) of Cambridge started the race in first position and was able to keep that position for more than half of the race. McCullough passed into first in lap fourteen after having started in fifth. Calvin Verheyen (#76) of Strathroy finished second and Steve Arrand (#37) of Ailsa Craig finished third.

Kevin Farrel won the King of the Hill Spectators race after competing with interesting entries such as a dump truck, two corvettes, and the classic Fire Chicken .

Racing resumes September 19th and 20th with the Great Canadian Race Weekend. Friday will feature the 100-lap Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup, a 50-lap Bone Stock Chaos Car feature, the Ontario Pro Challenge, and qualifying events for a number of weekly divisions. Saturday will be the main event showcasing a special Features Only format with the Late Model 100-lap Great Canadian Race (part of the APC six pack series), GAW Recycling Super Stocks, Bone Stock Chaos Cars, Demar Aggregates Trucks, and V8 Stock Muscle Cars.

Tickets are now available for Great Canadian Race Weekend online. Race fans are also welcome to book campsites online and there will be a post-race celebration behind the track following the Saturday event.


As of August 29, 2014
Pos # Name Points Back
1. 21 Matt Pritiko 821 0
2. 3 Mark Watson 796 -25
3. 22 Jamie Cox 771 -50
4. 72 Shawn Thompson 766 -55
5. 39 Brady Smith 698 -123
6. 43 Jay Doerr 648 -173
7. 5 Jay Christie 563 -258
8. 2 Doug Stewart 512 -309
9. 6 Adam Quarrie 511 -310
10. 51 Philip Nyssen 500 -321
11. 25 Cole Powell 488 -333
12. 52 Steve March 424 -397
13. 69 Lloyd Rawlings 406 -415
14. 96 Dan Prudhomme 284 -537
15. 82 Justin DeMelo 273 -548

As of August 29, 2014
Pos # Name Points Back
1. 7 Branden Verhoeven 998 0
2. 77 Darrell Lake 954 -44
3. 3 Shae Gemmell 947 -51
4. 78 Jordan Lawrence 917 -81
5. 17 Kenny McNicol Jr. 911 -87
6. 51 Matt Robblee 900 -98
7. 55 Gary Adriaensen 885 -113
8. 16 Kathleen Hosang 739 -259
9. 1 Trevor Collver 729 -269
10. 39 David McCullough 683 -315
11. 33x Paul Fothergill 667 -331
12. 18 Adam Swales 659 -339
13. 19 Geoff Chant 548 -450
14. 14 Brittany Beatty 544 -454
15. 93 Jerry Broom 464 -534
16. 33 Jamie Grover 462 -536
17. 48 Tim McGregor 427 -571
18. 88 Devin Jarvis 427 -571
19. 23 Greg Dadson 314 -684
20. 5 Jeremiah Rabideau 314 -684
21. 52 Dave Webster 297 -701
23. 28 Kris Lawrence 202 -796

As of August 29, 2014
Pos # Name Points Back
1. 77 Tom Zagorodny 540 0
2. 65 Joe Windis 530 -10
3. 22 Jeff Denboer 526 -14
4. 95 Andrew Pocs 493 -47
5. 6 Kris Fairweather 490 -50
6. 88 Rick Verberne 487 -53
7. 55 Mickey Brydges 457 -83
8. 66 Lucas Manning 425 -115
9. 43 David Bacon 383 -157
10. 29 Bill Sherwood 372 -168
11. 27 Chris Payne 351 -189
12. 73 Rick Castle 292 -248
13. 01 Devon Bloemendal 255 -285
14. 78 Cameron McQueen 197 -343
15. 57 Gary Triska 68 -472

V8 Stock Muscle Cars
As of August 29, 2014
Pos # Name Points Back
1. 38 Derek McCullough 784 0
2. 37 Steve Arrand 765 -19
3. 76 Calvin Verheyen 733 -51
4. 93 Gary Zwygers 671 -113
5. 156 Darren Thirkettle 648 -136
6. 01 Jaden Chapman 574 -210
7. 11 Jeremy Taggart 469 -315
8. 20 Ryan Edwards-Kiss 441 -343
9. 33 Paul Fothergill 436 -348
10. 28 Adam Kiss 213 -571

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Vintage Night Recap: Classic Cars Take Over Historic Half Mile

Vintage Night Recap: Classic Cars Take Over Historic Half Mile

July 25, 2014-It was a great evening of old-school competition at Delaware Speedway’s Vintage Night on Friday, sponsored by Groundmasters Landscapers, with races featuring unique Vintage race cars and 101 classic cruise cars packing the famous half-mile before the races. Adrian Donkers (#6) of Elora won the 25-lap Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds feature and Cliff Hodgkinson (#12) won the 25-lap Four Cylinder Outlaw Modifieds feature. The night also featured twin 25-lap GAW Recycling Super Stock features with visitors from Flamboro Speedway, the first win was taken by Branden Verhoeven (#7) of Kerwood and the second by Darrell Lake (#77) of London.

Branden Verhoeven (#7) of Kerwood won the first 25-lap GAW Recycling Super Stock feature. Verhoeven started in the lead in a large field of twenty-six cars after having the fastest speed in time trials finishing with a time 20.703, a new track record for the GAW Recycling Super Stocks. He was the second last entry in time trials and beat the record set only a few minutes earlier by Gary Adriaensen (#55) of London who had run a time of 20.787. Verhoeven held the previous Super Stock track record time of 20.829 set on June 20, 2014.

Shae Gemmell (#3) of Dorchester ran most of the feature in second position right behind Verhoeven. He finished in second position despite pushing hard for first especially in the last few laps of the feature. Shawn Chenoweth (#89) of Flamboro Speedway finished in third position after passing Gary Adriaensen (#55) Belmont who had held third position for the majority of the feature, even after fending off David McCullough (#39) of Glencoe who pushed hard for third in lap fifteen and sixteen. Adriaensen placed fourth and McCullough placed fifth.

Darrell Lake (#77) of London won the second 25-lap GAW Recycling Super Stock feature. Kevin Gallant (#31) of Flamboro Speedway led the first five laps of the race but was passed by Lake who had quickly worked his way through over half of the field into lap six. Kevin Albers (#27) of Flamboro Speedway was holding second position at that point until Jordan Lawrence (#78) of London made a successful move to pass him in lap thirteen. Lawrence tried hard to get ahead of Lake, especially on the restart after a caution in lap thirteen but was not able to mount a charge. Lake finished first, Lawrence finished second, and Shae Gemmell (#3) of Dorchester finished third after an major battle for position with Albers and Kenny McNicol Jr. (#17) of Exeter.

“It feels like we finally have a car under us that is championship worthy,” Lake commented in Victory Lane. He was also grateful to Branden Verhoeven (#7) and his team who helped him with parts for a transmission leak he had been dealing with before the race.

Adrian Donkers (#6) of Elora won the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modified 25-lap feature. T.J. Marshall (#15) of Rockton passed into the lead in lap two and led nine laps until him and Michael Williams (#7) of Tottenham made contact with each other and spun while racing hard for the lead. The accident ended up putting both Marshall and Williams out of the lead, allowing Donkers to become the new leader. Jason Keen (#18) of Oakville put a lot of pressure on Donkers for first position. Several restarts after cautions provided opportunities for Keen to pass but Donkers was consistently able to keep Keen behind him even as Keen ran bumper-to-bumper or side-by-side while Donkers held the lead. Keen placed second. Williams placed third after making his way through traffic and finally passing into third position in lap twenty-three.

Cliff Hodgkinson (#12) won the Four Cylinder Outlaw Modifieds 25-lap feature. Tom Houghton (#33) led the first four laps of the feature but was passed by Hodgkinson early in the race. Hodgkinson put significant distance between himself and the rest of the field to secure first position. Meanwhile, Shawn McGlynn (#36q) was working his way through the field. By the time they had reached lap nineteen McGlynn was riding Hodgkinson’s bumper. McGlynn pulled up beside Hodgkinson and they crossed the finish in a pitched side-by-side battle for the win. Hodgkinson took the victory narrow margin. McGlynn placed second. Houghton placed third.

Before the races began, spectators were treated to a Classic Car Cruise and Show in support of Jesse’s Journey. Delaware Speedway was honoured to welcome special guest “Grandpa Bob” as the Grand Marshall, representing Jesse’s Journey on his 4000 km walk for Louie. One-hundred one cruise cars participated in the special event.

Racing resumes on Friday, August 1st with an event featuring the GAW Recycling Super Stocks, V8 Stocks, and the ever popular King of the Hill Spectators’ Race. The Open Ontario Four Cylinders series will also be visiting the track for a feature that evening. Tickets and information for this event, sponsored by GAW Recycling and Whitworth Towing, are available online. Also available online are tickets and details for the hotly-anticipated ISMA Super Modifieds and OSCAAR Modifieds event on August 15th.

GAW Recycling Super Stock Feature 1 – 25 laps
Pos. # Name
1 7 Branden Verhoeven
2 3 Shae Gemmell
3 89 Shawn Chenoweth
4 55 Gary Adriaensen
5 39 David McCullough
6 17 Kenny McNicol Jr.
7 1 Trevor Collver
8 78 Jordan Lawrence
9 77 Darrell Lake
10 51 Matt Robblee
11 27 Kevin Albers
12 16 Kathleen Hosang
13 87 Willi Reyns
14 8 Steve Perry
15 5 Jeremiah Rabideau
16 76A Shawn Arnott
17 13 Brad Collison
18 33F Mike Gilmour
19 62 Darren Wright
20 31 Kevin Gallant
21 52 Dave Webster
22 14 Brittany Beatty
23 93 Jerry Broom
24 5F Linda Stenhouse
dnf 19 Geoff Chant
dnf 18 Adam Swales

GAW Recycling Super Stock Feature 2 – 25 laps
Pos. # Name
1 77 Darrell Lake
2 78 Jordan Lawrence
3 3 Shae Gemmell
4 89 Shawn Chenoweth
5 17 Kenny McNicol Jr.
6 39 David McCullough
7 27 Kevin Albers
8 51 Matt Robblee
9 55 Gary Adriaensen
10 7 Branden Verhoeven
11 13 Brad Collison
12 16 Kathleen Hosang
13 8 Steve Perry
14 1 Trevor Collver
15 33F Mike Gilmour
16 52 Dave Webster
17 5 Jeremiah Rabideau
18 62 Darren Wright
19 5F Linda Stenhouse
dnf 31 Kevin Gallant
dnf 14 Brittany Beatty
dnf 87 Willi Reyns
dnf 76A Shawn Arnott
dnf 93 Jerry Broom
dns 19 Geoff Chant
dns 18 Adam Swales

Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds
Pos. # Name
1 6 Adrian Donkers
2 18 Jason Keen
3 15 T.J. Marshall
4 00 Jeremy Riopelle
5 5 Mike Podd
6 7 Michael Williams
7 57 Steven Trendell
8 44 Rick Schurr
9 99 Rick Jones
10 19 John Karley
11 92 Brian Atkinson
12 38 Dustin Hood
13 33 Ian Burney
dnf 14 Jerrid Morphy
dnf 29 Daryl Henwood

Four Cylinder Outlaw Modifieds
Pos # Name
1 12 Cliff Hodgkinson
2 36q Shawn McGlynn
3 33 Tom Houghton
4 36 Dave Hodgkinson
5 10 AJ Emms
6 40 Jim Houghton
7 3 Billy Zardo
dns 0 Cliff Hodgkinson
dns 46 Lisa Hodgkinson

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Great Weather, Great Crowd On Friday Evening For Local Racing

Great Weather, Great Crowd On Friday Evening For Local Racing

The largest crowd so far this season descended on Delaware Speedway Friday evening to enjoy the great weather and competition at Delaware Speedway. Feature race winners included Matt Pritiko in the Pro Late Models, Branden Verhoeven in the GAW Recycling Super Stocks, and Tom Zagorodny in the Demar Aggregates Trucks.

Matt Pritiko (#21) of London won the 40-lap Pro Late Model feature. For the first 30 laps of the feature, Barry Newman (#82) of Springfield held top spot, despite Mark Watson’s (#3) consistent attempts to push his way into first. Going into lap 30, Watson of St. Thomas and Shawn Thompson (#27) of Ailsa Craig were racing side by side for second position, resulting in an major crash and also collecting Jamie Cox (#22) of Dorchester. Pritiko took advantage of the restart after the caution and was able to pull ahead of Newman in lap thirty-one and quickly put the field behind him. Pritiko was able to hold the lead and go to victory lane on his sponsor’s night. Newman placed second and Brady Smith (#39) of Coldstream placed third.

“It’s always a long race, so you need to take it easy and save your tires,” explained Pritkio in victory lane. “Anything could happen and it definitely turned out the best for us. Barry’s a good friend of ours, he works in the same race shop as us, so it’s always great to race with him.”

Branden Verhoeven, the 17-year old sophomore sensation from Kerwood finished first for the third time this season in the 35-lap GAW Recycling Super Stock feature. Verhoeven held a steady lead from lap 2, but not without challenge especially from Kenny McNicol Jr. (#17) of Exeter and Darrell Lake (#77) of London. In lap 27, an incident involving five cars resulted in a red flag for a major crash. Following the red flag, Verhoeven was still able to secure first position despite McNicol Jr. pushing hard for first into lap 28 and 29. Into the final lap, Verhoeven had managed to put enough space between his car and McNicol Jr.’s to secure the win. McNicol Jr. however battled with Lake for second and third position until McNicol Jr. crossed the finish line second and Lake placed third.

Tom Zagorodny (#77) of London won the 25-lap Demar Aggregates Truck feature, sporting some fresh tires he received for his birthday. He passed Andrew Pocs (#95) of Tillsonberg in lap three and was able to hold the position to the checkered flag. Pocs fought for second place with Jeff Denboer (#22) of London and ran side-by-side across the finish line. Ultimately, Pocs placed second and Denboer placed third.

Tiffany Hoffman (#92) of Stratford won the Ladies Bone Stock 10-lap race in her car normally driven by her boyfriend Kyle Neumeister. Hoffman pulled into the lead in the eighth lap, when Kim Schindel (#22) spun around in traffic. This allowed Hoffman to pass Stacey Stunden (#12) who had held the lead from early in the race.

Next week is the continuation of the popular APC Six Pack Series on Friday, July 18 as the Pro Late Models run a 100-lap special with visitors from Flamboro Speedway. The event, sponsored by Sifton, will feature the V8 Stocks and the Bone Stock Chaos Cars. The evening is also Scouts night: Scouts who show up in uniform will receive a discount for half-price entry to the event. All children under the age of 12 enter free.

Pro Late Model Feature Race (40 Laps)
1. 21 Matt Pritiko London
2. 52 Barry Newman London
3. 39 Brady Smith Coldstream
4. 10 Jesse Kennedy Oneida
5. 43 Jay Doerr London
6. 6 Adam Quarrie Dorchester
7. 51 Philip Nyssen Burford
8. 22 Jamie Cox Dorchester
9. 6 Adam Quarrie Dorchester
10. 5 Jay Christie Beachville
11. 2 Doug Stewart London
12. 3 Mark Watson St. Thomas
13. 72 Shawn Thompson Ailsa Craig
14. 96 Dan Prudhomme Thamesford

GAW Recycling Super Stocks Feature Race (35 Laps)
Feature Race
1. 7 Branden Verhoeven Kerwood
2. 17 Kenny McNicol Jr. Exeter
3. 77 Darrell Lake London
4. 39 David McCullough Glencoe
5. 51 Matt Robblee Dorchester
6. 3 Shae Gemmell Dorchester
7. 55 Gary Adriaensen Belmont
8. 78 Jordan Lawrence London
9. 33x Paul Fothergill London
10. 18 Adam Swales St. Thomas
11. 16 Kathleen Hosang London
12. 1 Trevor Collver Lucan
13. 14 Brittany Beatty Woodstock
14. 19 Geoff Chant Thorndale
15. 23 Greg Dadson Union
16. 33 Jamie Grover Glencoe
17. 48 Tim McGregor St. Thomas
18. 52 Dave Webster Appin
19. 88 Devin Jarvis London
20. 62 Darren Wright Watford
21. 93 Jerry Broom Dashwood

Demar Aggregates Trucks Feature Race (25 Laps)
1. 77 Tom Zagorodny London
2. 95 Andrew Pocs Tillsonberg
3. 22 Jeff Denboer London
4. 43 David Bacon Belle River
5. 66 Lucas Manning Komoka
6. 73 Rick Castle Poplar Hill
7. 27 Chris Payne
8. 6 Kris Fairweather Parkhill
9. 48 Stu McQueen
10. 29 Bill Sherwood London
11. 88 Rick Verberne Otterville
12. 65 Joe Windis Cathcard
13. 55 Mickey Brydges London

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Extra Set of Wings  Pushes Thompson to Victory Lane

Extra Set of Wings Pushes Thompson to Victory Lane

Shawn Thompson (#72) of Ailsa Craig took home a stunning and emotional victory in the Canada Day APC Six-Pack 100 on Friday evening at Delaware Speedway. In the lead up to the event Thompson experienced the loss of two good friends and loved ones. He dedicated his event to these friends and what a dedication it was: he started nearly dead last in the 20-car field, 19th spot after missing time trials for a mechanical issue.

Time trials would be won by Mark Watson (#3) of St. Thomas with his lap time of 18.786 seconds. The dice inversion of eleven would set the field for the 100-lap APC-Six Pack Series main event.

Doug Stewart (#2) of London would lead the opening twelve laps of the event before Cole Powell (#25) of Mt. Brydges would get around him on lap thirteen in a high side pass off turn two. Caution would fly on lap seventeen for an incident between Adam Quarrie (#6) of Dorchester and Dan Prudhomme (#96) of Thamesford. Racing resumed with the running order settling out to being Powell, Jamie Cox (#22) of Dorchester followed by Jay Doerr (#43) of London. The second caution came out on lap twenty-four for a spin involving Prudhomme and Jake Ott (#23). A strong green-flag run followed that caution which saw Thompson continue to pick off positions as well as allowing Mark Watson (#3) of St. Thomas to make his way up to third. As the run wore on, Jamie Cox began to mount a charge on Powell who continued to lead when caution came out on lap 64 for a spinning Doug Stewart.

Powell got a strong restart but contact was made between him and Jamie Cox. Mark Watson would vault around them to take the lead. With the top running order reshuffled caution would fly again when Jay Doerr made contact with Cox sending him spinning as Shawn Thompson (#72) and Matt Pritiko (#21) narrowly avoided the incident with Steve March #52 of London taking a hit. When the race resumed Shawn Thompson was up into the top three and charging hard making his way to second. It quickly became evident that Powell was falling off the pace. Ultimately, Powell pulled out of line and stopped in turn two triggering the caution for his flat tire. After a pit stop he would be penalized for delay of race, setting the stage for what was to come.

Back underway, race leader Mark Watson spun on the inside of Shawn Thompson triggering a caution. When the race got back underway a pitched battle took place between a pair of Great Canadian Race winners, Jesse Kennedy (#10) of Oneida and Matt Pritiko (#21) of London for third. Pritiko would manage to wrestle the spot away from Kennedy for the moment. Thompson continued to lead and although he was a lap down for his penalty, Cole Powell was cutting aggressively through the field, even passing the third place car of Pritiko. When caution came out for a spun Jeff Showler (#5) of Mt. Elgin on lap 82, Powell would be the recipient of the free pass and restart on the lead lap.

After an initial jump start, Thompson would now restart alongside Flamboro Speedway s Shawn Chenoweth (#89) of Plattsville. Chenoweth would race hard but quickly fall into line. Powell, meanwhile was a man on a mission. With a fresh set of right side tires from his pit stop he was picking off groups of cars and scraping along top runners like Kennedy and Pritiko as he charged to the front with laps running down. When caution flew with four laps to go for a hard crash involving Steve March, Powell was up to third.

In the four-lap sprint to the finish, Cole Powell quickly sent Chenoweth back to third place, setting his sights clearly on Thompson. On the final lap in turn two Powell got his nose to the inside of Thompson giving him a bump. Thompson, with his heart heavy, would not be denied on this night. He hung onto the car to take the checkers in memory of his friends as the Canada Day fireworks launched on the back stretch. Powell would finish second, third was Shawn Chenoweth.

We lost two good friends this week and there s another one fighting in the hospital, explained Thompson in victory lane. This one is for them up there, I know they were riding with me tonight. I wanted this win so bad.

Steve Arrand (#37) of Ailsa Craig took home the win in the 25-lap V8 Stock Muscle Car event. Arrand had a flawless evening also winning both heat races earlier in the night. Arrand led all 25 laps of the event. A late-race caution gave other drivers a quick shot but Arrand responded by pulling away with confidence. Derek McCullough (#38) of Glencoe finished second, third was Calvin Verheyen (#76) of Kerwood.

In the Ladies Bone Stock special Kim Schindel (#22) of Delaware would take home the checkers. Anastasia Taback would lead the opening lap before being passed by Kim Schindel (#22) and Tiffany Hoffman (#72) of Stratford. The battle continued as Schindel nearly lost control allowing Hoffman to keep up the pressure. Lapped traffic played a factor and allowed Hoffman to take the lead before being quickly passed back by Schindel on lap four. With two laps to go Schindel again got caught by lapped traffic but was able to maintain the lead to take the win.

Coming up next at Delaware Speedway is a fantastic two-day weekend of competition. Friday night (July 4) at 7:30 pm will be the GAW Recycling Super Stocks, V8 Stocks, Demar Aggregates Trucks, and a King of the Hill Spectator s race sponsored by KALTIRE. Saturday night action will continue at 7:00 pm with the crazy Bone Stock Chaos Cars and Transmission Direct Enduro.

1. 72 Shawn Thompson Ailsa Craig
2. 25 Cole Powell Mt. Brydges
3. 89 Shawn Chenoweth Plattsville
4. 10 Jesse Kennedy Oneida
5. 3 Mark Watson St. Thomas
6. 6 Adam Quarrie Dorchester
7. 2 Doug Stewart London
8. 21 Matt Pritiko London
9. 69 Lloyd Rawlings Windsor
10. 23 Jake Ott Ayr
11. 2F Rick Burbridge Flamboro Speedway
12. 5 Jay Christie Beachville
13. 17 Nick Roth Flamboro Speedway
14. 51 Philip Nyssen Burford
15. 83 Dale Shaw Flamboro Speedway
16. 39 Brady Smith Coldstream
17. 52 Steve March London
18. 22 Jamie Cox Dorchester
19. 43 Jay Doerr London
20. 96 Dan Prudhomme Thamesford

1. 37 Steve Arrand Ailsa Craig
2. 38 Derek McCullough Glencoe
3. 76 Calvin Verheyen Strathroy
4. 33 Paul Fothergill London
5. 93 Gary Zwygers Cambridge
6. 156 Darren Thirkettle Strathroy
7. 182 Mannie DeMelo London
8. 11 Jeremy Taggart Belmont
9. 01 Jaden Chapman Sarnia

1. 22 Kim Schindel
2. 72 Tiffany Hoffman
3. 64 Anastasia Taback
4. 12 Stacy Stunden
5. 28 Angela Catrell

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Watson Makes Triumphant Return To Delaware Victory Lane

Watson Makes Triumphant Return To Delaware Victory Lane

June 6, 2014


Opening Night was one to remember at Delaware Speedway.  In addition to Delaware’s thrilling weekly racing program the night also featured the rock band “After the Lounge” during pre-race as well as a motorcycle cruise and burnout competition.

“Downtown” Mark Watson (#3) of St.Thomas won the Late Model feature race Friday evening for opening night at Delaware Speedway.  Watson’s triumphant return was punctuated with a heat race win earlier in the evening in addition to his success in the feature race.  Watson lead green to checker but faced a nailbiting finish when caution flew with eight laps to go.  Second-place finisher Cole Powell (#25) of Mt. Brydges and third place Matt Pritiko (#21) of London left Watson to the victory as they fought hard for their spots, nearly crashing as they approached the checkered flag.

mcnicolwin2014Kenny McNicol Jr. (#17) of Exeter won the hotly contested GAW Recycling Super Stock opener on Friday evening.  McNicol started third in the 22-car field and took the lead from Jamie Grover (#33) of Glencoe on lap twelve of the 35-lap race.  Second in the event was Branden Verhoeven (#7) of Kerwood, third was Darrell Lake (#77) of London.  The race had two cautions, one on lap eleven for a pile up in turn one that heavily damaged Adam Swales (#18) of St. Thomas, the other on lap twenty-five was for a single car crash involving Kathleen Hosang (#16) of London.

mcculloughwinDerek McCullough (#38) of Glencoe won the V8 Stock feature race.  McCullough started eighth in the event clawing his way to the front and taking the lead from Steve Arrand (#37) of Ailsa Craig on lap sixteen of the twenty-five lap race.  Arrand would finish second in the caution-free event, third was Calvin Verheyen (#76) of Kerwood.

The next race event is Friday, June 6 at 7:30 pm.  The event will feature the GAW Recycling Super Stocks, season opener for the Trucks, and the Open Ontario Four Cylinder Invitational event.  The evening will also feature a King of the Hill Spectator’s Race.


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Victory To Klumper, Moesker, & Clarke Road Secondary School At Delaware Speedway

Victory To Klumper, Moesker, & Clarke Road Secondary School At Delaware Speedway

May 31, 2014 – Delaware Speedway PR

In one of the most well attended opening days on recent record at Delaware Speedway Jamie Klumper (#07) of Mitchell won his first-ever Transmission Direct Enduro 100 Saturday afternoon . Klumper shot out to an early lead in the event that he would later stretch to a full straight over next closest challenger Barry Watson (#45) of West Lorne. Watson, however, had a last trick up his sleeve when with eight laps to go he turned up the heat on Klumper and began to aggressively bite into his lead. With three laps to go Watson has made it to Klumper in an astonishing demonstration of determination. Heading into turn two with two laps to go the pair caught John Wurm (#81) of who was having mechanical trouble and lost partial control of his car. Watson was able to take advantage and threw to the high side of Klumper staying alongside him through the final lap. Though Watson would make a final effort to cross to the inside in the final turn it ultimately would not be enough for him to take the victory. Klumper would come home in first, Watson for second, David McCullough (#46) of Glencoe finished third.

===Bone Stock Chaos Cars===

In the Bone Stock Chaos Cars, two-time Pumpkin Smasher and 2012 division champion Derek Moesker (#51) of Beachville came home the winner in the 50-lap opening event. The field was one of the largest ever for the division with forty-five drivers registered to compete. Moesker made it out front early leading from the second lap through to lap eleven when he was passed by Kyle Neumeister (#92) of Stratford. Moesker would get back out front again on lap sixteen and lead the way to the finish. Second in the event was Piet Blaauboerr (#777) representing Clarke Road Secondary School, third was Kris Fairweather (#6) representing North Lambton Secondary School.

===High School Challenge===

Clarke Road Secondary School took the victory in the High School Challenge not only beating the other schools in competition but also placed on the podium in the overall event finishing second out of forty-five cars. North Lambton Secondary School placed second in the challenge and also placed on the overall podium with their third place overall finish.

High School Challenge vehicles were built and prepared by local high school students and entered into competition with Delaware Speedway drivers behind the wheel.

High School Challenge Results:

1. Clarke Road Secondary School
2. North Lambton Secondary School
3. Wheable Secondary School (#37)
4. Saunders Secondary School
5. West Elgin Secondary School
6. Beal Secondary School
7. Parkhill District Secondary School
8. Huron Park Secondary School
9. Wheable Secondary School (#137)
10. Westminster Secondary School
11. Arthur Voaden Secondary School
12. Thames Secondary School

===Spectator Attendance Spike: Track Takes Action===

Saturday s event saw a nearly threefold increase in attendance from the same event last season. The increase in attendance is a welcome sign at the track, which aims to speed up the gate line by opening night next week. The increased attendance has given the track and competitors renewed momentum as the 2014 season gets underway.

We want to apologize to spectators who were caught in the line to get into the facility, explained track PR director John Houghton. Our intention is to allow spectators speedy entry to the facility and will be taking steps to correct any issues for opening night. We are grateful for the patience of the spectators and are thankful for their support of local racing.

Along with steps being taken internally to speed the lines, the track is also encouraging regular spectators to purchase their tickets online in advance to help the speedway alleviate pressure at the gate. Tickets purchased online do not have service fees and cost the same price as tickets purchased at the gate but carry the major advantage of allowing immediate entry to the facility.


1 51 Derek Moesker
2 777HS Piet Blaauboer
3 6HS Kris Fairweather
4 19 Ron Proulx
5 37HS Norm Roy
6 07 Jack VanHerk
7 03 Matt Langford
8 52HS Steve Marche
9 5 Kevin Lay
10 34 Nick Ramsay
11 38 Don Armstrong
12 88 Scott Fortune
13 72 Roy Lewis
14 87 Mike Ebert
15 73 Jordan Morris
16 25 Jay Chappell
17 16HS Mike Howard
18 92 Kyle Neumeister
19 64 Nathan Taback
20 11HS Doug Stewart
21 4 Jeremy Howard
22 98HS Darryl Timmermans
23 88HS Rick Verberne
24 184 Cam McRae
25 070 Ben Davey
26 13 Lloyd Mailloux
27 84 Greg Lindsey
28 143 Dennis Fish
29 137HS Chad Proulx
30 2 Don Tomlinson
31 0 Shauna Beak
32 536 Jake Middlebrook
33 68HS Kris Lawrence
34 21HS Matt Pritiko
35 28 Bradley Marchand
36 1 Lou Fucile
37 3HS Shae Gemmell
38 76 Dave Dickson
39 3 John Gillespie
40 14 Justin Thibodeau
41 21 Dan Horne
42 81 Michael Muller
43 12 Mike Neumeister
44 69 Shane Gibson
45 47 Nathan Hawkins


1 07 Jamie Klumper
2 45 Barry Watson
3 46 David McCullough
4 776 Rob Paff
5 32 Shawn Fucile
6 57 Gary Triska
7 117 David Rumble
8 727 Stuart McQueen
9 55 Curtis Shildrick
10 128 Don Yorke
11 181 Dean Thomas
12 69 Roy Lewis
13 04 Tony Rumble
14 224 Jeff Drummond
15 68 Dan Francis
16 74 Stan Cook
17 39 Tom McCullough
18 92 Kyle Neumeister
19 47 Nathan Hawkins
20 58 Jared Verellen
21 73 Jordan Morris
22 777 Piet Blauuboer
23 23 Jeff Ferguson
24 81 John Wurm
25 25 Jay Chappell
26 94 Tim Ingram

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JRL Recap: Lewis Wins First-Ever Feature in Juniors

JRL Recap: Lewis Wins First-Ever Feature in Juniors

May 29, 2014

Calvin Lewis (#95) of London won his first-ever Junior Division feature race on Wednesday evening in the season opener of the Krown Rust Control Junior Racing League at Delaware Speedway. Lewis started fourth in the event after winning his heat race qualifier earlier in the night. By lap seven he had moved to second place but remained a significant distance back from race leader Jacob Campbell (#44) of Komoka. Campbell ran into trouble on lap 12 of the 15 lap event as he navigated around a vehicle with a mechanical issue. As he evaded the slower traffic his vehicle bottomed out on the asphalt with two wheels on the gravel and damaged his left-front wheel assembly. Under the caution flag (for an unrelated incident) he pulled off the track with his vehicle too damaged to continue and Lewis inherited the lead. Lewis faced tough competition from Donavin Clark (#52) of Thedford who nearly made a last lap pass heading to the finish line ultimately finishing second. Third in the race was Connor Van Steensel (#71) of London.

In the Senior Division (ages 13-17) sibling rivalry proved to be the name of the game on opening night. Alex Corriveau (#11) of Strathroy managed to hold off his younger brother Owen to take home the checkers. Owen had managed to get the best of his older brother in the heat race which saw the pair racing hard and making contact early in the evening. When the feature race rolled around the shoe was on the other foot with the elder Corriveau leading the way and Owen slotting into second place. Third in the 25-lap race was Reece Gordon (#17) of Thedford who battled hard with fourth place finisher Paighton Jacobs (#5) of London.

The night also highlighted some sportsperson-like activity on pit road as numerous teams assisted with repairs on competing vehicles throughout the night in an effort to keep as many drivers on the track as possible. Especially notable was the Jacobs Racing Team s efforts to keep competing driver Hayden Sim (#49) of Komoka in the Senior Division feature event following a dropped drive chain.

The next race for the Krown Rust Control Junior Racing League is Wednesday, June 4 at 6:30 pm. Delaware Speedway s official season opener this this Saturday, May 31 at 4:00 pm with the Transmission Direct Enduro and Bone Stock Chaos Cars.

About the Krown JRL: The Krown JRL is an educational racing program for kids age 8-17 years old and runs Wednesday evenings throughout the summer at Delaware Speedway. The racing is divided into two divisions, the Junior Division (8-12 Years Old) and the Senior Division (13-17 Years Old) and consists of an on-track racing component and an off-track classroom component. The league also coaches drivers on focus, communication skills, conflict management, managing stress, and learning from mistakes. The emphasis is placed on meeting and achieving individual goals.


Feature Race

1. 95 Calvin Lewis London

2. 52 Donavin Clark Parkhill

3. 21 Logan White Ingersoll

4. 70 Piper Adams Ilderton

5. 6 Natalie Cordell Dorchester

6. 8 Hannah Brown London

7. 74 Zack VanHooydonk (R) London

8. 14 Liam Cluett London

9. 71 Connor Van Steensel London

10. 23 Brent Small London

11. 48 Connor Ellis Woodstock

12. 88 Matt Kennedy Ilderton

13. 44 Jacob Campbell Komoka

14. 3 Shane Jacobs London

15. 80 Karis Adams Ilderton

16. 43 Carson Sim (R) Komoka

17. 51 Brayden Martin (R) Mt. Brydges

Heat Race #1

1. 95 Calvin Lewis London

2. 71 Connor Van Steensel London

3. 44 Jacob Campbell Komoka

4. 14 Liam Cluett London

5. 70 Piper Adams Ilderton

6. 3 Shane Jacobs London

7. 48 Connor Ellis Woodstock

8. 80 Karis Adams Ilderton

Heat Race #2

1. 52 Donavin Clark Parkhill

2. 21 Logan White Ingersoll

3. 6 Natalie Cordell Dorchester

4. 88 Matt Kennedy Ilderton

5. 8 Hannah Brown London

6. 23 Brent Small London

7. 74 Zack VanHooydonk (R) London

8. 51 Brayden Martin (R) Mt. Brydges


Feature Race

1. 11 Alex Corriveau Strathroy

2. 86 Owen Corriveau (R) Strathroy

3. 17 Reece Gordon Thedford

4. 5 Paighton Jacobs London

5. 15 Kaisha Zimoch Mt. Brydges

6. 29 Austin Arnell (R) Thedford

7. 49 Hayden Sim Komoka

Heat Race #1

1. 86 Owen Corriveau (R) Strathroy

2. 11 Alex Corriveau Strathroy

3. 49 Hayden Sim Komoka

4. 17 Reece Gordon Thedford

5. 5 Paighton Jacobs London

6. 15 Kaisha Zimoch Mt. Brydges

7. 29 Austin Arnell (R) Thedford

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Season Kickoff With Wild Racing, High School Challenge, And A Price Drop At Delaware Speedway

Season Kickoff With Wild Racing, High School Challenge, And A Price Drop At Delaware Speedway

Delaware Speedway PR – For Immediate Release – May 26, 2014

The 2014 racing season will get underway Saturday afternoon (May 31) at Delaware Speedway.  The event features the Transmission Direct Enduro 100 and Bone Stock Chaos Cars in action at 4:00 pm.  The afternoon will feature the first day of the Saturday price drop, the debut of 13 new High School Challenge Cars, and showcase some of the wildest racing Delaware Speedway has to offer.

===Price Drop at Saturday Events===

Prices to see Delaware Speedway s Saturday Enduro & Bone Stock Chaos Car programs are going down.  Starting this Saturday Adults will now be able to take in the action for just $14.  Seniors and students will be $12 and kids age 12 and under will enter free of charge.

===High School Challenge Hits the Track===

The race is already on to see which local High Schools will make it to race day!  The High School Challenge program provides area high school students and their teachers with access to vehicles, safety equipment, and mentorship as they construct their own entry-level race cars which will be entered into competition in Delaware Speedway s most affordable entry-level series: the Bone Stock Chaos Cars.

During the race the cars will be driven by some of Delaware Speedway s top drivers and personalities.  Thirteen schools are set to have their competition debut this Saturday at the season opener:

Westminster Secondary (London)    Cowboy  Kris Lawrence (#28) Super Stock H. B. Beal Secondary School (London)   Doug Stewart (#2) Late Model Clarke Road Secondary School (London)   Piet Blaauboerr (#7) G. A. Wheable (London)   Steve Arrand (#37) V8 Stock Arthur Voaden Secondary School (St. Thomas)   Matt Pritkio (#21) Late Model North Middlesex District High School (Parkhill) – Darryl Timmermans (Tech Inspector) North Lambton Secondary School (Forest)   Kris Fairweather (#6) Truck Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute (Ingersoll)   Jay Christie (#5) Late Model Huron Park Secondary School (Woodstock)   Rick Verberne (#88) Truck Saunders Secondary School (London)   Steve Marche (#52) Late Model Regina Mundi Catholic Secondary (London)   Jay Doerr (#43) Late Model Thames Secondary (London)   Shae Gemmell (#3) Super Stock West Elgin Secondary School – Driver TBA

G.A. Wheable is the most recent event winner with a win on October 19, 2013.  Thames Secondary also has a previous victory on June 22, 2013.

===74-Years Young: Gillespie to make Rookie Debut in Bone Stocks===

At 74 years young John Gillespie (#3) of Forest will kick off his rookie season in Bone Stock Chaos Cars.  Gillespie has attracted quite a bit of attention following a fiery interview with London Community News during the pre-season which prompted this response from his grandson (Jeremy Howard #4) who also competes in the series:

It has been brought to my attention that a certain senior citizen has been doing a lot of smack talk about how he’s going to teach me how to do things out on the track,  explained Jeremy Howard.   But this isn’t steering your horse and buggy through an open field.  Slow and steady doesn’t work out on this track.

Whether you re cheering on the grandfather or the grandson: Something tells us this will be a race team to keep an extra eye on this season.

===Bone Stock Chaos Car Outlook===

Delaware Speedway s wildest division may be set to get a whole lot wilder.  With the high school challenge cars included the Bone Stock field is expected to be the largest ever with some drivers believing we will see over fifty cars compete in a single race this year (the track s goal is 100 cars in simultaneous competition).  The Bone Stocks run a classic Enduro format from the 1990s.  Damaged vehicles are left on the track as obstacles.  There are no cautions in Bone Stock racing, only a red flag can stop the event to let a driver out of their vehicle before competition resumes.

The Bone Stock Chaos Car championship will be defended by Matt Langford (#03) of London.  Langford came out of nowhere to ultimately win the Bone Stock Championship in his rookie season of competition last year.  Langford was consistent strong runner all season but one who never made it onto the podium in an event.  He will have strong company as 2012 Champion Derek Moesker (#51) of Beachville will be in the field.

===A New Era for Transmission Direct Enduro===

The cars of the Transmission Direct Enduro are heading back towards their roots.  During the off-season the track eliminated the A-Division of the Enduro class with drivers from that division moving up to V8 Stocks or removing modifications made to their cars to run in the Enduro Series that now runs the old B-Division Enduro rules.

The series is getting a new lineup system starting on opening day.  Drivers will be randomly seeded into two heat race groups.  Each group will run a pair of 15-lap heat races, with a reverse starting order on the second heat.  Group A will make up the lineup of the inside row for the feature race, Group B will make up the outside row.  The final starting order will be reversed by four positions plus two dice, making it so that between 6-16 positions will be reversed.

As the champion of last year s B-Division, Justin Mezenburg (#810) of Highgate will enter the season as defending champion of the Transmission Direct Enduro Series.  Derek McCullough (#38) of Glencoe who won the A-Division last season has moved up to V8 Stock competition.

===Gate Times and Early Practice Session===

Spectator gates for the event will open at 3:00 pm, racing will start at 4:00 pm.  Earlier in the day at 11:00 am will be a separate practice event for drivers.  Spectators are welcome to enjoy this early practice session free of charge.


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Collver Nears Finish Line in Lucrative Contest

Collver Nears Finish Line in Lucrative Contest

March 17, 2014

(Lucan ON)-As the Champion Spark Plug Sponsor Search contest nears its completion, Delaware Speedway Super Stock rookie, Trevor Collver is coming off a whirlwind of media in recent weeks in an effort to gather support and votes for his 2-minute video submission for the contest.  The voting portion of the contest makes up 33% of the final grade in the evaluation of Collver’s effort. The other 67% is determined by the actual content of the video itself.

Collver made 2 appearances on CTV2 in London, and made appearances on two of London Ontario’s most popular Morning Shows on radio stations BX93 and Virgin Radio 97.5.  During one interview, Collver mentioned he hopes to be as famous as another Canadian standout that came out of Delaware Speedway, DJ Kennington,  which landed him a text message from DJ himself, offering support and best wishes in the contest.

Collver and his newly acquired Super Stock will be on display at the London Speed & Custom Car Show Saturday and Sunday at the Western Fair.

Fans still can vote every day until March 23, 2014 for Trevor’s entry in the Champion Sponsor Search contest here à

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Thirteen Schools Register for Delaware Speedway s High School Challenge

Thirteen Schools Register for Delaware Speedway s High School Challenge

March 5, 2014 – Delaware Speedway PR – Students participating in Delaware Speedway s 2014 High School Challenge are set to make history: with thirteen area High Schools from London, St. Thomas, Parkhill, Forest, Ingersoll, Woodstock, Chatham registered to participate, the stage has been set for this year s program to become the largest of its kind in Canada.

The program provides area high school students and their teachers with access to vehicles, safety equipment, and mentorship as they construct their own entry-level race cars which will be entered into competition in Delaware Speedway s most affordable entry-level series: the Bone Stock Chaos Cars.  During the race the cars will be driven by some of Delaware Speedway s top drivers and personalities.  The Bone Stock vehicles are known for their ease of preparation and affordability making them the ideal choice for a class project.

Thirteen schools from across the region have registered for this season s program including:

Westminster Secondary (London)

H. B. Beal Secondary School (London)

Clarke Road Secondary School (London)

G. A. Wheable (London)

Arthur Voaden Secondary School (St. Thomas) North Middlesex District High School (Parkhill) North Lambton Secondary School (Forest) Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute (Ingersoll) Huron Park Secondary School (Woodstock) John McGregor Secondary School (Chatham) Saunders Secondary School (London) Regina Mundi Catholic Secondary (London) Thames Secondary (London)

Delaware Speedway extends special thanks to Teen Challenge for their support and assistance with vehicles for this special program.

Schools are now in varying states of progress with the delivery of the first vehicles and equipment occurring to some of the schools this past week.  Remaining schools will be receiving their equipment in the coming weeks.  Opening Day for competition, where the winner of the challenge will be determined, is Saturday, May 31.

===Previous High School Challenge Results===

October 19, 2013 Challenge Results:

1. Wheable (Norm Roy #37), 2. Regina Mundi Catholic Secondary School ( Tucker  #97.5) 3. Thames Secondary School (Gary Adriaensen #55) 4. Medway Secondary School (Kris Lawrence #66)

June 22, 2013 Challenge Results:

1. Thames Secondary School Team 1 (Jay Doerr #43) 2. Wheable (Steve Arrand #37) 3. Thames Secondary School Team 2 (Matt Pritiko #21) 4. Regina Mundi (Justin DeMelo #82) 5. Medway Secondary School (Jordan Lawrence #28) 6. Westminster Secondary School (Jamie Cox #22x) ===About Delaware Speedway=== Delaware Speedway is a half-mile paved oval stock-car track, located just west of London, Ontario, Canada.  Since 1952, Delaware Speedway has been the home to some of the finest stock car racing in Canada. Its unique natural amphitheatre-like setting allows a family or group of friends to enjoy an exciting, comfortable, and affordable evening or afternoon of entertainment.

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Delaware Speedway Releases 2014 Schedule

Delaware Speedway Releases 2014 Schedule

January 21, 2014

Delaware Speedway PR

There may still be snow on the ground but the staff and racers at Delaware Speedway are already looking forward to a summer of competition. Today, the speedway is giving fans and drivers their first look into the 2014 Competition Schedule.

The competition schedule tells just one part of what is being put together at the London-area track for this summer. Plans are in the works for new pre-race entertainment, more exciting ways of drivers qualifying into events, and near non-stop action on the track to tighten up the events for an earlier finish time. Details of these programs will be released in pieces as the season approaches.

Anyone who doesn t make the trip to Delaware Speedway this summer is going to be missing out on something special, explained track PR director John Houghton. Expect outstanding events every weekend when the season opens at the end of May.

2014 will mark the track s sixty-third season of competition since opening in 1952. Here are some of the expected highlights:

===A Focus on Local Drivers: From your Hometown===

Fans coming to the track for the first time should have no trouble picking a favorite when they come to the track: odds are there is a driver in competition from your hometown!

Local racing is the focus of the 2014 schedule from entry-level Bone Stock Chaos Cars and Enduro series competition all the way through V8 Stock Muscle Cars, Trucks, Super Stocks, and Delaware s fastest drivers in the top-level Late Model Series.

===Touring Series Action===

Variety is the spice of life and fans will see a variety of visiting series on the track this year including:

Vintage Modifieds (and Classic Car Cruise): July 25 ISMA Super Modifieds: August 15 OSCAAR Open-Wheel Modifieds: August 15 Sportsman Cup: September 19 Ontario Pro Challenge: September 19 Demolition Derby: September 28 Open-Ontario Four Cylinders: June 13, August 1, Sept 28

===King of the Hill Spectator s Races===

Fans in the stands will have the chance to hit the track with their own street vehicles four times this season: June 13, July 4, August 1, and on championship night August 29. King of the Hill Spectator s racing allows spectators to enter their own street legal, street driven vehicles in one-on-one fun single-lap races around the legendary half-mile track.

===Strong Inter-Track Competition: London-Region vs Hamilton-Region==

Selected groups of drivers will have a series of away races where they will represent our region at Flamboro Speedway. Delaware s top-tier Late Model drivers will visit the Hamilton, Ontario oval on May 24, July 26, and October 4. The Super Stocks will make the trip on June 28, July 19, and September 6. These races are part of a six-event series for each class with three events at Delaware and three events at Flamboro. The series will run under a separate points system that will put drivers from each region in head-to-head competition.

===New Labour Day and Great Canadian Race Weekend Racing===

New to the speedway this season will be the local track championships being settled on Labour Day Weekend. Friday, August 29 will see all the weekly divisions in competition to complete those championship chases.

With the chase complete the schedule opens up for the Great Canadian Race Weekend to run later in September featuring all of the local divisions in special events (including the Great Canadian Race for the Late Model series) along with a handful of special travelling series.

===Sign up for Updates===

It has never been easier to keep in touch with the news from Delaware Speedway. Fans can sign up for the track s e-mail newsletter, facebook, or twitter feed to receive the latest news on schedule updates, season pass offers, and other news as the season approaches.

===2014 Competition Schedule===

Swap Meet & Facility Cleanup: April 26
Open Practice (All Divisions): May 17
Weekly Division Practice Pre-Race: May 31

Date Event
31-May Enduro & Bone Stocks (Plus Pre-Race: Weekly Division Practice)

6-Jun OPENING NIGHT: Late Model, Super Stock, V8 Stock

13-Jun Super Stock, Trucks, Open Ontario 4-Cylinders, King of the Hill

20-Jun Super Stock Special (50 Laps), Trucks, Bone Stocks

21-Jun V8 Stocks, Enduro

27-Jun Late Model 100 APC Special, V8 Stocks

4-Jul Super Stocks, V8 Stocks, Trucks, King of the Hill

5-Jul Enduro, Bone Stocks

11-Jul Late Model, Super Stock, Trucks

18-Jul Late Model 100 APC Special, Bone Stocks, V8 Stocks

25-Jul VINTAGE NIGHT: Super Stock Special (75 Laps), Vintage Modifieds, Pro-4 Mods, Classic Car Cruise

1-Aug Super Stocks, V8 Stocks, Open Ontario Four Cylinders, King of the Hill

8-Aug Late Models, Super Stocks, Trucks

9-Aug Bone Stocks, Enduro

15-Aug ISMA Super Modifieds, OSCAAR Modifieds

22-Aug Late Models, V8 Stocks, Bone Stocks

23-Aug *Rain Date Event TBA*

29-Aug CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT: Late Models, Super Stocks, Trucks, V8 Stocks, King of the Hill

30-Aug Championship Night Raindate

Great Canadian Race Weekend
19-Sep Bone Stock (50), Sportsman Cup (50), Pro Challenge.
Qualifying: Late Models, Super Stocks, Trucks, V8 Stocks

20-Sep Late Model Great Canadian Race APC Special (100), Bone Stocks (50), Super Stocks Special (50), Trucks (40)

21-Sep Rain Date for Sept 20

28-Sep Pumpkin Smasher (Demolition Derby, Bone Stocks, Enduro, Open-Ontario Four Cylinders)

*Late Models at Flamboro Speedway: May 24, July 26, and October 4 **Super Stocks at Flamboro Speedway: June 28, July 19, and September 6.

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Staff Changes & Renewed Local Focus Launch Delaware Speedway into 2014

Staff Changes & Renewed Local Focus Launch Delaware Speedway into 2014

Dec 30, 2013 – Delaware Speedway PR

Former Delaware Speedway competitor Jonathan Urlin of London will be taking on a new challenge this upcoming season when he joins Delaware Speedway’s operations and management team for 2014.  Urlin’s focus will be on the racing product, especially in the entry-level divisions, as well as overall operations and race event management.

Track Manager Paul Houghton will step back from operations in the upcoming season.  Paul worked as Operations Manager for the track in 2008-2011 and as Track Manager from 2012-2013.  He has also worked as the director of the track’s Junior Racing League program since 2005, a role he plans to continue with this upcoming season.

‘After five years at the track it was time for me to pull back on the throttle,’ explained Houghton.  ‘The owners wanted a change and to bring in Jonathan Urlin and I needed a change.  I truly appreciate the support given to me by the past and present owners.  I was very fortunate to work with great staff.  I had the privilege of working with the drivers and teams and have great respect for them and what they do.  We have very loyal and dedicated fans at Delaware Speedway and I look forward to sitting with them to enjoy the races.  I also look forward to continuing on with the Krown Junior Racing League and working with the young drivers and their families.’

Johnathan Houghton will continue as Public Relations Director.  Johnathan has been employed at the speedway since 2001 in various roles and was transferred to the speedway broadcast tower in 2004.  He was later placed as announcer in 2005 before taking his position as Public Relations Director in 2006.

jurlin===About Jon Urlin===

Although fans and drivers may be most familiar with Urlin’s competition success at Delaware Speedway in the Late Model division (including winning the Summer Showdown 2012); outside of Delaware Speedway he has been extremely busy.  Urlin is currently the Lead Instructor with Porsche Cars Canada and has worked as an Internationally Certified Porsche Sport Driving School Instructor with various sport driving experiences in Canada, the USA, and internationally.  Urlin also owns and operates the Gentlemen’s Race Karting Series, now coming into its 4th year of competition.

‘I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with competitors, sponsors, and the local community for the advancement of a high-quality grassroots motorsports entertainment experience,’ said Urlin.  ‘I want to support and expand the effort toward continued growth of motorsports at the grassroots level.’

Urlin’s directed focus of grass roots racing at the local-level signals, in part, Delaware Speedway’s larger plan for the upcoming seasons.  The track is working towards strengthening its entry-level programming to make racing more accessible and bring new drivers into competition.

The track now moves towards its annual drivers meetings on January 11, with a schedule announcement set for January 21.  Full information on the upcoming drivers meetings is available on the speedway website.

===About Delaware Speedway===

Delaware Speedway is a half-mile paved oval stock-car track, located just west of London, Ontario, Canada.  Since 1952, Delaware Speedway has been the home to some of the finest stock car racing in Canada. Its unique natural amphitheatre-like setting allows a family or group of friends to enjoy an exciting, comfortable, and affordable evening or afternoon of entertainment.

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Delaware Celebrates Krown Junior Racing League Driver Accomplishments

Delaware Celebrates Krown Junior Racing League Driver Accomplishments

October 21, 2013

Drivers and families of Delaware Speedway’s Krown Rust Control Junior Racing League came together on Sunday evening at Firerock Golf Course in Komoka for the league’s 2013 Awards Banquet. The banquet celebrated the accomplishments of the drivers this past season in which twenty-eight drivers competed.

Austin Arnell (#29) of Thedford took home the top spot in the Junior Division (Ages 8-12). Arnell’s championship comes in just his second year of competition in the league. Austin claimed four feature race wins over the course of the season. Each win came as a pair with victories in races three and four and again in races eight and nine of the season. Runner up in the Junior Division was Owen Corriveau (#86) of Strathroy, third was Donavin Clark (#52) of Thedford.

In the Senior Division, Izak Gordon (#18) of Thedford claimed the Senior Division title (Ages 13-17). The championship is his second in his career having earned the Junior Division title when he competed in that division. His 2013 record included a pair of feature race wins. Alex Corriveau (#86) of Strathroy finished second in the overall standings. Finishing third was Maddison Vangrinsven (#22) of Strathroy.

The Krown Rust Control Junior Racing League is an educational racing program with an in-class component completed by the drivers. Winner of the Junior Division classroom award was Owen Corriveau (#86) of Strathroy. The Senior Division classroom award winner was Maddison Vangrinsven (#22) of Strathroy.

The Sportsperson of the Year award is voted on by the drivers. Each division selects a driver who they feel best exemplifies sportsperson-like characteristics throughout the season. These characteristics include respect for competitors both on and off the track, being respectful of officials and staff, and being respectful during classroom sessions. The winner of the Sportsperson of the Year award in the Junior Division was Hannah Brown (#8) of London. In the senior division Maddision Vangrinsven (#22) of Strathroy earned the honour for the second season in a row.

Rookie of the year awards went to the top finishing rookie in each division. In the Junior Division Brett Small (#23) of London earned the prize, in the Senior Division Hayden Sim (#49) of Komoka was the top finishing rookie driver.

The Krown Rust Control Junior Racing League is a program for 8-17 year olds that teaches the ins and outs of stock car racing. It operates during the summer on Wednesday nights at Delaware Speedway. The racing is divided into two divisions, the Junior Division (8-12 Years Old) and the Senior Division (13-17 Years Old). The drivers do not compete for money but for end of the year scholarships. The cars the drivers compete in are specially designed half-scale vehicles.

New teams interested in learning more about competing in the 2014 Krown JRL season are encouraged to contact the track office for more information. Each season used equipment becomes available as drivers graduate from the program. The league keeps track of where vehicles are available and works with new teams to get them involved each step of the way.

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Hard-Hitting Pumpkin Smasher Smashes on Despite Weather

Hard-Hitting Pumpkin Smasher Smashes on Despite Weather

October 19, 2013 – Delaware Speedway PR

Fans braved the weather in hopes of seeing a spectacular Pumpkin Smasher 2013 season finale at Delaware Speedway Saturday afternoon and were not disappointed. Pumpkins and cars were smashed and by the end of the day Derek McCullough (#38) of Glencoe had won the GAW Recycling Enduro dash, Rob Quick (#18) of South Buxton Raceway had won in the Open Ontario 4-Cylinders race, Jamie Klumper (#07x) of Mitchell would win in the Bone Stock Chaos Cars, and Dave Silverthorne Jr. of Dorchester outlasted all competitors in the Demolition Derby.

mcculloughpswinThe first feature event on the card was the GAW Recycling Enduro 35-lap dash. Derek McCullough (#38) of Glencoe won the event taking the lead in lap nineteen from Carl Everett (#46) of Wallacetown, who had held the lead from lap one. Barry Watson (#45) of West Lorne finished second and Jamie Klumper (#07) of Mitchell finished third.

openontariowinnerRob Quick (#18) of South Buxton Raceway took home the checkers in the Open Ontario 4-Cylinder 35-lap race. Rob Hoskins (#37) of Harley led the first lap of the race. Quick took the lead early in lap two from Hoskins but lost it again in a heated battle for position to his rival from South Buxton Raceway, Dennis DeSerrano (#69) of Cottam, in lap seventeen. Quick gained back the lead in lap twenty-seven and hung on to win the feature after coming from the back after tangling with DeSerrano. DeSerrano placed second and Jeff Daniels (#02) of Merlin placed third. The Open Ontario 4-Cylinder event was made possible with support from Tirecraft of Chatham, Ray Mac Distributors Car Quest of Chatham, Lube Tech, South Buxton Raceway, 5150 Speedway, Raleigh RaceArt, Newham Auto Sales of Merlin, and Awards Unlimited.

Right before the Bone Stock Chaos Car feature began, children had the opportunity to smash pumpkins in turn one of the racetrack for a donation to Jesse’s Journey. About 100 pumpkins were smashed on the track. There were also four pumpkins placed around the track for which drivers were awarded $100 for smashing during the race.

bswinnerA fury of lead changes marked the final Bone Stock Chaos Car event of the season which was won by Jamie Klumper (#07x) of Mitchell, but not before some intense competition with teammate Jack Van Herk (#07) of Mitchell. Klumper led the first lap but was passed by Van Herk in lap two, who was in-turn passed back by Klumper in lap three. Van Herk refused to let Klumper lead for very long and got around him again on lap four. He held the lead until lap nineteen, when Klumper took the opportunity to pass Van Herk. He lead until lap 34. At that point Randy McKinlay (#14M) of Chatham attempted to try for the lead in lap 35. Ron Proulx (#19) of London was able to take the lead from McKinlay in lap 39 and held it until lap 52, when Klumper came back to the top. McKinlay tried for the lead again and successfully led lap 54. Klumper passed McKinlay one more time in lap 55 bringing Van Herk in tow. Van Herk made a final last lap attempt at victory in turn three on the final lap and was ahead of Klumper coming out of turn four. Wet conditions led to him losing the traction he would need which gave Klumper the opening for the victory. Van Herk placed second and Roy Schindel (#9) of Delaware placed third.

bschampMatt Langford (#03) of London became the unofficial winner of the Bone Stock Chaos Car championship. Langford never won a race this season but was consistently among the top runners and brings truth to a long-held belief about Bone Stock racing. Langford was able to stay on the track, avoid making enemies, and back up that strategy with strong runs throughout the eight-race season.

The high school challenge event was won by Norm Roy (#37) representing Wheable Secondary School. The event featured a number of Delaware Speedway drivers representing each high school in vehicles prepared by students. Also running in the event was Scott Tucker of Virgin Radio 97.5 FM. The finishing order for the high school challenge was as follows:

1. Wheable (Norm Roy #37)
2. Regina Mundi Catholic Secondary School (“Tucker” #97.5)
3. Thames Secondary School (Gary Adriaensen #55)
4. Medway Secondary School (Kris Lawrence #66)

Delaware Speedway would like to recognize the support of Teen Challenge in their support of the High School Challenge program.

derbywinner2013A record twenty cars participated in the 2013 Pumpkin Smasher Demolition Derby. The event carries a great deal of appeal for derby drivers looking to run an event on asphalt since the majority of derby events are run on dirt. Dave Silverthorne Jr. of Dorchester took the victory outlasting his competition in one of the hardest hitting and wild derby events held at the track in recent memory.

carsontopofcarsSaturday’s race marks the end of Delaware Speedway’s 2013 racing season. The track would like to thank all of the drivers, staff, sponsors, and fans for their support this season. With the final event of the year complete track management now shifts into planning mode for the 2014 race season.

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